Bài giảng Tiếng Anh 10 - Unit 13: Films and Cinema (Reading)

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Bài giảng Tiếng Anh 10 - Unit 13: Films and Cinema (Reading)

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Bài giảng Tiếng Anh 10 - Unit 13: Films and Cinema (Reading) tìm hiểu sự ra đời của điện ảnh, những bộ phim trong những ngày đầu có âm thanh, khán giả có thể xem những bộ phim dài vào thời điểm nào, thời điểm xuất hiện âm thanh trong những bộ phim. Đồng thời bài giảng rèn luyện kỹ năng đọc cho các em học sinh.

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  1. Unit 13: Films and Cinema Re ading Teacher: Nguyen Hoang Huyen Class: 10 Biology
  2. ­ Do you often see films when you are  free? - Whichkindsof filmdoyou like most?
  3. You like… 1. De te c tive  film? 2. Action film? 3. Horror film? 4. Science fiction film? 5. Love story film? 6. War film? 7. Thrillers? 8. Cartoon?
  5. Matching… 1. De te c tive   films .ppt? 2. Action films.ppt? 3. Horror films.ppt? 4. Science fiction films.ppt? 5. Love story  film.ppt ? 6. Silent film.ppt? 7. Thriller.ppt? 8. Cartoon film.ppt?
  6. Before you read • Vocabulary: • Motion (n): the act of moving, or changing place or position (chuyÓn ®éng) • Set st in motion: Move sth • Still (a): silent • Audience (n): people who see films, play • Spread (v): to extend over a place • Replace (v): thay thÕ • It was not until TIME that CLAUSE
  7. While  you re ad
  8. Task 1  Finding the words in the passage: Cinema 1. __________ film-making industry Sequence series of related events or 2. ____________ actions. Decade 3. ____________a Rapidly period of ten years 4. ____________ Scene quickly and in a short time 5. ____________ Charater part of a film 6. ____________ a person in a film
  9. Task 2: Answering questions. 1. When did the history of cinema begin? 2. What did scientists discover at that time? 3. Did films in the early days have sound? 4. When were audiences able to see long films? 5. When was sound introduced? 6. What form of films appeared as the old silent films were being replaced by spoken ones?
  10. 1. When did the history of  cinema begin? • In the early 19th century
  11. 2. What did scientists discover at  that time? • They  discovered  that when  a  sequence  of  still  pictures  were set in motion, they could  give the feeling of movement.
  12. 3. Did films in the early  days have sound? • No, they didn’t.
  13. 4. When were audiences  able to see long films? • In the early 1910s.



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