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Đề kiểm tra Tiếng Anh 12 - Kèm Đ.án

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Mời các bạn cùng tham khảo đề kiểm tra Tiếng Anh lớp 12tư liệu này sẽ giúp các bạn ôn tập lại kiến thức đã học, có cơ hội đánh giá lại năng lực của mình trước kỳ thi sắp tới. Chúc các bạn thành công.

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Nội dung Text: Đề kiểm tra Tiếng Anh 12 - Kèm Đ.án

  1. ĐỀ KIỂM TRA TỔNG HỢP MÔN TIẾNG ANH 12 - Thời gian làm bài 60 phút ĐỀ 1 Chọn phương án đúng A, B, C hoặc D để hoàn thành mỗi câu sau: 1. How do you do? I am Peter. - ………… . A. I am eighteen. B. How do you do? I am John. C. How are you? D. I am fine, thank you. 2. This is the shortest way to the city center;…………………it is not the only way. A. but B. so C. however D.therefore 3. Her idea about ..................special class for ........... disabled at first met with opposition from their parents. A. a/a B. a/ these C. a/ the D. the/  4. If he……………harder, I will pass the final exams. A. study B. studied C. is studying D. studies 5. If we had gone by bike, we .................... carsick. A. get B. will not get C. would not have got D. would get 6. The UK is divided ..................four parts: England, Scotland,Wales and Northern Ireland. A. among B. between C. for D. into 7. That is my friend..................comes from Japan. A. whom B. where C. which D. who 8. The next meeting ……………….in May. A. will hold B. will be held C. will be holding D. will have held 9. I think ............... likes the film . It's so boring. A. everyone B. anyone C. someone one 10. You are old enough to take…………..for what you have done. A. responsible B.responsibility C. responsibly D.irresponsible 11. My father………….. 40 cigarettes a day but he gave up smoking for 2 years ago. A.used to smoke B. is used to smoking C. smoked D. gets used to smoke 12. Nam ……………smoking two years ago. A. stops B. has stopped C. stopped D. is stopping 13. It is raining outside, and Tom brought his umbrella with him ........... he wouldn’t get wet. A. in order to B. so as to C. so that D. in order 14. They ................ in our country since January, 1st 2002. A. are B. have been C. were D. had been 15. A new hospital ................... in the area lately A. has been built B. have been built C. has built D. have built 16. Some sand dunes may be over 200 meters ……………height. A. at B. on C. in D. from 17. Both men and women are good………..building houses. A. on B. at C.of 18. You should…………more attention to what your teacher explains. A. make B. pay C.set D.get 19. Lan: I work for a big company. →Lan said she…………for a big company. A. had work C.worked working 20. Please stop.................... . I'm trying to finish my homework. A. to talk B. talked C. talking D. talk 21. I always feel .................... whenever I am away from home. A. lovesick B. homesick C. carsick D. seasick 22. What ..................... at ten o'clock this morning? A. were you doing B. you were doing C. did you do D. you did 23. Nam sang very…………… my birthday party last night. A. beautifully B.beautify C. beauty D. beautiful 24. I gave up the job, .......................the attractive salary. A. because of B. although C. because D. despite 25. Tom, “ How did you get there?” John: “………………” A. Is it far from here? B. I came here last night. C.The train is so crowded. D. I came here by train. 1
  2. Chọn phương án A, B, C hoặc D ứng với câu có nghĩa gần nhất. 26. He started working as a teacher five years ago. A. He has been working as a teacher for five years. B. He has worked as a teacher since five years. C. He is working as a teacher since five years. D. He had been working as a teacher for five years 27. My neighbour couldn't return home because he lost all of his money. A. My neighbour couldn't return home because of lost all of his money. B. My neighbour couldn't return home because losing all of his money. C. My neighbour couldn't return home because of he lost all of his money. D. My neighbour couldn't return home because of losing all of his money. Chọn phương án A, B, C hoặc D ứng với từ/ cụm từ có gạch chân cần phải sửa trong các câu sau. 28. When we arrived at the station, the train has already left. A B C D 29. They speak English well because they practise speak it every day A B C D 30. I enjoy my life here. I have much friends and we meet quite often. A B C D 31. If I were you, I would have forgotten about buying a new car. A B C D 32. Lan has lived in Ho Chi Minh City for 1999. A B C D Chọn phương án A, B, C hoặc D ứng với câu đúng nhất được tạo ra từ các từ cho trước. 