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  • We use can to say that someone has the ability or opportunity to do something. The negative of can is cannot (contraction: can't). Can you swim? He can play the guitar. It's nice today. We can sit in the garden. I can't open this bottle. could for the italicized verbs if possible. 1. We had a good time yesterday. We went to the zoo. The children enjoyed themselves very much. They saw polar bears and elephants. (No substitution of 'could' is possible.) 2. When I lived in St. Louis, I went to the zoo whenever I wanted to, but now I live in a small town...

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  • Have you heard about technology management? Maybe yes, but probably not very much. Does it matter? We believe it’s vital. Why? Technology aspects are as essential to management in contemporary business as economics. They should not need a special label, and might be assumed to be given as equal attention as other business aspects. Unfortunately, however, this is currently not the case.We even venture to say that more often than not important technology aspects are neglected in general management. For example, how many CEOs can say which technology is vital to the future of their company?...

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  • Dynamic HTML isn’t a single piece of technology that you can point to and say, “This is DHTML.” The term is a descriptor that encompasses all of the technologies that combine to make a web page dynamic: the technologies that let you create new elements without refreshing the page, change the color of those elements, and make them expand, contract, and zoom around the screen. DHTML uses HTML, the DOM, and CSS in combination with a client-side scripting language—JavaScript—to bring life to what was traditionally a static medium.

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  • With the advent of ASP.NET we see a shift from traditional scripting to the beginning of full-fledged programming online.VBScript isn’t the only option anymore, as programmers can now employ the full power that lies behind both Visual Basic (VB) and C within their ASP.NET assemblies. There is no denying the widespread acceptance that .NET received from the developer community. It’s proven itself to be a well-developed framework with solid ideas on how the programming world should continue to change.

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  • 46 Possibility and certainty: may, might, could, must, etc A May, might and could Rachel: Whose bag is that? Daniel: / don't know. It may belong to Maria's friend. Vicky: It might be a bomb. It could explode at any moment. We use may or might to say that something is possible or that it is quite likely. We can use them for the present or the future. It may/might be a bomb. (= Perhaps it is a bomb.) / may/might go to the disco tomorrow. (= Perhaps I will go to the disco.) We can use could to say that something...

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  • so soon - early, before the regular time I did not expect the dinner to end so soon after the presentations were finished. so still you can hear a pin drop - very quiet The room was so still you could hear a pin drop. so to speak - as one might or could say, this is one way to say something We had a good time at the restaurant, so to speak, although the service was not very good. . soak (something) up - to take something into oneself like a sponge takes up water He was able to soak up much knowledge when he went to...

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  • El-Sayed and Seleem Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery and Research 2010, 5:42 http://www.josr-online.com/content/5/1/42 REVIEW Review Open Access Hind-foot correction and stabilization by pins in plaster after surgical release of talipes equino varus feet in older children Mohamed M El-Sayed*1 and Osama A Seleem2 Abstract Congenital talipes equino varus (CTEV) is a three dimensional deformity and is one of the most common congenital abnormalities affecting the lower limb and can be challenging to manage. Hind-foot deformity is considered the most difficult to treat.

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  • Figure 1: Intuitive illustration of a variety of successive tokens and a word boundary mentation by formalizing the uncertainty of successive tokens via the branching entropy (which we mathematically de ne in the next section). Our intention in this paper is above all to study the fundamental and scienti c statistical property underlying language data, so that it can be applied to language engineering. The above assumption (A) dates back to the fundamental work done by Harris (Harris, 1955), where he says that when the number of di erent tokens coming after every pre x of a word marks...

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  • English is very important. we learn english to travel, work or go abroad. In learning enlish, vocabulary is very important, too. If we know a lot of vocabulary, we can speak english fluently and naturally.Complete each word to rhyme with , then say the word. Hint: Use the picture clues to help.

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  • 12 You can’t be serious! In this unit you will learn how to: • • • • talk about what you and others have to do say that you’re not sure about something talk about possibilities and probabilities use the TO-FORM after different types of word Dialogue 1 Tim and Paul are getting ready to go to Henry’s birthday party. TIM: PAUL: TIM: PAUL: TIM: Can we stop at the shop on the way, Tim? Do we have to? We’ve got to get there by eight, and it’s a quarter to already. I have to get him a present – a bottle of...

