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Which are highly conserved

Xem 1-16 trên 16 kết quả Which are highly conserved
  • DNA methylation affects important developmental processes in both plants and animals. The process of methylation of cytosines at C-5 is catalysed by DNA methyltransferases (MTases), which are highly conserved, both struc-turally and functionally, in eukaryotes. In this study, we identified and characterized cytosine DNA MTase genes that are activated with the onset of reproductive development in rice.

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  • As shown in Table 2, the area of agricultural land worldwide is larger than that of forests (FAOSTAT Resources 2009). Furthermore, non-wood fibres usually have high annual biomass yields per hectare which are equal or superior to that of woods (Pierce 1991). Approximately 30% of the forest area is used primarily for the production of wood. An additional 24% of the forest area is designated for multiple uses, which also includes the production of wood in most cases (FAO 2010).

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  • Plants are a distinct kingdom of organisms that possess unique properties of reproduction, development, physiology, and adaptation. Plant diversity refers to the variety of plants that exist on the Earth. Plants, in order to survive, have to compete with other plants and organisms in an ecosystem. Over time, they have developed various characteristics to help them survive, which leads to plant diversity.

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  • Bird watching ecotourism is highly-responsible and educative kind of nature tourism which helps conserve natural environment and culture values of the local area, develop community and bring about remarkable economic benefits. Birds are seen everywhere but especially found with many species in nature reserves and national parks. There are 30 National Parks, 67 Nature Reserves, more than 50 Bird Sanctuaries in Vietnam, and more 16 Marine Protected Area are planned to be established until 2015, which has great potentials to develop bird watching ecotourism.

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  • A sole-source contract is appropriate if your project is very small, if you already have experience in finding and working with conservation professionals, or if the project is so complex that bid specifications could be inconclusive. Be aware, however, that this option may not automatically be available when working with a government agency’s contracting office; you may have to seek an exception. Always make the case against a sealed bid process, in which cost is the sole determining factor.

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  • Recognizing that financial resources for on-going maintenance may be limited, City and County of Denver recommends that artists consider highly durable, low- maintenance materials for public art projects. Semi-finalists in their competitions are encouraged to consult with conservators when developing proposals. The final design of each selected artist may be reviewed by the City’s Interagency Maintenance Task Force, which includes professional conservators, to ensure that maintenance requirements have been adequately addressed....

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  • Two ORFs, cphA and cphB, encoding proteins CphA and CphB with strong similarities to plant phytochromes and to the cyanobacterial phytochrome Cph1 of Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 have been identified in the filamentous cyanobacterium Calothrix sp. PCC7601. While CphA carries a cysteine within a highly conserved amino-acid sequence motif, to which the chromophore phytochromobilin is covalently bound in plant phytochromes, in CphB this position is changed into a leucine.

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  • Wetlands are the ecotonal or transitional zones between terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems where the water table is usually at or near the surface of the land, which is covered by the shallow water (Mitsch & Gosselink, 1986). Due to these characteristics, wetlands provide opportunities for adaptations to different plant and animal species with high diversity of life-forms. Thus wetlands are among the most biologically diverse and productive ecosystems on earth.

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  • TheArabidopsisethylene-responsive element-binding factor (AtERF) fam-ily of transcription factors has 120 members, all of which possess a highly conserved ERF domain. AtERF1, AtERF4, AtEBP and CBF1 are members from different phylogenetic subgroups within the family.

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  • The description of globular protein structures as an ensem-ble of contiguousclosed loops ortightened end fragments reveals fold elements crucial for the formation of stable structures and for navigating the very process of protein folding. These are the ends of the loops, which are spatially close to each other but are situated apart in the polypeptide chain by 25–30 residues. They also correlate with the loca-tions of highly conserved hydrophobic residues (referred to as topohydrophobic), in a structural alignment of the members of a protein family....

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  • Cystinosis is a lysosomal storage disease caused by an accumulation of insoluble cystine in the lumen of the lysosome. CTNSencodes the lyso-somal cystine transporter, mutations in which manifest as a range of disorders and are the most common cause of inherited renal Fanconi syndrome. Cystinosin, theCTNSproduct, is highly conserved among mam-mals.

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  • Cold shock proteins (CSPs) form a family of highly conserved bacterial proteins capable of single-stranded nucleic acid binding. They are suggested to act as RNA chaperones during cold shock inhibiting the formation of RNA secondary structures, which are unfavourable for transcription and translation.

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  • Chitin that is a natural organic constituent has had high exchange value. The derivative of chitin is specially chitosan, which has had many applications on light industry, food, agriculture, medicine, and comestic… Makingsausaage casing; chitosan (3%) and 10% of mixed additives of PEG and EG (ratio1:1) are dissolved in a aqueous acetic acid solution, the acetic acid concentration of the solution is 1.5%. The solutions are used to make sausage casing for 35 minutes at 64 650C.

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  • Materials are evolving today faster than at any time in history. Industrial nations regard the development of new and improved materials as an “underpinning technology” – one which can stimulate innovation in all branches of engineering, making possible new designs for structures, appliances, engines, electrical and electronic devices, processing and energy conservation equipment, and much more.

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  • The number of people with diabetes mellitus (DM) has been conservatively estimated to approximately double by 2030 to a worldwide prevalence of 4.4% at which time 366 million people will have diabetes (Wild et al., 2004). As the number of people with DM rises, so too will the burden of diabetic foot disease, particularly since the factors contributing to ulcer formation such as peripheral neuropathy and vascular disease are already present in 10% of people at the time of diagnosis (Boulton et al., 2005).

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  • The conduction of protons through human Nox2 has pre-viously been shown to be dependent upon His115. Align-ment of sequences for both animal and plant Nox proteins indicated that histidines 115 and 119 are both highly con-served, while His111 was conserved among animal homo-logues of Nox1–4. To investigate the possible role that these histidine residues might play in the conduction of protons through Nox2, we have introduced both paired and single mutations into these histidine residues.

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