Economy Toeic LC 1000

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Economy Toeic LC 1000

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In this book, there are 1000 listening comprehension practice test items for the new Toeic test. You need use this book to practice English for test Toeic.

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  1. LC1000 Lim Jung Sub Noh Jun Hyoung ~ NTV NHA XUAT BAN TONG Ha l C6ngtyT' 1111 THANH PHO HO CHi ~IlNH NbaD Tri Vi~t
  2. CONTENTS E.c . o . n . o . m . y L· C·l000 t Actual Test 01 8 Actual Test 02 22 Actual Test 03 36 Actual Test 04 50 Actual Test 05 64 Actual Test 06 78 Actual Test 07 92 Actual Test 08 106 Actual Test 09 120 Actual Test 10 134 Answer Sheet 149 Answers 159 Script 163 ww\o..'.nhanlriviel.COIll
  3. Actual Test
  4. Aclual ' TeSt 01 Listening TEST In the listening test, you will be asked to demonstrate how well you understand spoken Engl ish. The entire listening lest will lasl approximately 45 minutes. There are four parts, and directions are given for each part. You must mark your answers on the separate answer sheet. Do not write your answers ' in the test book. Part 1 Directions : For each question in this part, you will hear lour statements about a picture in your test book. When you hea r the statements. you must selecl the one statemenl thai best describes what you see in the picture. Then find the number of the question on you r answer sheet and mark you r answer. The statements will not be printed in your test book and will be spoken only one l ime. Example Sample Answer Statement (C). ~H e is writing in a notebook.His the best description of the picture. so you should select answer (C) and mark it on you r answer sheet. 1 8 ECOIIlIlllV I.e InOli www.nhantri·/
  5. 1. A 2. B I W\WJ.f'lhatlll j' \1'111:11 TI,.t I> 9I
  6. 3. A 4. C 10 I":t'ol1on\\ I.e I WO
  7. 5. , • • -I:: .... " . '- .: - ... C 6. - B \wA'I,nllantrivlet.(Om
  8. 7. C 8. D \'
  9. 9. ~t • " a ~ • 0 0 A 10. D
  10. Pari 2 Directions ' You will hear a question or slalemenl and three responses spoken In English. They wi ll be spoken only one time and WIll not be pnnted In your tesl book . Select the llest response 10 Ihe ques!ton or statement and mark the letter (A), (8), or (C) on your answer sheel Exa mple Sample A nsw er You will hear: Whe re did you buy your ue? A • C You will also hear Nexllune we'll do better. \I'tl AI the downtown shOpping center. We'll move to a new build ln~J 500n The best response to lhe question MWhere did you buy your tie'?" is choice (B), "AI Ihe downtown shopping center, so (8) Is Ihe COfrect answer You should mark answer (B) on your answer sheet . 11. Mark your answer on your answe r sheet. 26. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 12. Mark you r answer on your answe r sheet. 27. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 13. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 28. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 14. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 29. Mark your answer on you r answer sheet. 15. Mark your answer on your answe r sheet. 30. Mark your answer on you r answer sheet. 16. Mark your answer on your answe r sheet. 31. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 17. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 32. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 18. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 33. Mark you r answer on your answer sheet. 19. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 34. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 20 . Mark you r answer on your answer shee t. 35. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 21 . Mark you r answer on your answer shee t. 36. Mark your answer on your answer shee t. 22. Mark your answer on Yoll( answer shee1. 37. Mark you r answer on your answer sheet. 23. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 38. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 24. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 39. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 25. Mark your answer on your answer shee!. 40. Mark your answer on your answer sheet "I \ 1.1 I N wwwnho1t\UIVH:'Lcom