33. What / you / use / Internet/ for? A. What do you use the Internet for? B. What do you use Internet for? C. What do you do the Internet for? D. What do you use the Internet 34. We / go / zoo / if / it / be / nice / Sunday. A. We go to the zoo if it is nice on Sunday. B. We will go to zoo if it is nice on Sunday. C. We will go to the zoo if it is nice on Sunday. D. We will go to the zoo if it is nice Sunday. 35. She / ask her sister / lend / her / some / money. A. She asked her sister lend her some money. B. She asked her sister to lend her some money. C. She asked her sister lending her some money. D. She asked her sister to lend to her some money. Đọc kỹ đoạn văn sau và chọn phương án đúng A, B, C hoặc D cho mỗi câu sau: One of the most urgent environmental problems in the world today is the shortage of clean water. Having clean drinking water is a basic human right. But acid rain, industrial pollution and garbage have made many sources of water undrinkable. Lakes, reservoirs and even entire seas have become vast pools of poison. Lake Baikal in Russia is one of the largest lakes in the world. It contains a rich variety of animals and plants, including 1300 rare species that do not exist anywhere else in the world. But they’re being destroyed by massive volumes of industrial effluent which pour into the lake every day. Even where law existed, the government didn’t have the power to enforce them. Most industries simply ignore the regulations. The Mediterranean Sea occupies 1% of the world’s water surface. But it’s the dumping ground for 50% of all marine pollution. Almost 16 countries regularly throw industrial wastes a few miles off shore. Water is free to everyone. A few years ago, people thought that the supply of clean water in the world was limitless. Today, many water supplies have been ruined be pollution and sewage. Clean water is now scarce, and we’re at last beginning to respect this precious source. We should do something now ! 36. According to the writer, one environmental problem in the world today is .................. A. acid rain B. industrial pollution C. safe water shortage D. population explosion 37. Many sources of the water are not drinkable because of ....................... A. acid rain B. industrial pollution C. garbage D. all are correct 38. What’s a serious problem of Lake Baikal in Russia ? A. It contains a rich variety of animals and plants. 2
  3. B. It’s polluted by massive volumes of industrial wastes discharged into it. C. It has 1300 rare species that do not exist anywhere else in the world. D. The government didn’t have the power to enforce laws and regulations. 39. How many countries throw industrial wastes into the Mediterranean Sea regularly? A. nearly 16 B. exactly 16 C. exactly 15 D. less than 15 40. What’s the message to the readers ? A. We should take action to protect our water resources. B. We should take all water resources into account. C. We should limit the use of water resources. D. We should encourage people to use safe water. Chọn phương án A, B, C hoặc D ứng với từ/ cụm từ có gạch chân có cách phát âm khác với ba từ còn lại trong mỗi câu sau: 41. A. career B. companion C. pharmacist D. human 42. A. surprise B. promise C. device D. realize 43. A. books B. dogs C. cats D. maps Chọn phương án A, B, C hoặc D ứng với từ có trọng âm chính nhấn vào âm tiết có vị trí khác với ba từ còn lại trong mỗi câu sau: 44. A. sailor B. cancer C. surgeon D. communicate 45. A.satisfaction B. inheritance C. operation D. apprehension Đọc kỹ đoạn văn sau và chọn phương án đúng A, B, C hoặc D cho mỗi ô trống. Nowadays people are more aware that wildlife all over the world is..... (46) ..... . danger. Many species of animals are threatened, and could easily become extinct if we do not make an effort to ..... (47) ..... them. They are many reasons for this. In some cases, animal are ..... (48) ..... for their fur or for other valuable parts of their bodies. Some birds such as parrots, are caught alike , and sold as pets. For many animals and birds, the problem is that their habitat- the place where they live-is disappearing. More land is used for farms, for houses or industry . Farmers use powerful chemicals to help them to grow better ..... (49) ..... , but these chemicals pollute the environment and ..... (50) ..... wildlife. 