The return circuit

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  • Patients may acquire ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP) by aspirating the condensate that originates in the ventilator circuit upon use of a conventional humidifier. The bacteria that colonize the patients themselves can proliferate in the condensate and then return to the airways and lungs when the patient aspirates this contaminated material.

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  • Without net new jobs, however, the process is short-circuited. The painful results are most evident today in some European countries and in developing countries where an initial burst of technical-industrial growth has stagnated. In these situations, high unemployment has become so chronic that even many graduates of universities and technical schools cannot get a foothold in the workplace. The chance for these young people to develop their skills and contribute their ideas is deferred and, in many cases, lost.

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  • If each voltage is connected to a circuit with the same power factor and the three currents return along the same conductor, then the vector sum of the three return currents is zero. Thus instead of three full sized return cables, only one of smaller size is needed. If none of the load is single phase, then the neutral is not needed at all. High voltage supplies are nearly always three phase without a neutral conductor. There is a great economy in distribution costs if the electricity can be supplied in three phases. ...

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  • A tree is any set of points and any set of pairs distinct vertices such that there is a sequence of edges from any vertex to any other, and there are no circuits, that is, no paths starting from a vertex and returning to the same vertex.

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  • A final reason apart from sharing in such economic growth and higher expected returns is the additional diversification benefits that may accrue. Studies have shown the considerable benefits to be gained from the international diversification in real estate markets (see Lizerli et al 1998 for a review).

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  • A combinationacombinational circuit has inputs, outputs and an internal logic circuit Constitutes a mapping from the inputs to the outputs A sequential circuit has inputs, outputs, an internal logic circuit and binary cells as memory A binary cell is a memory device with two possible states.

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  • Power amplifiers consist of an active device, biasing networks and input and output reactive filtering and transforming networks. These networks are effectively bandpass filters offering the required impedance transformation. They are also designed to offer some frequency shaping to compensate for the roll-off in the active device frequency response if broadband operation is required. However the function of each network is quite different. The input circuit usually provides impedance matching to achieve low input return loss and good power transfer. ...

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