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40 câu luyện tổng hợp (1)

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40 câu luyện tổng hợp (1)

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Tham khảo tài liệu '40 câu luyện tổng hợp (1)- k12', tài liệu phổ thông, ôn thi đh-cđ phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

Chủ đề:

Nội dung Text: 40 câu luyện tổng hợp (1)

  1. 40 câu luyện tổng hợp (1)- K12 C1.—He must be busy doing his homework right now. —I imagine____. A. that B. to C. so D. it B2. Mary had promised to give me a ticket for tomorrow. She failed, ____. A. either B. though C. but D. too D3. When I got to the cinema, the film _____ for five minutes. A. had begun B. has been on C. has begun D. had been on C4.---I wonder why Mr Green hasn’t showed up at the meeting yet. ---I’m not sure, but he _______ in a traffic jam driving here. A. could be stuck B. might stuck C. might have been stuck D. must have stuck A5.We have moved into a four-room flat so far. Our room is between _____. A. Mary’s and Helen’s B. Mary and Helen’s C. Mary and Helen D. Mary’s and Helen B6.With the development of science and technology, people’s life _______ in the past few years. A. improved B. has improved C. is improving D. had improved B7.Wang Wei is one of many Chinese students _______ “on the go’. A. who lives life B. who live life C. that lives living D. that live living B8.There are a lot _______ people today than yesterday. A. of B. more C. most D. / D9.The TV set he _________ works well now. A. has repairing B. having repaired C. has been repaired D. has had repaired D10.Lan is always ready to help others when they are in trouble and he never _______ their request. A. turns up B. turns over C. turns in D. turns down B11.Nowadays ________ Internet is becoming increasingly popular and new high speed broadband network was recently started. A. a; the B. the; a C. a; a D. the; the C12.---Good evening. I _______ to see Miss Mary. ---Oh, good evening. I’m sorry, but she is not in. A. came B. come C. have come D. had come
  2. A13.The factory produced many famous cars, none of ____ shipped to foreign countries. A. them B. which C. it D. what A14. The manager decided to give the job to ____ he believed had a strong sense of duty. A. whoever B. whomever C. who D. those A15. — Tod hadn’t passed the exam and was afraid of being scolded. — _____. A. So it was with Jim B. So was Jim, his classmate C. It’s the same with Jim D. Neither had Jim, his classmate B16.The Indian Ocean tsunami at the end of 2004 is believed _____ more than 160,000 people and made millions homeless, _______ it perhaps the most destroying tsunami in history. A. to kill; making B. to have killed; making C. having killed; to make D. killing; made B17. Is it true _____ the rain stops, it will be as hot as in the summer here? A. when B. that when C. whenever D. that D18.Mike, as far as I know, _______ like to play music. A. seems B. appears C. feels D. does B19.The time he has devoted in the past years _______ the disable is now considered ________ of great value. A. to help; being B. to helping; to be C. to help; to be D. helping; being A20._______ different life today is ________ what it was 30 years ago. A. How; from B. What a; from C. What; from D. How; with --------------- Exercise 2 C1.— Why didn’t you come to Mike’s birthday party yesterday? — Well, I ____, but I forgot it. A. should B. must C. should have D. must have C2.A computer is so useful a machine ________ we can use everywhere. A. that B. which C. as D. what A3. You are really very kind. I’ll never forget the ______you have done to me. A. favour B. deed C. help D. good C4. He arrived here at noon,______ in the day, and he went out and came back______in the day. A. late; late B. late; later C. later; late D. later; later
  3. A5. ______ part that women _______ in society is great. A. The; play B. A; take C. A; play D. The; take D6. He’s unlucky, and he’s always suffering _____ luck one after another. A. a sick B. an ill C. sick D. ill D7. ---Why did you put the wood near the fire? It’s dangerous. ---Don’t worry. Wet wood won’t _______. A. burnt B. be burnt C. be burning D. burn C8. Mother made a promise ____ I passed the college entrance examination she would buy me a mobile phone. A. that B. if that C. that if D. that whether D9.Everything depends on ________ we have enough time. A. that B. how C. if D. whether B10.Personally I think it is the sales manager, rather than the sales girls, _______ to blame. A. is B. that is C. are D. who are C11.I can hardly imagine so pretty girl like you ________ boxing. A. like B. to like C. liking D. to have liked C12.______ he told us is the news _______ they have got 12 gold medals in the 28th Olympic Games in Athens, _________, of course, made their people feel very excited. A. What; which; which B. That; that; which C. What; that; which D. That; that; what A13.--- Can you attend tomorrow’s meeting? --- I am sorry, but I will have too much work ______. A. to see to to come B. seeing to come C. to see to coming D. doing to come C14.In my opinion, all Mr Tom ______ good to his students in his class at present. He is very strict in their study. A. does does does B. does do do C. does does do D. did do does A15.Elbert Einstein, for ______ life had once been very hard, was successful later in science . A. whom B. whose C. which D. his B16.______ I had done it I knew I had made a mistake. A. Hardly B. Directly C. Mostly D. Nearly B17.I began to fish before memory began, _______ I know I have always fished. A. so far B. so as far as C. as far as D. so A18.---Spacecraft “Discovery” has failed in the course of launch. ----_______? They have been preparing for the test. A. How come B. When C. How D. Why not
  4. C19.This is the very toy car ________ which he came here the other day. A. by B. in C. for D. on A20.Children’s brains can’t develop properly_______ they lack protein . A. when B. since C. because D. unless


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