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  • In the context of globalization, intercultural integration has gained a better position in teaching and learning English in Vietnam, even in general education. In fact, intercultural objectives and intercultural content have been added to the expected curriculum and pilot coursebooks for teaching English in upper secondary education.

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  • All countries, and South Africa is no exception, face acute dilemmas in modernising their systems of upper secondary and further education and training. Faced with pressures from the fast changing world of work, this education sector has become characterized by political slogans stressing skill development, improved access and participation, and the accountability of providers through some form of market. On the other hand, the phenomenon of ‘academic drift’ reveals that students increasingly see their future as progressing to higher education.

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  • This paper is an attempt to gain insights into a new field of interest: Mixed-level tasks, which is said to help tackle the issues of large multilevel classes in some ways. The main objectives of this paper include delving into the reality of using mixed-level tasks in teaching reading at some Hue Upper-secondary schools and examining the benefits as well as the difficulties of using mixed-level tasks in reading classes.

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