Chained text photo

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Chained text photo

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This Photoshop tutorial will show you how to create text wrapped in chains.

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  1. Chained text photo This Photoshop tutorial will show you how to create text wrapped in chains. Step 1. Start off by making a new Photoshop document with dimensions of 300x300, and a black background. Create some large grey (575757) text in a new layer set called "Text", using Arial Black/ 150pt /sharp. Apply the bevel and emboss layer style (image b) on the text, using the settings shown when clicking on image b). If you'd like to view the PSD as we go through this tutorial, you can download it from here, a) Click Image to enlarge b) Click Image for Settings Step 2. Make a selection using the text (image a), contract it by 8 and feather (select > feather) it by 4. a) b)
  2. Step 4. This is the 2nd part of this Photoshop tutorial. Next, make a selection of the text again expand (select > modify > expand) it by 3 pixels. Create a new layer below the text and then fill the selection with a dark grey (474747) a) b) Step 5. Next, highlight the layer set, in the layers panel, and merge (layer > merge layer set) the layer set into a single layer (image b). a) b) Step 6. Now we'er going to rotate each letter, so we need to split the text into 2. First, rasterize the layer, by right clicking on it in the layers panel and then choosing "rasterize layer". Then use the polygonal lasso tool to make a selection around one of the letters (image a). You may want to zoom in to make sure not to create the selection over the other letter. Once selected cut the layer into two, by right clicking on the layer in the layers panel, and then choosing "layer via cut". You should now have each letter as a seperate layer. Select the "G" layer and then rotate counter clockwise by 30 degrees, using the transform tool (edit > transform > rotate).
  3. a) b) Step 7. Now rotate the "T" clockwise by 15 degrees. Then go to [ Part 3 ] of this Photoshop tutorial.
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