Bài tập ôn thi anh văn

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Bài tập ôn thi anh văn

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  1. Bài tập ôn thi anh văn I.Choose the best answers 1. If he _________ his father’s advice, he would not have lost all his money. a. follows b. had followed c. would follow d. followed 2. The city was be destroyed completely after terrorists bombed it. a b c d 3. I know a place _____ we can buy ice cream at a low price. a. what b. where c. which d. in where 4. We are bored_________ the same activities in English lessons. a. to do b. with doing c. at doing d. to doing 5. The closer a friend is to you,_______(s)he is to you. a. the dearer b. much dear c. the dearest d. dearer 6. I have known a person_______hometown is famous for grapefruits. a. who b. that c. whose d. whom 7. Great noise is known______ deaf of many people. a. causing b. to cause c. causes d. caused 8. Do you mind to go out with me to buy some ice creams? a b c d 9. I usually talk to a man who ideas are very interesting and creative. a b c d 10. The film is so _______that we walked out of the cinema after 15 minutes watching it. a. bored b. boring c. boredom d. bore 11. I have stopped _______ to my neighbour since I had a quarrel with her. a. speaking b. to speak c. spoke d. speak 12. It was said that sea monster ________ attack ships and boats. a. were used b. used to c. use to d. were used to 13. Great apes are in _________ of becoming extinct. a. crisis b. danger c. threat d. warming 14. It is the first time I _________ a bird of this colour. a. see b. am seeing c. can see d. have seen 15. It hasn’t rained________ months. a. from b. on c. since d. for 16. If I ________the leader of this team, I ________ do a lot of things. a. was/will b. was/would c. were/would d. had been/ would 17. The climate here is just righ: neither hot ____cold. a. neither b. not c. nor d. not even 18. We had better to review this lesson carefully because we will have some questions on it. a b c d 19.The more the relative humidity rises, the worst the heat affects us. a b c d 20. Hung used to living in Ha Noi when she was small. a b c 21. If hay receives enough rain at the proper time, it grows quickly like grass. a b c d 22. I’d rather _________ to a concert than a film, if you don’t mind.
  2. a. go b. going c. gone d. to go 23. Most people enjoy ________ to different part of the world. a. to travel b. travel c. travelling d. travelled 24. Your hair is long. It need_______ a. cutting b. to cut c. cut d. has cut 25. When we felt thirsty, we stopped________. a. drink b. to drink c. drinking d. drank 26. _______ time do you spend learning English every day? a. How much b. How many c. How long d. x 27. This is the place_________ the accident occurred. a. which b. when c. where d. on which 28. If I understood the question, I _______ give the teacher the correct answer. a. shall b. would c. will d. have 29. We had better _____ an umbrella when we go out. It looks like it is going to rain. a. taken b. took c. takes d. take 30. My mother is _____ a busy woman that she really needs a helper. a. so b. very c. such d. with th 31. Louis Paster __________ in the 19 century. a. was living b. lived c. had lived d. has lived 32. My father usually helps me _________ English. a. to learn b. learn c. learning d. both a and b 33. Mr Brown ________ a car if he had enough money. a. will buy b. would buy c. bought d. has bought 34. What does he want now? He _______ to speak to your brother. a. want b. wants wanting d. wanting 35. Where is the girl ________ saw the accident? a. she b. which c. who d. no word is needed 36. Please tell me where _______. a. does Peter lives? b. Peter lives c. dose Peter live? d. Peter lives? 37. The doctor made me____in bed for a week. a. staying b. stay c. stayed d. have stayed 38. He is sad because he ________ all his money. a. lose b. lost c. has lost d. was lost 39. That is the key __________ I lost yesterday. a. who b. what c. whom d. x 40. ________ first, I could hardly believe him. a. in b. at c. by d. for 41. Do you know the beautiful lady ____________ in the car? a. sit b. sitting c. sat d. is sitting 42. At present we________ an exercise on tenses. a. do b. will do c. have done d. are doing 43. We were prevented __________ going fishing by the bad weather. a. in b. on c. from d. at 44. I fell asleep when I _________ television. a. was watching b. am being watched c. am watching d. watched
