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AutoIT Help part 148

Chia sẻ: Qweqwdasd Dwqdqd | Ngày: | Loại File: PDF | Số trang:6

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Nội dung Text: AutoIT Help part 148

  1.  Fixed: IniReadSectionNames() returned bogus data in Windows 98 when the INI file was empty or did not exist.  Fixed: @compiled when the script is compiled.  Fixed: Send() to italian keyboard.  Fixed: MouseMove() in secondary screen.  Fixed: StringInStr() not converting to string search parameter.  Fixed: Int() of a binarystring.  Fixed: ControlSend sending() special characters.  Fixed: Crash in Au3exe with badly formed input file in FileInstall().  Fixed: Wrong execution of a compiled script containing FileInstall() inside #CS-#CE.  Fixed: FileInstall() referencing a file without any path will reference it from the ScriptDir to be coherent with the compiled script.  Fixed: Aut2exe crashed using cmdline with shortnames.  Fixed: Tooltip state (such as icon or title) was showing up on subsequent tooltips that didn't want those items. This affected both ToolTip() and GUICtrlSetTip().)  Fixed: GUIRegisterMSG() destroy @error.  Fixed: $LVS_SORTASCENDING with GUICtrlSetImage() icon bad display.  Fixed: Wrong default arguments for _ArrayToString().  Fixed: Bad "#" instruction inhibit whole script. 13th August, 2006 - v3.2.0.1  Fixed: (AU3INFO) Buffer overrun in control code.  Fixed: Exe2Aut.exe was missing its digital signature. 12th August, 2006 - v3.2.0  Added: COM object support.  Added: "Lite" version of the SciTE editor added into the AutoIt installation.  Added: Aut2Exe can now create .a3x encoded files (similar to .zip for .au3).  Added: Support for custom tray icons.  Added: "default" keyword.  Added: IsKeyword() so "default" keyword can be used as parameter in a user function call.  Added: Boolean support and keywords of 'false' and 'true'.  Added: IsBool()  Added: +=, -=, *=, /= operators.
  2.  Added: DLLCall() cdecl and stdcall support.  Added: DLLStruct... functions.  Added: Limited TCP and UDP functions.  Added: Added support for reading and writing stdio.  Added: ConsoleRead(), ConsoleWriteError().  Added: Ability to initialize arrays in DIM and CONST keywords.  Added: Switch, EndSwitch structure.  Added: HWnd() and IsHWnd() functions.  Added: BinaryString(), IsBinaryString() functions.  Added: FileCreateNTFSLink().  Added: /AutoIt3ExecuteScript command line option.  Added: Call() now supports parameters.  Added: Execute()  Added: @HotKeyPressed macro.  Added: Unary NOT operations on strings are now allowed. A NOT operation on a non-empty string will result in FALSE.  Added: Beep() and WinFlash() functions.  Added: Floor() and Ceiling() functions.  Added: SetError can optionally set @extended.  Added: RegRead, RegEnumVal return the type of the value in @extended.  Added: FileSaveDialog(), FileOpenDialog() supports multiple filter groups.  Added: @ScriptLineNumber, @ProcessorArch, @AutoItPID.  Added: BitRotate().  Added: Fileopen(), FileCopy(), FileMove() additional flags to create non existent subfolders.  Added: FileRead(), FileWrite() work with binary files.  Added: (GUI) GUICtrlSetData text for treeview.  Added: (GUI) $WS_EX_MDICHILD support for GUICreate().  Added: (GUI) GUICtrlCreateGraphic(), GUICtrlSetGraphic().  Added: (GUI) Opt('GUIEventOptions',1) to suppress window action when clicking on Minimize,restore or Maximize buttons.  Added: (GUI) Right-click support for List/Treeview GUI control.  Added: (GUI) GuiCtrlRead return ControlID if Opt("GUIEventCompatibilityMode',2).  Added: (GUI) GUICtrlCreateMonthCal().  Added: (GUI) Opt("GUIDataSeparatorChar",...).  Added: (GUI) GUICtrlCreateObj().  Added: (GUI) GUICtrlSetColor(), GUICtrlSetBkColor(), GUICtrlSetImage() for ListviewItem controls.
