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  • Lithium fluoride (LiF) thermoluminescent powder doped with Mg, Cu, Na, and Si as activators was prepared. The dopant concentrations were varied over the wide ranges as follows: Mg (0.05 - 1.0 mol$\%$), Cu (0.01 - 1.0 mol$\%$), Na,Si (0.3 - 2.4 mol$\%$). The results indicated that the Mg and Cu activators are crucial dopants in the LiF:Mg,Cu,Na,Si phosphors. The LiF:Cu,Na,Si samples without Mg exhibit a peak at low temperature in the thermoluminescent glow curve and in the absence of Cu, the LiF:Mg,Na,Si samples exhibit a peak at high temperature.

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  • The copper-doped lithium tetraborate Li2 B4 O7 :Cu (LBCu) is one of the famous tissue equivalent materials for the thermoluminescent dosimetry, very useful for applications in medical and personal dosimetry measurements. This material in powder and pellet forms was prepared by sintering method in the Laboratory of

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  • This report presents the estimation of the activation energy (E) values from the thermoluminescence (TL) glow curves showed by the whole glow peak (WGP) method that allows us to distinguish between irradiated and non-irradiated chilli powder samples. The E values of non-irradiated samples maintain 0.65 eV whereas irradiated ones reach 0.84 eV or upper. Furthermore, the E values are obtained from the result of comparison between the chilli powder irradiated with different doses (2, 4, 6 and 8 kGy) stored for 30 days and other unknown chilli powder samples in Vietnam.

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  • Lithium fluoride (LiF) thermoluminescent powder doped with Mg, Cu, Na, and Si as activators was prepared. X-ray diffraction analysis indicated that doping LiF with different activators makes crystal lattice somewhat expand. The dosimetric properties of the powder were studied. The main dosimetric peak of LiF:Mg,Cu,Na,Si appeared in the range of 227−247o C and the ratio of the height of the main peak to that of the other small peaks in the LiF:Mg,Cu,Na,Si is much greater than that in the LiF:Mg,Ti and LiF:Mg,Cu,P. ...

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  • The His332 residue of the D1 protein has been identified as the likely ligand of the catalytic Mn ions in the water oxi-dizing complex (Ferreira, K.N., Iverson, T.M., Maghlaoui, K., Barber, J. & Iwata, S. (2004) Science303, 1831–1838). However, its function has not been fully clarified. Here we used thermoluminescence and flash-induced chlorophyll fluorescence measurements to characterize the effect of theD1-H333E,D1-H332DandD1-H332Smutationson the electron transport of Photosystem II in intact cells of the cyanobacteriumSynechocystis6803....

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  • The results showed that as the heating rate increases, the peak intensity at the maximum decreases and shifts to higher temperature. The thermoluminesecnce sensitivity of the material also changes and has the optimal value at 6oC/s. This value is also adaptable for measurement of natural environmental and archaeologicaldose.

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  • The results obtained as comparing the lifetime values of the three samples showed that the values of the 8 kGy irradiated-samples were the lowest whereas the 4 kGy irradiated-samples’value were greater than the non-irradiated samples’ one time.

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  • This paper presents a method for measuring the gross alpha/beta radioactivity of ancient pottery by using the liquid scintillation technique, Tri - carb2770TR/SL in the alpha/beta discrimination counting mode. The beta radioactivity is converted to the annual dose, which can be applied in dating of pottery by thermoluminescence technique.

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  • Crystals of pure calcite and calcites doped with different combinations of Mg(II), Sr(II) and Mn(II) ions were synthesized by precipitation method. Synthesized crystals were characterized by XRD and the results showed that they are in calcite phase. The thermoluminescence (TL) curves of synthetic calcites and calcite mineral were measured. The results indicated that the TL curve of pure synthetic calcite and that of calcite mineral have the same shape; manganous ion decreases, magnesium ion increases and strontium ion does not affect the TL properties of synthetic doped calcites.

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