46. A. at B. in C. for D. on 47. A. safe B. protect C. harm D. serve 48. A. protected B. extinct C. called D. hunted 49. A. crops B. fields C. products D. herbs 50. A. wrong B. spoil C. wound D. harm The End ĐÁP ÁN 1- B 11- A 21- B 31- B 41- C 2- C 12- C 22- A 32- D 42- B 3- C 13- C 23- A 33- A 43- B 4- D 14- B 24- D 34- C 44- D 5- C 15- A 25- D 35- B 45- B 6- D 16- C 26- A 36- C 46- B 7- D 17- B 27- D 37- D 47- B 8- B 18- B 28- D 38- B 48- D 9- D 19- C 29- C 39- A 49- A 10- B 20- C 30- C 40- A 50- D 3
  4. ĐỀ KIỂM TRA TIẾNG ANH 12 (8) Tìm một từ mà phần gạch chân có cách phát âm khác với các từ còn lại. 1. A. captain B. table C. lazy D. favor 2. A. arrived B. finished C. laughed D. passed 3. A. repeats B. coughs C. lives D. attacks 4. A. good B. book C. foot D. food 5. A. parachute B. teacher C. which D. check Chọn một từ hặc cụm từ thích hợp cho mỗi chỗ trống trong những câu sau . 1. His viewers are grounded on the assumption that people are equal A. landed B. sank C. are based on D. launched 2. Don’t make fun of the disabled. A. laugh at B. look at C. glance at D. sadden at 3. The Normans_____ England in 1066. A.conquered B. overcame C. invented D. discoverd 4. The boss___him because his mother had just passed away. A. made fun of B. made use of C. made up D. made allowance for 5. ………………… you read these sentences carefully, you won’t be able to give right answers. A. If B. So long as C. Unless D. As long as 6.Mr Pike invited some_____to his house for dinner. A. hostess B. hosts C. guests D. cookers 7. The laws of wearing a helmet when riding were_____ A. put aside B. put in force C. put away D. put up with 8.The police haven’t found the robbers yet and the bank robbery is still under_____ A.provision B. investigation C. explanation D. division 9. You have tea for breakfast, ………………… you? A. haven’t B. don’t C. won’t D have 10. On the whole , Americans tend to be informal. A. Generally B. shortly C. completely D. sincerely 11. Since they aren’t answering their telephone, they ………………… Left A. must have B. should have C. need have D. can have 12. Women show a ___ to live longer than men. A. tend B. tendency C. tendentious D. tendentiously 13. In Americans ,when aWoman and a man are introduced, shaking hands is up to a woman A. depends on B. replies on C. waits for D. congratulates on 14. I ………………… you all about it if you have the time. A. tell B. told C. will tell D. would tell 15. The authority doesn’t allow street vendors to sell on the pavement A.cross B. roundabout C. corner D.sidewalk 16. The acronym of CARE comes from_______. A. cooperative for American Relief Everywhere B. cooperative for African Relief Everywhere C. cooperative for Asian Relief Everywhere D.cooperative for Australian Relief Everywhere 17.They earn money be selling toys A.control B.gain C.keep 18. Please go to the store and pick up a ………………… eggs. A. bag B. half gallon C. dozen D. pound 19.A___ is one of the most important tools of a surgeon. A. knife B. drum C. earmark D. scalpel 20. 5 ½ is pronounced_______. A. five and a half B. five one two C. a half and five D. five one second 21. He is looking forward to ………………… to Scotland. A. travel B. traveling C. be traveling D. A and B
  5. 22. Some films about violence have ………………… badly on children and teenagers. A. taken B. offered C. aimed D. influenced 23. ____is the red liquid flowing throught human body. A. food B. water C. blood D. flood 24. Tomt is going to take a ………………… to England next year. A. period B. time C. break D. trip 25. He didn’t dare to say it ………………… may face. A. on B. with C. in D. to 26-Using laser beams to cure illness requires_____ A.certainly B.access C.accuracy D.necessity 27-_____is very important in using lasers. A.precise B.precisely C.precision D.precisity 28-Mary is ____ in her colourful dress. A.spacious B.conscious C.conspicuous D.delicious 29-Laser is a ____for concentrating light waves into an intense beam. A.advice