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  • Objectives in chapter 2: Design and plan VLANs, trunks, and addressing to meet business requirements, technical requirements, and constraints; design and plan VLANs, trunks, and addressing to meet business requirements, technical requirements, and constraints; configure VTP in the campus network to support business and technical requirements;...

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  • In essence, a credit rating reflects a rating agency’s opinion, as of a specific date, of the creditworthiness of a particular company, security, or obligation. For almost a century, credit rating agencies have been providing opinions on the creditworthiness of issuers of securities and their financial obligations. During this time, the importance of these opinions to investors and other market participants, and the influence of these opinions on the securities markets, have increased significantly.

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  • There are presently two ways that BACnet can be “spoken” over the public network, and these two methods are prescribed in the BACnet standard in Annex H and Annex J (BACnet/IP). For Annex H communication, a BACnet message destined for a remote BACnet network that must traverse a public network is sent by a tunneling mechanism.

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  • Many of these attacks are now either semiautomatic or completely automatic. In semiauto- matic DDoS attacks, the intruder typically uses automatic tools to scan and compromise vulnerable machines and infect these machines with the attack code. At some later time, the machines with the attack code are used to launch a widely distributed attack. Even more problematic are the completely automatic attacks, where the need for later communication with attack machines is bypassed.

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  • Introduction to Gaia Advanced Routing Dynamic Routing is fully integrated into the WebUI and the command-line shell. BGP, OSPF and RIP are supported. Dynamic Multicast Routing is supported, using PIM (Sparse mode and Dense mode) and IGMP. DHCP Relay BOOTP/DHCP Relay extends Bootstrap Protocol (BOOTP) and Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) operation across multiple hops in a routed network. In standard BOOTP, all interfaces on a LAN are loaded from a single configuration server on the LAN.

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  • Wireless local area networks Virtual LANs provide support for workgroups that share the same servers and other resources over the network. A flexible broadcast scope for workgroups is based on Layer 3 (network). This solution uses multicast addressing, mobility support, and the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) for the IP. The hosts in the network are connected to routers via point-to-point connections. The features used are included in the IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 6) protocol stacks. Security can be achieved by using authentication and encryption mechanisms for the IP....

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  • Module Strategy Use the following strategy to present this module: Introduction to the SMTP Service Explain that SMTP is the Internet standard for e-mail message delivery. Describe how the SMTP service works in IIS, and how the SMTP server sends and receives e-mail messages. Explain that, if they did not enable the SMTP service during Microsoft Windows® 2000 installation, they can enable it by using Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel.

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