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  • Transcultural Flow of Globalized TV Franchises: Examining The X Factor and Vietnam Idol from a Discourse Analysis Perspective revealed that despite the similar format of the TV Franchises, different specific judging strategies were employed to adapt to different communication styles, audience tastes and cultural values of the british and Vietnamese cultures.

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  • What is programming? Programming, according to, is “a set of coded instructions that enables a machine, especially a computer, to perform a desired sequence of operations.” In other words, programming allows you to make your computer do whatever you want it to do. Programming is used in everything related to the computer, but there are many distinct flavors of programming. This book teaches game programming.

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  • A preliminary investigation of the raw data reveals that in the 1998–2002 period, a few country portfolios (and the world portfolio) exhibit very high volatility. In particular, the TMT industries (information technology, media, and telecommunication) witnessed a tremendous increase in volatility during that period, as Brooks and Del Negro (2004) document. This increase in volatil- ity is also noticeable for the style portfolios, especially for the small firms.

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  • The purpose of this dissertation is to an swer the question of how to manage the multicultural sales teams in interdependent environment to get competitive advantage. In order to answer this question, research was undertaken to analyse various factors that influence the team performance both positively and negatively. The other objective of this research is to identify the key factors and competencies that will increase participation, energy and produc tivity in multicultural teams.

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  • Chris Adcock is Professor of Financial Econometrics in the University of Sheffield. His career includes several years working in quantitative investment management in the City and, prior to that, a decade in management science consultancy. His research interests are in the development of robust and non-standard methods for modelling expected returns, portfolio selection methods and the properties of optimized portfolios. He has acted as an advisor to a number of asset management firms. He is the founding editor of the European Journal of Finance. George A.

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  • Motivation Scale, an instrument that measures six supportive factors related to learning (self-belief, value of schooling, learning focus, planning and monitoring, study management, persistence) and four factors that undermine learning (anxiety, low control, failure avoidance, self-sabotage).

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  • Sixth, this study can claim several new findings. This is the first mutual fund study to expose the evidence of a liquidity premium and emphasise the inclusion of including a liquidity factor in the fund performance measure (Chapter 6). This study also provides new findings about emerging markets. In Chapter 4, the study reveals the style of fund managers in these markets and shows that they rely on medium capitalisation strategy. This chapter also relates the sensitivity of data frequency to the fund performance.

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  • A summary of the different styles of hedge funds and the proportion of the market they occupy is shown in Table 4, based on Hedge Fund Industry Research data. An indication of the broad activity involved in the style is shown on the right hand side. Most of these strategies are long-short in nature: all of the equity hedge (e.g. long a stock and long a put to hedge its fall); most of event driven (e.g. buy the target M&A company and sell the buyer); all of relative value arbitrage (e.g. buy the London listing and sell the...

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  • Chapter 14 - Leadership: Styles and behaviors. After reading this chapter, you should be able to answer the following questions: What is leadership and what does it mean for a leader to be "effective"? What traits and characteristics are related to leader emergence and leader effectiveness? What four styles can leaders use to make decisions, and what factors combine to make these styles more effective in a given situation?...

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  • This article discusses influencing factors in students’communication skills and creative ability. Confucian ideology and culture of respecting teachers in public are considered to be the principal causes of limiting students’creativity and communication. To solve these limitations, it is recommended we reform education system and methods of teaching and studying in order to adopt learnered-centered approach.

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  • Average rental rates quoted in the Apartment Association report may be somewhat inflated due to the periodic addition of new communities upon their completion, most of which have rental rates above the metro average. Uncounted in these averages is the effect of special deals, reduced or eliminated security deposits and other concessions meant to retain or attract residents, a situation slowly declining in value and experience as vacancy rates declined. Rental rates are usually quoted with water and sewer costs included but with the tenant paying for electricity and natural gas.

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  • This research determines factors affecting the loyalty of bank clerks. Through responses from 266 employees of 15 bank branches in Cần Thơ City and together with quantitative analytical methods, the paper shows that factors positively affecting the bank clerk’s loyalty include leadership style, working environment, job characteristics, salary and allowance, training opportunities, promotion opportunities.

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  • This chapter presents the following content: Communication & conflict, defining conflict, origins, consequences, factors influencing conflict, conflict styles, disputes and negotiation, conflict management & resolution skills.

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  • This paper examines factors influencing the survival probability of firms in the industry in Vietnam. The obtained results reveal that among others, capital stock and expenditure on inputs such as materials and services were the significant determinants of firms’ surviving likelihood in the market. This likelihood was also positively correlated with the age of firms, however, in an inverse fashion when the firms reached a certain age.

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  • As the 1980s progressed, so did the success of Richard Melman and LEYE. With the desire to embrace diverse styles of cuisine, LEYE developed a variety of concepts including seafood house, Shaw’s Crab House/Blue Crab Lounge (1984-85), Spanish tapas restaurant Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba! (1986), upscale dining at Everest (1986) and innovative Mexican creations at Hat Dance (1988). LEYE’s fast growing Italian Division has also experienced great success with establishments such as Tucci Benucch (1988), its city cousin Tucci Milan (1989) and the southern Italian trattoria, Scoozi! (1986).

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  • Leadership for Entrepreneurs Starting a new successful business involves more than a technology or service idea and a business plan. To survive, the entrepreneurial leader must adjust both focus and leadership style as the company moves from startup to development of infrastructure and f inally to enterprise. By examining the leadership qualities of successful entrepreneurs, you understand how they proactively adapt their focus and leadership styles to enhance the growth potential of their businesses.

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  • Technology has expanded operations of the apparel and footwear industries to a more global scale. It has also provided closer working relationships between retailers and manufacturers. Technology has improved efficiency and has reduced the amount of manual labor. “Rapid improvements in computer technology have helped to shorten the new product development phase from years to practically months, especially in the fashion/style/high- performance areas.

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  • Organizations will renew their focus on talent development as they look to grow and gain competitive advantage in new markets. When we asked PMO managers about the most critical factors for success, the skill sets of their project and program managers were a top concern. Our 2011 PMI Project Management Salary Survey found that nearly 70% of organizations now have a career path for those engaged in project or program management. However, the majority of these are still informal and not clearly defined and in writing. ...

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  • (bq) part 1 book "teaching physical education" has contents: key factors that shape all teaching, an overview, the anatomy of any teaching style, feedback, cognition, the practice style.

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  • A younger investor, less concerned about these issues, may not be sat- isfied with the lower expected return that inflation hedging implies. It follows from a model with additional hedge portfolios that an OE portfolio for performance evaluation should have the same exposures as the managed portfolio to be evaluated, not just with respect to the overall market, but also with respect to the other relevant risk factors. A related asset pricing model is the Arbitrage Pricing model of Ross (APT, 1976), which allows for several risk factors to determine assets’ expected returns.

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