Flex 3 with Java- P7

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Flex 3 with Java- P7

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  1. example application 158-162 attributes() method 124 operation tag 157 child() method 124 operation tag, events 157 children() method 124 operation tag, properties 157 conatins() method 124 properties 157 copy() method 124 SOAP headers, requisites 163 descendants() method 124 SOAP headers, working with 163 elements() method 124 using, in ActionScript 162 length() method 124 WebService tag, using in MXML 157 parent() method 124 while looping, ActionScript 3.0 82 valueof() method 124 WireShark 200 XML object about 123, 124 X working with 125, 126 XML operators XML ( ) 122 about 119 + 122 basics 119, 120 += 122 using, as dataProvider 126-129 . 122 XML data, HTTPService class .. 122 working with 182 < > 122 XMLListCollection class 129 @ 122 XMLList object [ ] 122 about 124 { } 122 attribute(attributeName) method 124 [ 287 ]
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