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X-ray processes

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  • Data clustering is applied in various fields such as document classification, dental Xray image segmentation, medical image segmentation, etc. Especially, clustering algorithms are used in satellite image processing in many important application areas, including classification of vehicles participating in traffic, logistics, classification of satellite images to forecast droughts, floods, forest fire, etc.

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  • Graphene film electrodes have many important applications, but the fabriacion of these electrodes is difficult dues to the poor processing of graphene. This article describes the preliminary results of using 3D printing technology to fabricate thinfilm electrodes from graphene oxide inks.

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  • Zinc hydroxyapatite coatings (ZnHAp) were synthesized on 316L stainless steel by ion exchange method between hydroxyapatite coatings (HAp) and solution containing Zn(NO3)2. Effect of the initial concentration of Zn2+ and contact time to ion exchange process was studied. The analytical results of FTIR, SEM, Xray, and AAS showed that the obtained coatings were single phase crystals of HAp, and the present of Zn in HAp structure with the atomic ratios of Zn/Ca, (Ca + Zn)/P of 0.143 and 1.707 changed the morphology, the crystal diameter and the lattice parameters.

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  • In this report, thin layers of MoS2 were in-situ incorporated into graphene oxide (GO) to form MoS2/graphene nanocomposite by a facile ultrasonic-assisted hydrothermal method. Xray Diffraction (XRD) and Raman analysis revealed that the as-synthesized MoS2 nanosheets crystalized in hexagonal phase 2H-MoS2 while High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy (HRTEM) images confirmed that MoS2 layers with average thickness of ~5–6 nm (6–8 layers) attached on the edges and surfaces of graphene sheets with high density and uniform shape restacking in three-dimensional (3D) architectures.

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  • The structural, morphological and optical properties of CBD deposited CdS thin films have been studied by varying the processing parameters and the Cd/S ratio of the starting precursors in order to better understand the growth conditions. The films were characterized by Xray diffraction, SEM, Raman, and photoluminescence spectroscopy. XRD patterns show that asdeposited CdS films were polycrystalline. The grain size are increasing with increasing the Cd/S ratio and/or the deposition time.

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