B.device C. decide D.Way 30-The scientists have invented a special chemical that attaches itself____to cancer cells. A.prefer B.preference C.preferential D.preferentially Chọn một từ/ nhóm từ thích hợp cho mỗi chỗ trống trong các câu sau. 1. I will see him when he . . . . . . . . . . . . . next week. A. will arrive B. arrives C. arrived D. would arrive 2. If you . . . . . . . . . . . . . drinking so much, you will get a stomachache. A. go over B. go on C. go out D. go by 3. Tom saved money . . . . . . . . . . . . . A. so that he bought a computer B. so that to buy a computer C. so that he could buy a computer D. in order he buys a computer 4. It’s high time we . . . . . . . . . . . . . A. are leaving B. left C. will leave D. were left 5. There is no one in the house . . . . . . . . . . . . . ? A. isn’t there B. is there C. is anyone D. isn’t anyone 6. I will play tennis tomorrow . . . . . . . . . . . . . it rains A. except B. otherwise C. unless D. but 7. . . . . . . . . . . . . . the students here enjoy taking part in social activities. A. Most of B. Most C. Much of D. The number of 8. “Is the . . . . . . . . . . . . . ?” – “No, its black” A. big brown dog B. brown a big dog C. brown dog big D. big dog brown 9. My sister went to Canada in 2000. I have . . . . . . . . . . . . . touch with her. A. take B. kept C. lost D. put 10. Wood can . . . . . . . . . . . . . making paper. A. be used for B. be used to C. used to D. use 11. She will never get used . . . . . . . . . . . . . on the left A. to drive B. drive C. to driving D. driving 12. Last week, Dick . . . . . . . . . . . . . his right leg A. feels and breaks B. felt and broke C. fell and broke D. fallen and broken 13. She was unhappy . . . . . . . . . . . . . her childhood A. during B. for C. while D. as 14. He was only nine, but he ate . . . . . . . . . . . . . his father did A. much than B. more than that
  6. C. as much as D. so much as 15. Six miles . . . . . . . . . . . . . a long distance to walk A. is B. are C. have D. take Chọn từ có phần gạch dưới được phát âm khác với các từ còn lại trong mỗi nhóm. 1. a. name b. flame c. man d. fame 2. a. how b. town c. tower d. slow 3. a. count b. should c. sound d. found 4. a. check b. cheese c. chemistry d. cherry 5. a. smells b. cuts c. opens d. plays 6. a.shake b.sugar c.sure d.soap 7. a.scalpel b.all d.although 8. a.satellite b.light c.might d.lit 9. a.cold b.close c.cost 10.a.move b.lose c.goose d.lost Chọn một từ hoặc nhóm từ đúng nhất trong số a, b, c, d điền vào khoảng trống của mỗi câu. 1. I’d to have my shoes …………………… at once. a. repair b. repairing c. repaired d. being repaired 2. The teacher encouraged ………………………… good compositions. a. us write b. us to write c. us writing d. us to writing 3. All planes ……………………… before departure. a. will checked b. will has checked c. will be checked c. will have checked 4. If he hadn’t wasted too much time, he …………………………… in his examination. a. would fail b. wouldn’t fail c. wouldn’t have fail c. won’t fail 5. Although he tried hard, ……………………… a. but he failed b. yet he failed c. however he failed d. he failed 6. …………………………… the rise in unemployment, people still seem to be spending more. a. Nevertheless b. Meanwhile c. Despite d. he failed 7. we were made …………………………… all the cleaning in the house. a. do b. to do c. doing d. done 8. It’s very cold in here. Do you mind ………………… I close the window? a. Whether b. as if c. if d. for 9. …………………………… that I can’t think of anything to say. a. I am too astonishing b. I am so astonished c. I am very astonished d. I am too astonished 10. Hardly ………………………… attack people. a. have snakes b. do snakes c. snakes to d. snaked have 11. He seldom goes fishing ……………………………? a. doesn’t he b. is he c. does he d. isn’t he 12. I want some water, but there is …………………………… left in the bottle. a. no b. less c. none d. any 13. ………………………… weather! We can’t go out for a walk now. a. How terrible b. What terrible c. How a terrible d. What a terrible 14. She spoke quietly to him …………………………… nobody else could hear a word. a. because b. if c. although d. so that 15. Each of you ……………………………… a share in the work. a. have b. has c. having d. going to have Identify the one underlined word or phrase that must be changed in order to make the sentence correct:
