Visual event computing

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  • To discover driver fusions beyond canonical exon-to-exon chimeric transcripts, we develop CICERO, a local assembly-based algorithm that integrates RNA-seq read support with extensive annotation for candidate ranking. CICERO outperforms commonly used methods, achieving a 95% detection rate for 184 independently validated driver fusions including internal tandem duplications and other noncanonical events in 170 pediatric cancer transcriptomes.

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  • Event related potentials (ERP) corresponding to stimuli in electroencephalography (EEG) can be used to detect the intent of a person for brain computer interfaces (BCI). This paradigm is widely used to build letter-byletter text input systems using BCI. Nevertheless using a BCI-typewriter depending only on EEG responses will not be sufficiently accurate for single-trial operation in general, and existing systems utilize many-trial schemes to achieve accuracy at the cost of speed.

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  • powerful and widely-used method for analyzing the performance behavior of parallel programs is event tracing. When an application is traced, performancerelevant events, such as entering functions or sending messages, are recorded at runtime and analyzed post-mortem to identify and potentially remove performance problems. While event tracing enables the detection of performance problems at a high level of detail, growing trace-file size often constrains its scalability on large-scale systems and complicates management, analysis, and visualization of trace data.

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  • the embed frame is free to use for private persons, universities and schools. it is not allowed to be used in any way by businesses and cooperations, except media companies. you may not modify, build upon, or block any portion or functionality of the embed frame, including but not limited to links back to the website. the embed frame may not be used as part of a commercial business offering. the embed frame is intended for private people who want to share a s on their website or blog, professors or teaching professionals who want to make an available...

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