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  • The most recent research projects in scientifc feld of eutherian comparative genomics included intentions to sequence every extant eutherian species genome in foreseeable future, so that future revisions and updates of eutherian gene data sets were expected.

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  • Nearly all decommissioning and dismantling (D&D) projects are steered by the characterisation of the plant being dismantled. This radiological characterisation is a complex process that is updated and modified during the course of the D&D. One of the tools for carrying out this characterisation is the performance of in-situ measurements.

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  • Lecture Software Project Management describes the tools to efficiently coordinate and automate the various project management component processes. Project management software generally offers extensive reporting features, such as dayto-day status updates of project progress, scheduling and dependency trees, and system-generated alerts when schedules slip beyond pre-set tolerances.

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  • Numerical models that calculate bed change are becoming increasingly popular because of their longterm forecast projections and their ability to identify causes of bed change. However, the reliability of the simulation results depends on the length of the data series and the algorithms in the model, in which the boundary condition method plays a critical role. The aim of this study is to assess the effectiveness of the HYDIST model to update wet and dry fronts as well as recalculate the wet boundaries of the hydraulic model before its input into the sediment transport model.

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  • This article presents the results of detecting the trend of drought conditions in the South-Central region based on the past observation and bias-correction rainfall projections. The past observation of daily rainfall is updated up to 2017 and collected from Vietnam Meteorological and Hydrological Administration. The bias-correction daily rainfall projections are collected from Vietnam Institute of Meteorology, Hydrology and Climate change (IMHEN) during the periods of 1986 - 2005, 2016 - 2035, 2036 - 2065 and 2080 - 2099 according to both RCP4.5 and RCP8.5 scenarios.

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  • This article evaluates trends in past and projected future climate change at the Mekong Delta. The study is based on updated observation data gathered up to 2014, and the latest climate change scenarios published by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE). The results show that the mean annual temperature increased by 0.3 to 0.9o C, and annual rainfall increased by 5 basis points to 20% at most observation stations during the years 1958-2014. In comparison to the baseline (1986-2005), temperatures were projected to increase by between 1.3 to 1.

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  • Human resource managers are confronted with the problem that they have to fulfil the enterprise’s competence needs either by developing their current staff or by recruiting new employees. In both cases decisions about who to select for the new position and more often which competences are crucial for the future success. This is especially true for highly dynamic industries like the IT industry. This article presents our work from the KoPIWA project in the Digital Economy.

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  • (BQ) Tài liệu Project Origami activities for exploring mathematics presents a flexible, discovery-based approach to learning origami-math topics. It helps readers see how origami intersects a variety of mathematical topics, from the more obvious realm of geometry to the fields of algebra, number theory, and combinatorics. With over 100 new pages, this updated and expanded edition now includes 30 activities and offers better solutions and teaching tips for all activities.

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  • ATài liệu Revit Architecture 2010 helps you explore early design concepts and forms, and more accurately maintain your vision through design, documentation, and construction. Make a change, and it’s automatically updated across the project. Use the essential building information modeling (BIM) data that Autodesk Revit Architecture software provides to support sustainable design, clash detection, construction planning, and fabrication.

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  • The purpose of this paper is to present LX-Suite, a set of tools for the shallow processing of Portuguese, developed under the TagShare1 project by the NLX Group.2 The tools included in this suite are a sentence chunker; a tokenizer; a POS tagger; a nominal featurizer; a nominal lemmatizer; and a verbal featurizer and lemmatizer. These tools were implemented as autonomous modules. This option allows to easily replace any of the modules by an updated version or even by a third-party tool. It also allows to use any of these tools separately, outside the pipeline of the suite. ...

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  • All forward-looking statements contained herein speak only to the facts and circumstances existing as of the date of this presentation. Except as required by applicable law, the Company does not undertake and expressly disclaims any obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statements, estimates, projections, dates, or risks, whether as a result of new information, future events, changed circumstances, or otherwise.

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  • On August 11, 2010, nearly two years ago, John Resig (creator of jQuery) announced the jQuery Mobile project. While focused on the UI framework, it was also a recognition of jQuery itself as a tool for mobile sites and that work would be done to the core framework itself, to make it work better on devices. Release after release, the jQuery Mobile project evolved into a powerful framework encompassing more platforms, more features, and better performance with every update.

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  • SQL Server 2012 T-SQL Recipes is an example-based guide to the Transact-SQL language that is at the core of SQL Server 2012. It provides ready-to-implement solutions to common programming and database administration tasks. Learn to create databases, insert and update data, generate reports, secure your data, and more. Tasks and their solutions are broken down into a problem/solution format that is quick and easy to read so that you can get the job done fast when the pressure is on.

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  • Considered a classic by an entire generation of Mac programmers, Dave Mark's Learn C on the Mac has been updated for you to include Mac OS X Mountain Lion and the latest iOS considerations. Learn C on the Mac: For OS X and iOS, Second Edition is perfect for beginners learning to program. It includes contemporary OS X and iOS examples!

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  • It is a privilege for me to acknowledge the work of the many people who participated in this update project, as well as to acknowledge the superlative work of all who have contributed to the success of the GINA program. The GINA program has been conducted through unrestricted educational grants from Altana, AstraZeneca, Boehringer Ingelheim, Chiesi Group, GlaxoSmithKline, Meda Pharma, Merck, Sharp & Dohme, Mitsubishi-Pharma Corporation, LTD., Novartis, and PharmAxis.

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  • This project concerns building a document parser that can be used as a software engineering tool. A software tester's task frequently involves comparing the behavior of a running system with a document describing the behavior of the system. If a problem is found, it may indicate an update is required to the document, the software system, or both. A tool to generate tests automatically based on documents would be very useful to software engineers, but it requires a document parser which can identify and extract testable conditions in the text. ...

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  • We can firstly use the experience gained with ESPON 2006 program. In particular the world database elaborated by project Europe in the World (ESPON 3.4.1) could be updated and eventually improved (modification of the WUTS Sytem ?). But we suggest to introduce a more general connexion with UN statistical system through an expert team specialized in the integration of world databases. The most difficult question will be the connection between the WUTS system and the NUTS system through the level of states.

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  • Diffusion (Activity D) : one more time, in other ESPON projects, the diffusion of results is a specific task that is related to the promotion of valorization of results that has been achieved. It takes place normally during the final period of activity. It is not the case for ESPON DB project where diffusion of data and maps to other ESPON projects is a prior task since the very beginning of the period of activity (e.g. Map kit tool and database to be delivered and update regularly). Moreover, one of the tasks of the ESPON DB project is to support...

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  • The Conditions of Contract prepared by FIDIC have for many years had no rival as the standard form of choice for use in the international construc-tion industry. Traditionally in the standard FIDIC forms the Engineer was given an authoritative role, enabling him to make informed judgements concerning the conduct and execution of projects with a large measure of independence from the Employer. From time to time FIDIC updated these standard forms, continuing to maintain the traditional role of the Engineer, culminating in the 4 th Edition 1987 (reprinted 1992)....

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  • Alongside cohesion policy, the Connecting Europe Facility5 will be one of the EU's most obvious contributions to cutting through these obstacles by stimulating infrastructure. 2013 should see the facility up and running and key choices made on targeting. It should also see project bonds being rolled out to help harness private sector investment. This will go hand in hand with consolidating regulation.

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