  7. 1-They had to tell their house because of they had been broke A B C D 2-The teacher said that Peter had made much mistakes in his essays. A B C D 3-If had I known you were in financial difficult, I would have helped you. A B C D 4-He was tired so that he could not continue his work. A B C D 5-Do you know to pronounce this word in American English accent ? A B C D 6-Unless it didn’t rain , Peter would pay us a visit. A B C D 7-A nonsmoker often feels uncomfortably when someone is smoking in his house. A B C D 8-Have you finished reading the book which I lend you lastweek ? A B C D 9-The novelist has written 3 novels so far , some year ago he used to have been a teacher. A B C D 10-Sound is carried from the eardrum to the nerves so as to we can hear it. A B C D
  8. ĐỀ KIỂM TRA TIẾNG ANH 12 Exercise I: Choose one word whose underlined part is pronounced differently. Identify your answer by circling the corresponding letter A, B, C, or D. 1. A. disease B. treatment C. death D. overeating 2. A. doctor B. ordinary C. alcohol D. pollution 3. A. prevention B. psychiatrist C. pneumonia D. psychiology 4. A. mankind B. cancer C. alcohol D. survival 5. A. surgery B. pollution C. survival D. successful 1. A. interest B. finish C. climate D. panic 2. A. pedal B. satisfied C. land D. plan 3. A. seaside B. realized C. scream D. seat 4. A. children B. chemistry C. kitchen D. chat 5. A. beginning B. passenger C. biology D. technology 1. A. physics B. basic C. sailor D. subject 2. A. chalk B. teacher C. chemistry D. chair 3. A. exam B. understand C. math D. smart 4. A. intelligent B. difficult C. biology D. history 5. A. blackboard B. comb C. book D. break 6. A. exercise B. English C. test D. regulation 7. A. punishment B. study C. uniform D. sum 8. A. geography B. grade C. graduate D. grammar 9. A. score B. boring C. college D. short-sighted 10. A. art B. lazy C. paper D. late 1. A.fat B. any C. gas D. hat 2. B. there C. math D. than 3. A. glad B. geography C. glasses D. give 4. A. kitchen B. high C. price D. like 5. A. bread B. cheap C. tea D. season 6. A. help B. forget C. intelligent D. believe 7. A. chop B. more C. hot D. shopping 8. A. sugar B. sunny C. school D. seafood 9. A. house B. history C. help D. higher 10. A. well B. better C. semester D. wet
  9. Exercise 2. Choose one word whose stress pattern is different. Identify your answer by circling the corresponding letter A, B, C, or D. 1. A. disease B. humour C. cancer D. treatment 7. A. remedy B. exercise C. pollution D. surgery 3. A. pneumonia B. activity C. psychiatrist D. ordinary 4. A. persuade B. reduce C. offer D. apply 5. A. expression B. successful C. prevention D. physical 2. A. farmer B. farewell C. factory D. fairy 8. A. cattle B. country C. cover D. canal 6. A. money B. many C. machine D. mother 9. A. borrow B. agree C. await D. prepare 10. A. government B. condition C. Parliament D. fortunate 12. A. result B. region C. river D. robot 11. A. industry B. holiday C. adventure D. certainty 13. A. continue B. disappear C. imagine D. inhabit 14. A. altogether B. capacity C. eventually D. particular 15. A. constant B. basic C. irate D. obvious 6. A. garlic B. water C. potato D. pepper 7. A. above B. ingredients C. guitar D. method 8. A. comfortable B. intelligent C. expensive D. industrious 9. A. reality B. coffee C. control D. piano 10. A. elephant B. eleven C. excellent D. easy 6. A. routine B. physics C. minute D. danger 7. A. breakfast B. purchase C. peasant D. begin 8. A. passenger B. interested C. frightening D. contented 9. A. education B. geography C. occupation D. information 10. A. relative B. cinema C. continue D. suddenly Exercise 3: Choose from the alternatives given (marked A, B, C, and D) one best to complete each sentence. Identify your answers by circling the corresponding letter A, B, C, or D. In a __________ lesson, students learn how substances react when being put together. A. maths B. chemistry C. literature D. physics 51. _______ often visit famous places in London such as the Big Ben Tower, the Thames, etc. A. Workers B. Teachers C. Tourists D. Directors 52. Difficult questions were given in the test to pick out the most _______ pupils in the class. A. intelligent B. graceful C. interesting D. lazy 53. Every pupil has to __________ school regularly.
