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  • The paper describes a particular approach to multiengine machine translation (MEMT), where we make use of voted language models to selectively combine translation outputs from multiple off-theshelf MT systems. Experiments are done using large corpora from three distinct domains. The study found that the use of voted language models leads to an improved performance of MEMT systems.

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  • We present a constraint-based morphological disambiguation system in which individual constraints vote on matching morphological parses, and disambiguation of all the tokens in a sentence is performed at the end by selecting parses that receive the highest votes. This constraint application paradigm makes the outcome of the disambiguation independent of the rule sequence, and hence relieves the rule developer from worrying about potentially conflicting rule sequencing.

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  • In this paper we present TroFi (Trope Finder), a system for automatically classifying literal and nonliteral usages of verbs through nearly unsupervised word-sense disambiguation and clustering techniques. TroFi uses sentential context instead of selectional constraint violations or paths in semantic hierarchies. It also uses literal and nonliteral seed sets acquired and cleaned without human supervision in order to bootstrap learning.

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  • This paper describes a novel method for computing a consensus translation from the outputs of multiple machine translation (MT) systems. The outputs are combined and a possibly new translation hypothesis can be generated. Similarly to the well-established ROVER approach of (Fiscus, 1997) for combining speech recognition hypotheses, the consensus translation is computed by voting on a confusion network.

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