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  • This paper summarizes thedetermination ofuncertainties by DST analysis in appraising and developing the ST-X gas condensate field, which is offshore Vietnam in Block 15-1O. Drill Stem Test (DST) results show that the S field has moderate to low permeability, multiple flow boundaries/barriers, and at least 2 PVT regions.

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  • In the Analysis of Issue question you discuss your opinion toward an issue. You write a well- balanced analysis of the issue the test presents to you. These are the most common topics: The most common topics relate to general business and public policy issues. Business issues generally relate to business ethics, marketing and labor. Government issues will generally relate to regulatory issues and social welfare issues. Here is an example of an Analysis of Issue question: Following the Colorado massacre of schoolchildren, many lawmakers have proposed that an...

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  • Oil and gas are the most important non-renewable sources of energy. Exploring, producing and managing these resources in compliance with HSE standards are challenging tasks. New technologies, workflows and procedures have to be implemented.This book deals with some of these themes and describes some of the advanced technologies related to the oil and gas industry from HSE to field management issues. Some new technologies for geo-modeling, transient well testing and digital rock physics are also introduced. There are many more technical topics to be addressed in future books.

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  • Extended-response items require students to consider a situation that demands more than a numerical response. These items require students to model, as much as possible, real problem solving in a large- scale assessment context. When an extended-response item poses a problem to solve, the student must determine what is required to “solve” the problem, choose a plan, carry out the plan, and interpret the solution in terms of the original situation. Students are expected to clearly communicate their decision- making processes in the context of the task proposed by the item (e.g.

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  • This report describes the development of a parsing system for written Swedish and is focused on a grammar, the main component of the system, semiautomatically extracted from corpora. A cascaded, finite-state algorithm is applied to the grammar in which the input contains coarse-grained semantic class information, and the output produced reflects not only the syntactic structure of the input, but grammatical functions as well. The grammar has been tested on a variety of random samples of different text genres, achieving precision and recall of 94.62% and 91.

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  • We demonstrate that the bidirectionality of deep grammars, allowing them to generate as well as parse sentences, can be used to automatically and effectively identify errors in the grammars. The system is tested on two implemented HPSG grammars: Jacy for Japanese, and the ERG for English. Using this system, we were able to increase generation coverage in Jacy by 18% (45% to 63%) with only four weeks of grammar development.

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  • Problems arise in integration even of well-designed modules and components. Integration testing aims to uncover interaction and compatibility problems as early as possible. This chapter presents integration testing strategies, including the increasingly important problem of testing integration with commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) components, libraries, and frameworks.

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  • This chapter discusses some of the ways that automation can be employed, as well as its costs and limitations, and the maturity of the required technology. The focus is not on choosing one particular set of “best” tools for all times and situations, but on a continuing rational process of identifying and deploying automation to best effect as the organization, process, and available technology evolve.

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  • In contrast, the 1990's investigations had found that the Red river bed resistance to the Pleistocene aquifer to be about 130 days (Tran Minh, 1984), which is corresponding to the increase of the distance from the river bank further from the well in a thousand of meters to have the river as a specified water level boundary for the aquifer.

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  • The effects of several physical parameters on the water sheet oscillation are studied by determining the variation of the temporal growth rate with the wavenumber. It is found that a larger relative steam velocity to water velocity has a tendency to destabilize the water sheet with increased dynamic pressure. On the other hand, a larger ratio of steam boundary layer to the half water sheet thickness has a stabilizing effect on the water sheet oscillation.

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  • Effect of lemongrass extract and oil on the bioactivity (antioxidant and antimicrobial property) and citral content of paneer was evaluated in this study. Lemongrass was incorporated in the following three ways: i) cut and crushed leaves were added to milk @ 0, 2, 4 and 6% (w/v) or to coagulant solution @ 20% (w/v) and extracted by heat treatment; ii) cut leaves were heat extracted in potable water followed by heat concentration, and chilling. The chilled water was used for soaking paneer blocks; iii) Lemongrass oil added to milk at 0, 0.015, 0.02 and 0.025% levels.

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  • A critical question that banking supervisors are trying to answer is what is the amount of capital or liquidity resources required by an institution in order to support the risks taken in the course of business. The financial crises of the last several years have revealed that traditional approaches such as regulatory capital ratios to be inadequate, giving rise to supervisory stress testing as a primary tool.

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  • Seed dormancy is an important trait affecting grain yield and quality in cereal crops. It is controlled by its own complicated genetic and environmental factors. The polymorphism pattern study of 24 rice genotypes for RM primers used in the present molecular study were clearly classified the rice genotypes into dormant (Cluster I, Cluster IIA) and nondormant (Cluster II B, Cluster III). In the present study, a total of 40 alleles were detected across the 24 rice genotypes by 11 polymorphic SSR markers. The number of alleles generated per locus by each marker ranged from 2 to 6.

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  • Forty advanced breeding lines including released groundnut genotypes were used to carryout path coefficient analysis for yield and component traits under terminal drought conditions. Under both normal moisture and moisture stress conditions traits viz., plant height, primary branches per plant, shelling percentage, test weight, number of kernels per plant, kernel yield per plant and fresh weight of the seedling has direct positive effect towards pod yield.

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  • This chapter discusses the activities needed to successfully build an information system: programming, testing and documenting the system. Programming is time consuming and costly, but except in unusual circumstances, it is the simplest for the systems analyst because it is well understood. For this reason, the system analyst focuses on testing (proving that the system works as designed) and developing documentation.

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  • Honey had been well documented as oldest traditional medicines. Its use is recorded in Egyptian papyri dated from 1900 to 1250 B.C. which used many of the Egyptian prescriptions including honey. It is also mentioned in the Holy Qu'ran. Honey enhancing the growth of tissues for wound repair, suppress inflammation, and bring about rapid autolytic debridement. The objective of this study was aimed to determine the Physiochemical analysis of some Saudi Arabia honey. The fresh 66 honey samples (3 kg of each) were kindly provided by Alnahal aljwal Company, 2016 flowering season.

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  • A large body of literature shows that resource-rich countries tend to have higher rates of autocracy and confrontation, lower rates of economic stability and growth as well as less developed human capital. On top of that, many studies are wary of the crowding-out effect of natural resource dependence by the rich-resource countries on human capital development. It is of great interest to determine how Malaysia as an oil abundance country manages its natural resource wealth to develop the human capital of this country.

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  • The present study covered at addressing socio demographic factors with employee attrition factors for employee. Data has been collected through a well structured questionnaire survey.

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  • Performing statistical tests is an important step in analyzing genome-wide datasets for detecting genomic features differentially expressed between conditions. Each type of statistical test has its own advantages in characterizing certain aspects of differences between population means and often assumes a relatively simple data distribution (e.g., Gaussian, Poisson, negative binomial, etc.), which may not be well met by the datasets of interest.

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  • The present study is based on information collected from 60 mizochilli growers and 20 marketing functionaries in Aizawl district of Mizoram in the crop year 2017-18, through pre-tested well design schedule. The results indicated the average productivity of mizo chili on sample holding was 10.72 quintal per hectare and the cost cultivation on per hectare basis was Rs. 97618.56.

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