  3.  Added: (GUI) GuiSwitch tabitemID optional parameter to allow dynamic control creation on a tabitem.  Added: (GUI) GuiCtrlListView support Icon view.  Added: (GUI) $GUI_WS_EX_PARENTDRAG Allow the label or pic control to be used as the title bar to drag the whole the parent window.  Added: (GUI) GUICtrlGetHandle().  Added: (GUI) $GUI_EVENT_DROPPED @GUI_DRAGID,@GUI_DROPID.  Added: (GUI) GuiSetCursor(16),GuiCtrlSetCursor(16) hide the cursor.  Added: (GUI) Allow Dragfile to any control. @GUI_DRAGFILE contain the filename to be used in the $GUI_EVENT_DROPPED.  Added: (GUI) GUIRegisterMsg() to work with GUI WM_Message-routines at runtime.  Added: (GUI) GUICtrlRegisterListViewSort() to create a real sorting routine for GUI ListView's.  Added: (GUI) Icons for tab items.  Added: (AU3INFO) AutoIt Windows Info : Now shows Style and exStyle values for the controls.  Changed: #include search algorithm modified.  Changed: The /c command line option has been replaced by /AutoIt3ExecuteLine.  Changed: RegEnumKey and RegEnumVal return more precise @error to help diagnostic.  Changed: Return,@error, @extended have to be explicit to be return by an UDF.  Changed: FileFindFirstFile no longer returns "." or "..".  Changed: Set _ to be a continuation character ONLY after whitespace.  Changed: FileClose with an invalid handle no longer triggers an AutoIt runtime error.  Changed: Fatal error message is now displayed if DLLCall cannot be executed.  Changed: RegEnumKey and RegEnumVal return more precise @error values to help diagnostics.  Changed: "OnAutoItExit" function is now called on system shutdown or user logoff.  Changed: Opt() with just the "option" will now return the current value for that option.  Changed: DllCall @error is set when function not found.  Changed: SplashTextOn() opt=32 to center vertically.
  4.  Changed: (GUI) GUICtrlCreateList now forces the style LBS_NOTIFY.  Changed: (GUI) GUICtrlCreateIcon default size is 32x32.  Changed: (AU3INFO) The default setting on Au3info was changed so that it doesn't highlight controls.  Fixed: Many fixes - See the the technical Changelog. 7th Apr, 2005 - v3.1.1 Minor bugfix release.  Fixed: @OSVersion did not work for Windows Server 2003  Fixed: $LVS_EX_FULLROWSELECT in GUIConstants.au3 was incorrectly defined as $LBS...  Fixed: @YDAY was incorrect (one day out)  Fixed: SetError(), SetExtended() can return a value.  Fixed: GUICtrlCreateMonthCal positioning.  Fixed: CmdLine[] limited to 63 parameters.  Fixed: FileSetAttrib return 1 on non existing file.  Fixed: Filecopy not creating subdir under Netware shared. 7th Feb, 2005 - v3.1.0  Added: GUI creation capabilities  Added: DllCall(), DllOpen(), DllClose()  Added: ControlListView()  Added: WinList()  Added: DirGetSize()  Added: IniReadSectionNames(), IniReadSection()  Added: InetGet(), InetGetSize()  Added: HttpSetProxy(), FtpSetProxy()  Added: FtpBinaryMode (Option)  Added: Ping()  Added: ControlGetHandle()  Added: WinGetProcess() and ProcessList()  Added: SetExtended()  Added: WinSetTrans()  Added: Assign()  Added: ConsoleWrite()  Added: @AutoItExe macro  Added: Const keyword
  5.  Added: Optional parameter support for user functions  Added: "main", "primary", "menu", "secondary" added as valid mouse button types  Added: ExpandVarStrings (Option)  Added: The user functions OnAutoItStart() and OnAutoItExit() are called during startup/exit  Added: OnExitFunc (Option)  Removed: URLDownloadToFile() (Replaced by InetGet())  Changed: For loops automatically declare the counter variable as a Local variable  Changed: IniDelete() can also delete entire sections  Changed: StringReplace() also returns the number of replacements in the @extended macro  Changed: StringMid() the "count" parameter is now optional (assumes remainder of the string)  Changed: PixelChecksum() now has optional step parameter  Changed: Control...() functions now accept the Control ID as an extra way to identify a control  Changed: InetGet() function can download in the background  Changed: Reg...() functions no longer give a hard error when an unknown key is used.  Changed: The mouse and pixel functions now have an additional "client area" mode  Changed: Added WIN_2003 to the possible values for @OS_VERSION  Changed: AU3Spy.exe renamed to AU3Info.exe  Changed: Major upgrades to the AutoIt Window Info Tool (control highlighting, magnify, cursor IDs)  Changed: FileSelectFolder() supports an initial directory as well as a root directory  Changed: File functions no longer give fatal errors when -1 is used as a handle  Fixed: Memory leak in SplashImageOn()  Fixed: Expressions like "$var = $var" will now give an error if the variable wasn't previously defined  Fixed: StringFormat() with \\ characters  Fixed: Under rare situations after closing a script AutoIt3.exe would still appear in task manager for a while



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