  11. Part 3 DIrections ' You '11111 hear some conv8rsalions between two people. You will be asl(ed 10 answer three questions about what the speakers say In each conversa tion. Selecl the besl response to each Question and mark the le iter (A) , (8) (C). or (D) on your answer sheet. The conversahons will be spoken only one lime and will nol be printed in your lest book. 41. What would the man like Julie to do? 44. What kind of company does the man work Meet with the presiden t for? Change an appoinlmenllrme (P I A detively service company ( Come to the office later (8, An Internel provider ••Jl Conlacl some clients I c.. A mobile phone company ')) An accOllntant's office 42. Wha t will the man do Ihis afternoon? ) Meel wittl some clients 45, How does Ihe man explai n Ihe cllange in the F Call the president's office woman 's bi ll ? ... Go to the emergency room A The price milY have risen I) Relocate his oHlce \~'I Tile woman has two cell phones. (f' There was an accountmg error 43. What lim e will the man start his (01 The woman may have used her cell appoi ntmenllhis afternoon? phone more than usual. II) Atl o'clock AI2 o'clock 46. What information does Ihe man ask the AI 3 o'clock woman for? A Her InVOice numi1el )1 AI 4 o'clock '0 Her telephone number ,e Her monthly balance [ ) Her Identification number " ., ,
  12. 47. What is the celebra tion for? 53. Where is the conversation mosllikely laking i l\) The promotion of a coworker place? fB} The opening of a new oanquel facIlity (r\ At a shipping company \ C) The anniversary of the hotel fBi At an office buildmg (D) The retirement 01 a colleague ... ) At an offtce supplies store 101 AI a library 48. When will the celebration slart? A) At 6:00 54. What does the assistant offer to do? , ,) At 6:30 ( . Help move the supplies .C r AI 7:00 (13 Phone his manager D) At 7:30 t I ) Sign the form (0\ Open tile conference room 49. Where wlll the woman go before the party? (A) To a banquel hall 55. What will be delivered to the conference \8 To a holellobby room? C) To a bakery lA, A bookshelf 10) To a supermarkel ( A filing cablnel I( ) Office supplies (l , Meel1l1g !ables 50. Why is William happy? (A) He created a new painting. (8, He recently won a prize. 56. Who most likely is the man? (C, He met his favolile artisi. (,0 I An Information desk clerk ([)) He laugl1t hiS first art workshop. (8) A gift shop owner Ie) A parkmg allendam 51. What does William hope to do? (['I A supermarket cashier (.'11 Take a vacation in the rail !,B) Sign up for a workshop 57. Where is the woman going? C) Anend an awards banquet (A) To meet with a boutique owner (I)) Join a group of artists (8) To VIS!! an art gallery rc.) To check )"ler order 52. What is William working on these days? I.m To walk around a shopping mall I A) An 011 painting (B) A wo rkshop manual 58. How does the man suggest lowering the {C) A watercolor painlrng admission price? .l,) Rellirntng another day 10) A sculpture ~B\ Calling the shop owner Il Using a discount coupon 'D) Charging her the senior's ra te 1 16 b:OIlI, 11\\ \.{ Will! wWW.n ha nlfiviet.(Orn