  10. A. attend B. play truant C. visit D. quit 54. Shop managers often categorize goods into different __________ in the supermarket. A. tables B. spaces C. piles D. sections 55. A warm and __________ house is said to give the owner the feeling of relaxation. A. interesting B. rich C. cheap D. well furnished 56. Make sure that you mix all __________ in a bowl before making the cake. A. materials B. ingredients C. pieces D. segments 57. Keep the meat in the __________ so that tomorrow we can have fresh meat to cook. A. cupboard B. oven C. fridge D. box 58. Students often study harder when __________ for exams. A. passing B. preparing C. sitting D. taking 59. A: “This skirt does not seem to suit me”. B: “Well! ____ it _____ and you’ll see”. A. Try .... through B. Try... up C. Try ...... in D. Try ... on 60. The weather in __________ countries is generally hot and wet. A. tropical B. rainy C. mild D. extreme 61. The heavy rain caused __________ in many parts of the country. A. droughts B. floods C. tides D. downpour 62. The first episode of the TV __________ attracted a great number of audience. A. news B. film C. series D. talk 63. The __________ called Disneyland is the place where much of the entertainment is connected with the Disney cartoon characters. A. museum B. theme park C. gallery D. theatre 64. Tom is now at the twelfth grade and he is going to take the university __________ exam. A. entrance B. graduate C. bachelor D. certificate 65. Wearing ____ is not compulsory in this university; therefore, students can wear whatever clothes they want. A. uniforms B. hats C. shoes D. dress 66. In a shop you can use a credit card or you can pay in __________ . A. money B. cash C. coin D. bill 67. You can usually get cheaper goods if you buy them in an open-air __________. A. store B. street C. market D. shop 68. A large store may lose some of its stock as a result of theft or __________ . A. robbery B. goods-picking C. insecurity D. shoplifting 69. You can look for the instructions to cook this dish in a __________ book. A. cookery B. recipe C. meal D. menu 70. After the party, there wasn’t __________ left on the table. A. something B. nothing C. anything D. everything
  11. 71. She is so hungry that she can eat __________ . A. something B. anything C. nothing D. every 72. Mr. Minh has just sold his old car. He __________ a new one. A. buys B. is going to buy C. will be buying D. bought 73. My bicycle __________ down yesterday so I have to take the bus to school today. A. breaks B. break C. is breaking D. broke 74. Boys often learn Mathematics __________ than girls. A. better B. good C. best D. well 75. Lan can speak English very __________ because she practices every day. A. better B. good C. best D. well 76. When Fred went shopping yesterday, he __________ a lot of potatoes and eggs. A. buy B. is buying C. buys D. bought 77. When Mary was at high school, she __________ hamburgers and coffee for lunch. A. would have B. was having C. had D. has had Exercise 5: Find out ONE mistake in each sentence by circling the letter A, B, C, or D below the underlined words 51. The rain came sudden and everybody got wet because nobody had an umbrella. A B C D 52. Children nowadays seem to be more intelligenter than their parents when A B they were at the same age. C D 53. When I came in, my father was talking to anyone so I went out quietly. A B C D 54. I want to try on the blue skirt over there. Can you showing me the changing room? A B C D 55. Can you make me a cup of coffee? No, there are no coffee left. A B CD 56. Ha Anh can now speak English more well than the last time I met him. A B C D 57. I am sorry that I could not go to your birthday party. Any problems occured A B C D and I could not go. 58. There are many ways to do this exercise but mine is the best good one. A B C D 59. She can sing very beautiful and dance very gracefully but she cannot do any A B C difficult math exercise. D 60. With this type of exercise, reads the questions first and then read the text to A B C
  12. find the correct answers. D Exercise V: Read the following passage then answer questions. After each question there are four possible answers marked A, B, C, and D. Choose the correct answer by circling its corresponding letter A, B, C, or D. BUY ME! People in cities all over the world ( 71)__________ in supermarket. Who decides what you buy in the supermarket, you or the supermarket? When you enter the supermarket, you see (72)__________ full of food. Maybe you go to the meat department first. There is some meat on sale with (73)__________ price and you want to find it. The manager of the supermarket knows where customers enter the meat department. The meat on sale is far away from where the customers enter. You have to walk by all the (74)__________ meat before you find the right meat you want. So maybe you will buy some of the more expensive meat instead of the meat on sale. The (75)__________ department sells milk and milk products such as butter and cheese. Many customers like milk with (76)__________ fat. One store has three different containers of milk with the first says “1% fat” on the container, the second says “ 99% fat free” and the third says “1% fat” in big letters. As you can see, the milk is all the same but the costs (77)__________ or less depending not much on the (78)__________ but how attractive it looks. Most of the food in the supermarket look (79)__________ and then are (80)__________ . It all says “Buy me!” to the customers. “Buy me!” The supermarket