Transition-based parsing

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  • Transition-based dependency parsers generally use heuristic decoding algorithms but can accommodate arbitrarily rich feature representations. In this paper, we show that we can improve the accuracy of such parsers by considering even richer feature sets than those employed in previous systems. In the standard Penn Treebank setup, our novel features improve attachment score form 91.4% to 92.9%, giving the best results so far for transitionbased parsing and rivaling the best results overall. For the Chinese Treebank, they give a signficant improvement of the state of the art. ...

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  • This paper describes a backtracking strategy for an incremental deterministic transitionbased parser for HPSG. The method could theoretically be implemented on any other transition-based parser with some adjustments. In this paper, the algorithm is evaluated on CuteForce, an efficient deterministic shiftreduce HPSG parser. The backtracking strategy may serve to improve existing parsers, or to assess if a deterministic parser would benefit from backtracking as a strategy to improve parsing.

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  • We introduce a new approach to transitionbased dependency parsing in which the parser does not directly construct a dependency structure, but rather an undirected graph, which is then converted into a directed dependency tree in a post-processing step. This alleviates error propagation, since undirected parsers do not need to observe the single-head constraint. Undirected parsers can be obtained by simplifying existing transition-based parsers satisfying certain conditions.

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