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  • Solar electric plants shall be understood to be photovoltaic energy converters that are able to self-sufficiently satisfy a mean energy demand over a significant period of time, be it an appliance that is permanently hooked up or just for sporadic power supply of appliances. Such plants have in common that their input and output quantities fluctuate widely. They can therefore only be dimensioned on the basis of a mean value and are not able to satisfy this demand without the possibility to store energy. ...

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  • This study aims to examine the charging current of a solar energy hybrid generator with a Genset / Diesel and the time used to fill the accumulator in conditions without load and load conditions. The results showed that the solar energy hybrid generator and Genset / Diesel prototypes were able to produce electrical power at 08.00 - 17.00 in the average sunny weather of 290.7 Wp without loading and at the time of load of 236.4 Wp. At night, the energy stored in the battery is converted into electrical energy to supply the load. Thus it can save electrical energy.

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  • This is achieved by generating electricity from a single or multiple number of solar panels connected with a charge controller, a battery bank for storage and an inverter circuit to supply electrical power. Depending on the electrical load demand and the applications coverage area, the solar tree rating and specification can be a single-phase or three-phase AC output.

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  • This study presents a simplified higher order multivariate Markov chain analysis founded on a combination of a mixture-transition and a stochastic technique to project the solar radiation, air humidity, ambient temperatures as well as wind speeds and their interrelationships in sub-tropical climates, typically the coastal regions of South Africa.

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  • East and Southern Europe), India, parts of South America, Southwest U.S./northern Mexico and Australia. The operating characteristics of STPPs are relatively well matched with the intermediate and peak electricity load requirements in these regions. Two types of collectors have been used in STPPs: parabolic trough and central receiver. Electricity is generated by incorporating the solar collectors with a Rankine cycle power plant or as an add-on to a natural gas combined cycle (referred to as an ISCCS).

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  • Generating electricity from a heat source using no moving mechanical parts is the ultimate goal of the Defense Threat Reduction Agency’s thermionics program. However, developing thermionic energy conversion devices has proven difficult, although much progress has been made. In spite of initial success during the late 1960s and intermittent funding since that time, for a variety of reasons no thermionic system has yet been developed in the United States that can be used today on Earth or in space.

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  • Among the potential renewable energies, solar photovoltaic (PV) power has recently experienced enormous utilizationin electrical power generation due to the advances of solar PV technologies. Various studies have been conducted in order to forecast solar PV power generation in different perspectives. Unfortunately, there is always a mismatch between the forecasted solar PV power data from the proposed methodologies and the measured generation data.

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  • Solar energy conversion to electricity through photovoltaics or to useful fuel through photoelectrochemical cells was still a main task for research groups and developments sectors. In this article we are reviewing the development of the different generations of solar cells. The fabrication of solar cells has passed through a large number of improvement steps considering the technological and economic aspects. The first generation solar cells were based on Si wafers, mainly single crystals.

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  • On the basis of more than 48 years of morphological analysis of yearly and monthly values of the sunspot number, the aa index, the solar wind speed and interplanetary magnetic field, we point out the particularities of geomagnetic activity during the period 1996–2009. We especially investigate the last cycle 23 and the long minimum which followed it. During this period, the lowest values of the yearly averaged IMF (3 nT) and yearly averaged solar wind speed (364 km/s) are recorded in 1996, and 2009 respectively.

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  • Load shading is one of the major problems in rural area. The increasing rate of load shading creates problems in rural area. Also in many villages of rural area the electricity has not reached till. The utilization of solar energy for electricity generation may reduce load shading problem, high cost of electricity and provides the solution for unelectrified villages. In this paper an attempt has been made to focus on development and evaluation of energy efficient eco friendly wooden casing LED based solar lantern.