  3. 45. We ________ in this house for 25 years. a. are living b. will live c. live d. have lived 46. My friend and _______ went for a walk. a. me b. my c. I d. mine 47. If she ______ rich, she would help the poor. a. was b. were c. is d. has been 48. You play tennis ___________ I do. a. better than b. more better than c. more well d. more good 49. I am going to a wedding on Saturday . _________ is getting married. a. A friend of mine b. A friend of me c. The friend of mine d. The friend of me 50. We went on holiday with some friends _______. a. of ours b. us c. our d. ours 51. John cut _________ while he was shaving this morning. a. him b. himself c. herself d. x 52. ________________ to go to the cinema. a. It was too late b. That is was late c. It was late so that d. such too late 53. My picture is different from __________. a. them b. theirs c. they d. themselves 54. He asked _________ to leave the office then. a. our b. we c. us d. ours 55. You and ________ have to finish this before noon. a. me b. my c. mine d. I 56. She broke _____left leg in the accident. a. his b. her c. herself d. x 57. It is ___________ that I have read it twice. a. such an interesting book b. so interesting book c. too interesting a book d. such a interesting book 58. The piano was too _________. a. for nobody to move b. for nobody moving c. for anyone to move d. for anyone to moving 59. The bed is not clean enough _________. a. to lie in it b. to lie in c. for lying d. in which to lie 60. It is _____________ home from here. a. too far walking b. too far for walking c. far to walk,too d. too far to walk 61. I am _______ a car. a. not rich enough to buy b. too rich enough to buy c. too poor to buy d. a and c 62. Jane is ________ to do this exercise. a. no intelligence enough b. not intelligent enough c. not enough intelligent d. so intelligent enough 63. It is _________ to go swimming. a. too cold b. so cold c. such a cold d. enough cold that 64. She dances____________ that everybody admires her. a. such beautiful b. so beautiful c. so beautifully d. too beautifully 65. He drove ________ that I was scared. a. too fast b. so fastly c. so fast d. such fast 66. These are_________________assignments that I can’t finish them.
  4. a. a such long b. such long c. such a long d. too long 67. It is ____________ weather that I would like to go to the beach. a. such a nice b. such nice c. too nice d. so nice 68. The village was very small. There were only _________ houses. a. plenty b. little c. few d. a few 69.a. show b. know c. town d. snow 69.a. books b. cats c. dogs d. maps 70.a. made b. play c. said d. afraid 71.a. but b. nut c. fun d. bury 72.a. question b. nation c. correction d. pollution 73. We visited ________________ two years ago. a. Canada and the United States b. the Canada and the United States c. the Canada and United States d. Canada and United States 74. Are you going away next week? No, _____ week after next. a. a b. the c. some d. x 75. I can’t work here. There is too much_________. a. noise b. noises c. the noise d. a noise 76. When ________________ invented? a. was telephone b. was the telephone c. were the telephones d. were a telephone 77. We haven’t been to ________ for years. a. cinema b. the cinema c. a cinema d. any cinema 78. My mother goes to church in ________ morning. a. x b. every c. the d. a 79. I eat __________ ever y day. a. a banana b. banana c. the bananas d. any banana 80. If you live in ____ foreign country, you should try to learn th language. a. the b. x c. an d. a 81. Did your train leave from_______? a. the 8 Platform b. an Platform c. some Platform 8 d. Platform 8 82. It took us quite a long time to get here. It was ________journey. a. tree hour b. a three-hours c. a three-hour d. three-hours 83. I often watch _________ Tv for two hours every night. \ a. some b. the c. any d. x 84. My father is a writer. He writes __________ books. a. a b. some c. any d. x 85. I am not hungry. I don’t want _______ to eat. a. some thing b. any thing c. thing d. the thing 86. Hardly did ____ pass the examination. a. some body b. any body c. body d. no body 87. Unemployment compensation is money to support an unemployed person while he is looking for___________. a. job b. a job c. works d. a work 88. They have ____________. a. a four-month–old baby b. a four-months-old baby c. four-month-old baby d. four-months -old baby
  5. 89. _________ people in my apartment building are friendly. a. few b. a little c. little d. much 90. She ________ German for two years. a. has learnt b. is learning c. learns d. learn 91. I was sad when I sold my car. I ________ it for a long time. a. am running b. were running c. have run d. had run 92. I’ve_____ to Singapore . I ________ there last year. a. been/ gone b. gone /went c. been/ went d. just/go 93. I think you should have that coat_______ soon. a. cleaned b. being cleaned c. cleaning d. to clean 94. Tomorrow I _________ my grandparents. a. am going to visit b. will have visited c. have visited d. visit 95. Bad driving often __________ many accidents. a. caused b. causes c. has caused d. to cause



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