  13. 59. What color monitors are available now? 65. Where mosl likely does this conversation tAl White take place? 18) SIlver (A) At a shoPPing mall ~ Ie) Black (B) Al a hair salon ~ (C) AI a fashion boutique ~ )) Red (0) AI an art sludlo 60. How much does it cost to increase the size of th e monitor? 66. What would the woman like to do? 1"1 $ 100 IAI Meel the receptionist (>JI $ 170 (8 ) Altend the "what"s hot" semInar Ie) S 200 Ie) Find a new hair stylist 1')\ 5300 (D) Change her half color 61. When can the man expect to receive his 67. Why did Ihe man vis it New York? monitor? (A) To see the sIghts I , In about a '.'leek (6) To learn about fashion (E In about two weeks (C) To buy hair products II In abou t three weeks (0) To attend a trallllng sem inar I) In abou t fOllr weeks 68. What is the man's problem? 62. What problem is lhe man faced with ? (A) He forgot hiS new password. IIH He doesn 't know where the HR (8) He lell hiS 1 card in the HR deparlment 0 department IS , IC) He can', access hiS messages. fB He has 100 much work to prepare for the (0) His phone lines have been down aU meeting. afternoon . ICl lie can'l open Ille garage 9.le by himself 69. Where wili lhe man probably go nex!? I )) He was n' t able to conlact the parking (A) To Ole HR department atlendanl. (8) To technical services (C) To the reception desk 63. When d id the woman receive her parking 10) To Ihe mail room permit? IA) On Thursday 70. Where is the tech nical supporl statl of1ice ,BI On Friday located? le1 On Monday (A) BeSide the reception desk D) On Tuesday (8) Next to the el~vators te) Across from the mail room 64. What does the woman suggest the man do? (0) Near Ihe HR department A I Fmdlhe parking allendanl '13) Park In another garage (e) Arnve al the office early .... , Conlacllhe HR departmenl \'.'\WI nhJntuvtel.(oru
  14. Part 4 Directions : You will hear some short lalks given by a single speaker. You wUl be asked to answer three questions about what the speaker says in each shor1 talk. SeleCI the besl response to each question and mark the letter (A) , (8), (C), or (0) on your answer sheeL The talks will be spoken only one time and will nol be printed in your lest bOOk. 71. What is the reason for the call? 74. Who mosl likely is the speaker? (A) To gel Mr. Clifford's conlacllnfo rmation (A) A construction crew member (8) To sel up an installation date (8) A steet englnee, (C) To diSCUSS available Internet packages (C) A ptant supervisor (0) To receive payment for a service (O) A company's dlreclor 72. What is Mr. Clifford asked to do? 75. How many staff will the company employ (A) Send an e-mai l when it opens? (8) Calilhe company (Al SO (C) Drop by Ihe office (8) 75 (D) RegIster for services (C) 100 (D) 125 73. When does Katie expect to hea r from Mr. Clifford? 76. Where was the first faci lity? (Al On Monday. between 8 and 6 o'clock (A) Milton (8) As soon as possIble (8) Portland (C) Before the installation date (C) 51. Louis (D) Alter Ille payment due da te (D) Rochester w\w/.nhantrh'
  15. 77. Where mosllikely are the visitors? fJ\) A semi-conductor pla n! I B) A famous museum 83. What [s being advertised? (A) A trip to F ranee (8) A restauranl II • • ~ Ie) A large bakery's facltrl1es (C) A hotel ~ ~ (0) A supe rmarket 10) A lood market 78. What will happen at 2:00? 84. What is provided for dessert? (A) The visitors will ask questions. (A) Frun juice 1(3) The gUided part of IIle tou r wilt end. (B) Fresh Iisl, (C) The tasting room s will close . (C) Pastries (0) The VIsitors can take photographs. (D) A glass 01 wine 79. How long will the visi tors be on their own? 85. What does the speaker say about Chateau IA\ 30 minutes Francois? fH) One hour tAl The chef IS world-renowned . (C) Two Ilours (8 ) il lS open on weekends . !OJ Three hours (C) The view trom Ule deck is Impressive (0 ) The lunch specials are In expensive. 