tells you what to buy. 71. A. shop B. buy C. go D. work 72. A. boxes B. shelves C. containers D. rooms 73. A. higher B. taller C. better D. lower 74. A. more expensive B. cheaper C. fresher D. better 75. A. dairy B. milk C. butter D. cheese 76. A. lower B. higher C. more D. bigger 77. A. much B. more C. little D. higher 78. A. quantity B. size C. style D. quality 79. A. attractive B. more attractive C. beautiful D. more beautiful 80. A. cheaper B. better C. dearer D. worse THE VEGETARIAN MEAL Where vegetarian meals are served in courses, the parts are usually fitted into an unchanged pattern: soup, main course, salad and dessert. Many vegetarian cooking books have imposed this old structure onto the vegetarian diet and try to find a “meat substitute”. However, the first thing to do when considering the vegetarian cuisine is to get free of these ideas. Vegetarian cookery is not the replacement for anything. It is a rich and varied cuisine, full of many marvelous dishes with definite characteristics, not the imitation of anything else. There are many ways to arrange a vegetarian menu. It need not be the slave of the traditional pattern, though this arrangement seems fitting and useful. It can also consist of several equally important courses or several dishes served at once.
  13. 78. How many courses are there in a vegetarian meal? A. one B. two C. three D. four 79. What does the word “meat substitute” in bold mean? A. things that are made of meat B. things that replace meat C. things that look like meat D. things that imitate meat 80. According to the first passage, the author seems to A. agree that the vegetarian meals should be the same as in the cookbooks. B. agree on the vegetarian cookbook’s old structure. C. disagree that the vegetarian meals should always follow the traditional pattern. D. agree that the pattern should be kept unchanged. 81. According to the second passage A. the vegetarian menu lends itself to various arrangements. B. there is only one main course but there are different arrangements in a vegetarian menu. C. the traditional arrangement for a vegetarian menu is useless. D. the traditional arrangement for a vegetarian menu is the best. 82. What is the writer’s main purpose in the passage? A. to say that the traditional vegetarian meal is not suitable. B. to tell the readers that the vegetarian meal is served in courses. C. to say that the vegetarian meals are rich and various cuisine, full of many marvelous dishes with definite characteristics. D. to give background knowledge on the vegetarian meal. Exercise is one of the best ways of keeping fit. It improves your body and mind and enables you to perform (71) __________ in the work place and at home. Proper breathing is essential if you want to get the (72) __________ from exercise and you should also take into account your heart rate. It can be (73) __________ to do too much at one time. That is why all good fitness instructors emphasize the importance of “listening to your body”. When you first start, you should use good judgments. It is easy to make mistakes of using the equipment incorrectly or doing too much at one time. (74) __________ slowly and build up gradually. To increase your fitness (75) __________ you should exercise for 20 minutes a day, 4 to 6 times a week. Then you will see a difference both in your body and your mind in only a few weeks. 71. A. good B. badly C. better D. worse 72. A. less B. most C. more D. much 73. A. harm B. harmless C. harmfully D. harmful 74. A. Start B. Starting C. Starts D. Started 75. A. steadily B. badly C. wrongly D. difficultly The majority of London’s inhabitants live in its suburbs. Many of them travel to the city to work every day by train, bus, tube or car. These people are called “commuters”. Commuters may
  14. spend as much as two hours every morning getting to work and another two hours getting home again. The cost of living in London is higher than that in most other parts of Britain. Millions of visitors come to London every year from all over the world to see the famous sights here such as Buckingham Palace and many other historic buildings. London is also very famous for its theatres, red buses and black taxis. Some people find it a noisy and dirty place but it has many large, pleasant parks. Here, everyone can enjoy some peaceful and quiet moments. London has many attractions both for people from other parts of Britain and people from overseas. 83. In London __________ A. more people live in the suburbs than in the city center. B. most people live in the suburbs than in the city center. C. less people live in the suburbs than in the city center. D. many people live in the suburbs than in the city center. 84. Commuters __________ A. live in the city center. B. live in the suburbs and travel to work in the city. C. live in the suburbs and work there. D. live in the city center and work there. 85. Living in London is __________ A. cheaper than in most other parts of Britain. B. more expensive than in most other parts of Britain. C. most expensive than in most other parts of Britain. D. more cheap than in most other parts of Britain. 86. London is famous for__________ A. its delicious food. B. its theatres but not for its red buses. C. its theatres, red buses and black taxis. D. its inhabitants. 87. The attractions of London are __________ A. for the Londoners only. B. only for people from other parts in Britain. C. just for foreigners. D. both for foreigners and for people from other parts in Britain.