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  • Genevieve Behrend was the only personal student of Thomas Troward the master of "Mental Science." "Your Invisible Power" is a powerful, yet simple and easy guide. This book can teach you how to use the power of visualization and other processes taught by Thomas Troward to transform your life. Behrend says, "We all possess more power and greater possibilities than we realize, and visualizing is one of the greatest of these powers.

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  • 33 Emphatic do Melanie wants to emphasize the idea that the picture is nice and that she likes it. She wants to say this in a strong and positive way. NEUTRAL EMPHATIC It's nice. I like it. It is nice. I do like it. B Emphatic forms Often we can be emphatic by using a full form like is or have, rather than a short form such as's or 've (see Unit 32). We stress the word when we speak it. Yes, it is late. It's half past one in the morning. My goodness you have done a lot of work. Well done. We can also...

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  • Today people use computers to make phone calls, watch TV, send instant messages to their friends, play games with other people, and buy most anything you can think of—from songs to automobiles. The ability of programs to communicate over the Internet makes all this possible. It’s hard to say how many individual computers are now reachable over the Internet, but we can safely say that it is growing rapidly; it won’t be long before the number is in the billions. Moreover, new applications are being developed every day.

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  • It’s fair to say that the array of commercially available vehicles is beginning to catch up with the technological advances made available by science during the past decade. With a lot of eff ort being employed by manufactures to provide cars with advanced networking capabilities, we can mainly distinguish the connectivity topologies in two very diff erent groups: the Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks (VANETs), which make use of the scientifi c contributions provided by the Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks (MANETs), and the Vehicle Infrastructure Integration (VII) based networks....

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  • We use to, in order to, so that and for to express purpose, to say why we do things. The purpose of stopping is to buy a newspaper. B To We can use the to-infinitive to express purpose. Melanie was hurrying to catch her bus. Most people work to earn money. I rang to find out the train times. We went to the library to get some books. C In order to and so as to In order to and so as to are more formal than to. The government took these measures in order to reduce crime. The staff are working at...

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  • A.AIMS: By the end of the lesson, Ss will be able to use good morning / after noon / evening ... to greet each the other - we are/ we're... to talk about "us " - Say and write number from 11 to 15 - Teaching aids: handbooks, pictures, use cards - Aiticipated problems: B. PROCEDURE: I PRESENTATION 1.

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  • Two-Dimensional Filters What is this chapter about? Manipulation of images often entails omitting or enhancing details of certain spatial frequencies. This is equivalent to multiplying the Fourier transform of the image with a certain function that “kills” or modifies certain frequency components. When we do that, we say that wefilter the image, and the function we use is called a filter.

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  • Perhaps the most widely known example of fast algorithms is the fast Fourier transform (FFT) algorithm. Its importance is widely acknowledged and nicely described in numerous papers and monographs, e.g., as follows: "The fast Fourier transform (FFT) is one of the truly great computational developments of this century. It has changed the face of science and engineering so that it is not an exaggeration to say that life as we know it would be very different without FFT" (Charles Van Loan, Computational Frameworks for the Fast Fourier Transform, SIAM Publications, 1992).

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  • The human body as a mechanism is far from perfect. It can be beaten or surpassed at almost every point by some product of the machine-shop or some animal. It does almost nothing perfectly or with absolute precision. As Huxley most unexpectedly remarked a score of years ago, "If a manufacturer of optical instruments were to hand us for laboratory use an instrument so full of defects and imperfections as the human eye, we should promptly decline to accept it and return it to him. But," as he went on to say, "while the eye is inaccurate as a microscope, imperfect as a telescope, crude...

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  • Every organization—large and small—has managers. Someone must be responsible for formulating strategy, making plans, organizing resources, directing personnel, and controlling operations. This is true of the Bank of America , the Peace Corps , the University of Illinois , the Red Cross , and the Coca-Cola Corporation , as well as the local 7-Eleven convenience store. In this chapter, we will use a particular organization—Good Vibrations, Inc.—to illustrate the work of management.

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