80. What kind of business is the message for? (A) A political candidate's office 86. What is the announcement about ? (B) A university registrar's office (A) Employment opportunilies with humarl (C) Ci ty Hallin Wa shington, D.C. resources (0) A universily library (8) Information regarding interior decorating (C) Changes in the meeting schedules 81. What tim e does the facility close on Fridays? (D) Preparations for Ihe board meeting (II) 2 p.m . (B\ 3 p.m. 87. How can employees lind oullhe location 01 (C1 4 p.m their new offices? (D) 5 p .m (A) By pl10nlng Ihe human resources department (8) 8y speaking 10 th eir manager 82 . How can a caller speak with Edward Phillips? (C) By Visiting the lobby of the building (A) By accesSing the list 01 facul ty members (D) By contacting Newport Painlers (8) By speaking Wllh !Ile recep hon slafl re) By dialing exten sion 15 88. What are staff asked to do on Monday before they leave ? (0) By visiting the library during regular hOllr s (A) Clean up thelf workspace (8) Turn oif their computers (C) Contact the human (6sou rces department (D) Put away confide ntial files tc:.x.:U,.I/M}·:)Yt4@/~ . \'IW'lI.l1hanlnviet.conl \. I UIII '1'\.':,1 III 19 t
  16. 89. What is the purpose of this announcement ? 95. How long wililhe conference run? (A \ To tell about special oUers IA) A day (£3) To mlorm of a change in the store policy I BI Three days (C) To announce the store's hours ,CI A c·,eek (D) To Introduce sa les aSSOCia tes (0) Three weeks 90. What is Ms. William s' position? 96. What is the main subject of the conference? (A) Store manager (/\' Management techniques (8) Compu ter programmer (R) Organlzallonal behavior (C) Radio annou ncer (C) Tele-conlere nclng 101 Resta ur anl slalf (OJ Accounllng 91 . What can customers receive at no cost as 97. What mu st conference participan ts do they leave? following the lectures? (A) A lax machine t A) Raise quesllons on the lectures they ve 113) Comput er paper heard Ie) A store ca talogue lE'I POSI lhelr responses on the conference (0 I A preferred customer card webSIte C Meel WltI) Iheir colleagues ID) Submit a paper 10 FrancIs Lee 92. When willihe new system start? (A) Th iS afternoon (8) In two weeks 98. What's the purpose of this meeling? Ie, At the end ollhe mon th fA) To Introduce a new manager (0) Nexi month te) To announce a new seCLHity system te) To develop (t new compu ter network 93. Whal does the spea ker say is th e benefit to (01 To address the issue 01employee the change? productivi ty fA) More effiCient commu nica tion IB) Prevent the loss of files 99. Where will this new policy be enlorced? te) Better secure Important data tAl Across the country (O} Allow staff 1 work less hours 0 (B) Across Ihe cIty C, Within fhe IT department 94. What does the spea ker ask stalf to do? 10) WIthin the bUI/cllng (Al Obtam a nel,,, 10 ca rd (8) E·mall group hies 100. Whal changes Ilave been made to the Ie) Copy eXisting hies computer system? (Ol Rewnte files on the new server (AI Employees must now use a password. (8) Employees must now record their hours ((~ I Employees must now use onty theIr own compuler (U) Employees must spea k 1 tllelf manager 0 before uSIng lila compute r. / 20 h·olllJlII\ I t Il~.J Vlww.nhanlr rV t-com le
  17. n, 5 IS ht end of the l.istening 'est. wwwnhantrevie-t.COrll \dlul I.· .1 21 I
  18. listening TEST In the Listening lest. you will be asked to demonstrate how welt you understand spoken English. The enti re Lis tening leSI will lasl approximately 45 minutes . There are four paris. and directions afe given lor each part. You must ma rk your answers on the separate answer sheet. Do not wnle yOU! answers In Ihe test book. Part 1 Directions: For each queslion In this part, you wilt hear lour statements about a picture in you r lest book. When you hear the statements, you must seleel Ihe one statement Ihal besl describes what YOll see In Ihe picture. Then find Ihe number 01 Ihe Questton on your answer sheet and mark your answe r. The stalemen ls will not be printed In you r lesl book and will be spoken only one lime. Example Sample Answer ' A fO • (Q. Statement (C). "He IS wnling in a notebook ," is the best description 01 the picture , so you should select answer (C) and ma rk it on your answer sheet . 1 ,. 22 ·"tUlIIn It 1(1011 '·"'1M.nh;'lll rn\' i,'l.
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