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  • The environment awareness and increase demand for energy along with remarkable progress of inexhaustible energy technologies, has given up new opportunities for utilization of renewable energy resources. Since the beginning of this era, people have been allured by the sun that is the ultimate source of energy. The power received by Earth is many times larger than the present rate of all the energy consumption. Photovoltaic technology is one of excellent ways to use the solar power. There is an immense increase in solar power technologies.

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  • The international technology concern SCHOTT decided back in the 1990's to focus on solar energy. Today SCHOTT is the only company worldwide that offers products and solutions for all solar technologies. SCHOTT delivers solar thermal tube collectors for water heating, photovoltaic modules for decentralized power generation, and receivers for parabolic trough power plants for centralized generation of electricity. SCHOTT employs outstanding solar experts. They are convinced of the great future prospects for solar energy.

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  • Grid-connected photovoltaic power systems are power systems energised by photovoltaic panels which are connected to the utility grid. Grid-connected photovoltaic power systems comprise of Photovoltaic panels, MPPT, solar inverters, power conditioning units and grid connection equipments. Unlike Stand-alone photovoltaic power systems these systems do not have batteries. When conditions are right, the grid-connected PV system supplies the excess power, beyond consumption by the connected load, to the utility grid.[1]...

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  • Over the last decade, PV technology has shown the potential to become a major source of power generation for the world – with robust and continuous growth even during times of financial and economic crisis. That growth is expected to continue in the years ahead as worldwide awareness of the advantages of PV increases. At the end of 2009, the world’s PV cumulative installed capacity was approaching 23 GW. One year later it was 40 GW. In 2011, more than 69 GW are installed globally and...

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  • Special and general relativity are the theories describing the physics of space and time. Space and time are explored with clocks and electromagnetic signals. Therefore, special and general relativity are related to precise clocks and the thorough understanding of signal propagation. The ever-increasing accuracy of clocks together with novel methods for precision time transfer and clock synchronization are pivotal for the new generation of experiments probing the validity of Einstein’s theories from subatomic distances to cosmic scales....

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  • This paper proposes a control system connecting for the grid-connected PV (Photovoltaic) system. The control structure includes two alternating flyback converters, a control unit for connecting PV system to the grid, filter circuits at input and output of the converters. The output voltages of two flyback converters having half sinusoidal wave are is converted to completely sinusoidal wave by unfolding converter with the grid synchronization. This control system monitors the load demand and generated power capacity of PV in order to regulate power getting from the grid.

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  • These are exciting times for Indian renewable energy, and especially so for solar and wind energy. Investments in renewable energy industry in India have increased from a meager $94.58 million in 2001 to $3.7 billion in 2008, and about $7.2 billion by 2009 - at a CAGR of 72%. A significant part of these investments were in wind energy. For the past few years China has been doubling its cumulative wind energy installed capacity, and by end of 2009, the country had a cumulative installed capacity of 25.1 GW, from 12.1 GW for end-2008 - over 100% growth! During the...

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  • Photovoltaic based electricity generation saves a major portion of renewable energy generation in India. Ever increasing fuel cost and doubtful availability of electricity hampers the irrigated crop production. Use of solar pump is an alternate to electric or diesel pumps for irrigation of crops. This paper presents the utilization of solar power for operating micro irrigation systems for irrigating field crops. An open well submersible pump of 5hp capacity was operated by 4960Wp solar panel installed at ICAR-CIAE, Bhopal for irrigation.

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  • The world over the decades has made considerable advancement in automation; it is employed in homes, industries, commercial and educational sectors. In present work, a solar power-operated microcontroller-based automatic college bell is designed and developed. For the harmonic tuning, converted normal college bell into automatic college bell and powered by solar PV system with battery backup. It uses electrical coil for generating the EMF for striking the clapper on the edge of a bell for making sound. It uses the Real Time Clock (DS1307) which tracks the real time.

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  • The main objective of this research was to develop a solar energy based thermal reservoir cum heat exchanger using thermic fluid viz. paraffin oil as thermal heat storage and heat transfer medium for generation of hot water which can be used for milk processing operation like pasteurization of milk.

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