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  • We prove that a nonrenormalizable smooth unimodal interval map with critical order between 1 and 2 displays decay of geometry, by an elementary and purely “real” argument. This completes a “real” approach to Milnor’s attractor problem for smooth unimodal maps with critical order not greater than 2. 1. Introduction The dynamical properties of unimodal interval maps have been extensively studied recently. A major breakthrough is a complete solution of Milnor’s attractor problem for smooth unimodal maps with quadratic critical points. ...

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  • In this paper we prove C k structural stability conjecture for unimodal maps. In other words, we shall prove that Axiom A maps are dense in the space of C k unimodal maps in the C k topology. Here k can be 1, 2, . . . , ∞, ω. 1. Introduction 1.1. The structural stability conjecture. The structural stability conjecture was and remains one of the most interesting and important open problems in the theory of dynamical systems. This conjecture states that a dynamical system is structurally stable if and only if it satisfies Axiom A and the...

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  • We classify the measure theoretic attractors of general C 3 unimodal maps with quadratic critical points. The main ingredient is the decay of geometry. 1. Introduction 1.1. Statement of results. The study of measure theoretical attractors occupied a central position in the theory of smooth dynamical systems in the 1990s. Recall that a forward invariant compact set A is called a (minimal) metric attractor for some dynamics if the basin of attraction B(A) := {x : ω(x) ⊂ A} of A has positive Lebesgue measure and B(A ) has Lebesgue measure zero for every forward invariant compact set...

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  • We prove that almost every nonregular real quadratic map is ColletEckmann and has polynomial recurrence of the critical orbit (proving a conjecture by Sinai). It follows that typical quadratic maps have excellent ergodic properties, as exponential decay of correlations (Keller and Nowicki, Young) and stochastic stability in the strong sense (Baladi and Viana). This is an important step in achieving the same results for more general families of unimodal maps.

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  • In this paper we extend M. Lyubich’s recent results on the global hyperbolicity of renormalization of quadratic-like germs to the space of C r unimodal maps with quadratic critical point. We show that in this space the boundedtype limit sets of the renormalization operator have an invariant hyperbolic structure provided r ≥ 2 + α with α close to one.

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