  15. Trường THPT Như Thanh ĐỀ KIỂM TRA TIẾNG ANH 12 Tổ: Ngoại ngữ Năm học 2010 - 2011 Thời gian: 45’ Đề số: 01 I. Phonetics Hãy chọn một từ mà phần gạch chân của nó có cách phát âm khác với các từ còn lại 1. a. habit b. man c. salmon d. many 2. a. child b. time c. minute d. high 3. a. good b. book c. boot d. foot 4. a. group b. route c. soup d. cousin 5. a. most b. nose c. purpose d. hold II. Vocabulary Hãy chọn môt đáp án đúng trong số các đáp án a,b,c hoặc d để hoàn thành các câu sau. 1. Lan and Mai speak English very……………… a. well b. fluent c. good d. quick 2. Our friends are more ………….. than us a. difficult b. intelligent c. easy d. tall 3. Binh drives ………….. He often has accident on the way a. care b. cacareful c.carelessly d. carefully 4. Jane is a good dancer she often dances ………………… a. grace b. gracefully c. graceful d. gracefulness 5.He is very good at ……………… . He can do sums more quickly than the other pupils in the class. a. literature b. maths c. geography d. English 6. Bad rarely makes ………….. when he writes. a. mistakes b. fault c. things d. sums 7. She is a very ………... pupil. She spends most of her time studying a. hard-working b. difficult c. hard d. easy 8. Jane’s school ………. is very bad this term. a. report b. period c. day d. semester 9. Though this TV is a/an …………. one, it gives quite good picture a. expensive b. second-hand c. new d. nice 10. Her parents are …………. because she often gets bad marks in the exams a. happy b. disappointed c. tired d. boring III. grammar Hãy hoàn thành những câu dưới đây bằng cách chọn một đáp án đúng trong số đáp án a, b,c hoặc d 16. They learn…………. than we do a. hard b. hard-working c. harder d. more hard-working 17. It gets ………….. and darker.
  16. a. dark b. black c. darker d. hotter 18. She is ………….. and more beautiful. a. much b. many c most d. more 19. They answer this question as intelligent ………….. we do. a. very b. so c. too d. as 20. Last night Ha sang this song ……. . ……… than the others in the club. a. wonderfully b. wonderful c. as wonderfully d. more wonderfully 21. Mary is the ……… beautiful girl in my class. a. much b. many c most d. more 22. They can speak English more …………. than Peter can. a. better b. fluent c. fluently d. quick 23. Summer ……………. Spring. a. follow b. following c. followed d. follows 24. She learns English the …………… in the class. a. badly b. more badly c. worst d. most badly 25. She can’t go out with you because she is …………… at the moment. a. have b. having c. has d. to have 26. In Viet nam, it is normally………… in the south than in the north. a. hot b. hotter c. hottest d. hoter 27. Last night Lan ………… me a letter. a. writes b. writed c. writing d. wrote IV. writing Hãy hoàn tất các câu sau dùng những từ gợi ý dưới đây. 26. It warm Ha noi than in Moscow. ……………………………………………………………………………… 27. That most interesting book she have. ……………………………………………………………………………… 28. She not drive careful as Tomy. ……………………………………………………………………………… 29. The beautiful she the more miserable. ……………………………………………………………………………… 30. HCM city the large in Viet nam. ……………………………………………………………………………… The end.



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