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  • The rate of energy conversion or transmission (i.e. power) is related to the physical quantities such as force, speed, voltage, current, etc.For mechanical system, rate of energy transfer (i.e., power) to an object is the product of the force (F in Newton) and the speed (S in meter/sec) of the point where the force is applied.Q1. A person pushes an out-of-gas car with a force of 100 Newton (about 22.5 lb of force) to maintain a speed of 0.2 m/s. It took him 10 minutes to get to the nearest gas station. How much energy did this person use to do this work?...

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  • Part of the International Code Council's widely successful Code Commentary series, the 2009 International energy conservation Code Commentary will give readers the tools they need to master the regulations set forth by the 2009 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC). The comprehensive yet practical guide contains the full text of the code, its tables and figures, as well as valuable, in-depth commentaries. These commentaries aim to explore the full meaning of the code, its implications, and its real-world applications.

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  • In this report, the adsorption of Zn(II) ion on g- and a-MnO2 nanostructures was compared. The results showed that the maximum adsorption was obtained at pH = 4.0 for both materials and after 60 minutes for g-MnO2 and 80 minutes for a-MnO2 . Adsorption isotherm models demonstrated that the Langmuir was the best model to describe the adsorption of Zinc(II) on g- and a-MnO2 because of the highest correlation coefficient (R2 ), the smallest root mean square error (RMSE), and the nonlinear chi-squared test (c2 ) values.

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  • This paper summarizes the presentations and discussion at the Energy Options for the Future meeting held at the Naval Research Laboratory in March of 2004. The presentations covered the present status and future potential for coal, oil, natural gas, nuclear, wind, solar, geothermal, and biomass energy sources and the effect of measures for energy conservation. The longevity of current major energy sources, means for resolving or mitigating environmental issues, and the role to be played by yet to be deployed sources, like fusion, were major topics of presentation and discussion....

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  • Meaning in context 2. Rational interpretation 3. Logically and reasonably discussing so perplexing 4. The meaning of the meaning question 5. A rather modest perspective - the whole picture – the complete meaning 6. The belonging of meaning in our minds and in our hearts 7. Contextual backdrop – the triangle of meaning 8. God and Human meaning 9. An attempt to find enlightenment 10. Acknowledgments Meaning in context Many

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  • The radiation protection efficiencies, mean free paths, effective atomic numbers and electron densities for the present compounds were determined. The bismuth fluoride (BiF3) is found to have maximum radiation protection efficiency among the selected salts. The results showed that present salts are more effective for reducing the intensity of gamma photons at low energy region.

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  • The results of the calculation of the value of the intensity of electrical energy consumption showed that the buildings of F1, F3, F4, and G6 at the Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta obtained an average energy intensity value of 10.18 kWh/month. In this case, building standards are known to be between 7.92 - 12.08, which means that the building standards are categorized as efficient because they are under established standards.

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  • Physics is the study of matter and energy in space and time and how they are related to each other. Physicists assume (take as given) the existence of mass, length, time and electric current and then define (give the meaning of) all other physical quantities in terms of these basic units. Mass, length, time, and electric current are never defined but the standard units used to measure them are always defined.

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  • Hydraulic calculations on spillway now remained largely stable flow properties. In this report the author presents hydraulic calculation of spillway by instability characterized methods and calculation of water energy dissipation after spillway by means of digging pools.

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  • The article will research a lander flying into the atmosphere with flow velocity constraint, i.e. the total load by means of minimizing the total thermal energy at the end of the landing process. The lander’s distance at the last moment depends on the variables selected from the total thermal energy minima.

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  • The folded potentials at the different energies were used in the optical model description of the elastic 12C+12C scattering at the energies around and below the Coulomb barrier, as well as in the barrier penetration model to estimate the fusion cross section and astrophysical S factor of the 12C+12C reactions at the low energies. The obtained results are in good agreement with experimental data over a wide range of energies.

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  • The existence of shear bands in the structure leads to an ill-posed problem which can be solved by means of energy relaxation. The performance of the proposed concept is demonstrated through numerical simulation of tension test under plane strain conditions. Numerical results show that mesh sensitivity can be completely removed.

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  • Load shading is one of the major problems in rural area. The increasing rate of load shading creates problems in rural area. Also in many villages of rural area the electricity has not reached till. The utilization of solar energy for electricity generation may reduce load shading problem, high cost of electricity and provides the solution for unelectrified villages. In this paper an attempt has been made to focus on development and evaluation of energy efficient eco friendly wooden casing LED based solar lantern.

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  • The Krasnodar territory is considered one of most attractive regions in Russia in terms of its climatic characteristics for the development of renewable energy sources. According to the current plans of Russian Ministry of Energy, the cumulative capacity of wind generating facilities in the Krasnodar Territory will reach 405 MW by 2022. It is well known form the literature, the average installed capacity utilization factor of wind turbines currently is about 30%.

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  • Environment sustainability is becoming a global issue which urge the organizations to transform their existing operations towards more environmental friendly. It is not just required by the regulatory bodies by the end consumers also demands manufacturer to produce more environment friendly goods. Hence the present research studies the role of Green Supply Chain Management (GSM), Green Human Resource Management (GHRM) and Environment Uncertainty was examined and their effect on Environment performance and energy efficiency was evaluated.

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  • In this paper, a volume criterion based on a simple scalar quantity, the mean value of the strain energy (SED), has been used to assess the static strength of notched components made of Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA).

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  • To this aim, ten physics-based models have been investigated to determine the cell temperature, and those models have been validated using measured PV cell temperatures by computing the Root Mean Square Error (RMSE). Then, the model with the lowest RMSE has been adopted in training a data-driven prediction model. The proposed prediction model is to use an ANN compared to the well-known benchmark model from the literature, i.e., Multiple Linear Regression (MLR).

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  • This study observes the factors affecting the changes of energy intensity in Indonesia and five selected Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) countries during the period (1971-2016) particularly measuring its impact during 1997 financial crisis. By employing the Logaritmic Mean Divisia Index, this study summaries that the changes in energy intensity in the ASEAN-6 economies was a result of the changes within industry energy intensity (intensity effect). The intensity effects also provide a proxy measure of energy efficiency activity at the sectoral level.

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  • The main purpose of this paper was to identify the driving forces of change in energy-related CO2 emissions in the Polish iron and steel industry in 1990-2017. The analysis relied on the logarithmic mean Divisia index method used for both the entire study period and the seven 3-year sub-periods. Changes in energy-related CO2 emissions were considered in the context of four factors: the effect of the emission factor; the effect of the energy mix; the effect of energy consumption; and the effect of the production volume of steel.

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  • Feng Shui means the Wind and Water. When wind and water combines, they form energy which the Chinese refers to as "Qi". Every living things on the planet Earth is affected by it. For example, 70% of our body is water. Imagine, if the water you drink does not have good "Qi", you will get ill easily. Our body also needs air, the oxygen. If you don't breathe for 10 minutes, you will die. Therefore the study of Feng Shui is the study of how the "Qi" affects us.

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