Income 4 Beginners

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Income 4 Beginners

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  1. Income 4 Beginners Turn your computer in to a virtual ATM that spits money at you 24/7! This is a free information e-book distributed by You should not have paid for this………...if you did, you’ve been had!
  2. Introduction! Thank you for taking the time to download my e-book. The reason I have given this to you at no cost is simple: This money making strategy is so powerful, so simple and so effective, that I know for a fact that as soon as you’ve read this book, you’ll be jumping to get started and put it in to action. Every other site you’ve been to before insists that you pay them before they’ll let you in on their “secret”. That’s a clear indication that what they’re offering just isn’t all that good. They want your money first upfront and only then will they tell you what you’re getting in to. I’m not interested in playing silly deceitful games like that. I do ask just one thing from you though………PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE read this e-book from cover to cover right now. I don’t think you’ll fully appreciate how powerful this is until you get to the last chapter, and once you get there, you’ll be speechless at how easy it’s going to be for you to make money. I’ve created this income opportunity in a very special way: • It’s idiot proof! • Fool proof! • Child proof! • Even a chimpanzee could probably do this! At no point will you ever need: • To have your own website! • To find a product to sell! • To join any programs! • Become an affiliate of anything! • Speak to anyone (either in email or telephone, or any other way)! • Share any of the money you make (you keep 100% every time)! • Give refunds (there’s no such thing with this system)! • Learn anything new (even a brainless clown could easily do this)! Oh and by the way, this is not: • A gifting program! • A HYIP! • A Pyramid scheme! • MLM! • Network Marketing! • An Affiliate program! • A 2 up or 1 up program or any of that other crap you see so often! So if I’ve got your attention, I won’t waste another minute. Let me show how you can make money every day for the rest of your life.
  3. How My System Works! Imagine if you had something in your possession that other people really wanted! And I don’t mean they’d just quite like it or had a slight interest in………I mean they REALLY wanted it. And just imagine that the thing you had was something every person on the planet was interested in! It’s not just for a niche that some people are interested in, but others don’t care about…………….you’ve got something that every single person would like to get from you. You could make quite a lot of money if you were to sell it to people, right? In fact you could probably make a fortune, and even retire, right? Well that’s the first thing most people would think of. If you’ve got something that other people want……….sell it and make money! But that’s NOT How My System Works! My system works on a completely “new” concept, which is far more effective and far more profitable than anything else you’ve ever seen or been involved with. But the most important thing is my new system is so much easier than any of the traditional methods, and doesn’t rely on any of the things normally required to make money online. I’d like you to completely forget the concept of “selling” altogether. If you’ve ever tried any sort of online selling, of any kind of product, you’ll know what I mean. You may have the best product, the best website, the best pay plan, and even the best traffic and visitors, but you will still struggle to make money…………….you probably won’t even break even. Did you know that even the top marketers only manage between 1 – 4% conversion rates. That means for every 100 visitors to a site, only 1 – 4 people actually end up making a purchase. Selling online in the normal manner is not a very effective way to make money. If you’re an expert, you can do it, but if you’re just an ordinary person……………forget it! You’ll be chasing the dream for the rest of your life, but never actually get there. Knowing how hard it was for ordinary people to make money online, I decided to create something new. I’ve created something that has turned the marketing world on its head: In my system, I give something away (for FREE) that nearly every person on the planet is interested in, and almost every time I give it away, I make money! And the good news for you is that you can use MY system for yourself, and you’ll make the money…………..not me! You keep 100%! And it’s not your own “version” of my system, or a set of instructions you follow to “copy” my system……………it is actually my system that is already set up and in place. You just jump on it and use it for yourself! And you NEVER have to pay me any subscription or “rent” for the use of my system.
  4. Comments from others Phil Rosenthal from Canada wrote: When I first saw your idea and read your strategy, I simply couldn’t get my head around how it could possibly work. It just seemed like a gimmick. But then the final twist at the end was like a light switch going on in my brain. It’s pure genius. I can’t believe no one’s ever thought of this before. This is quite probably the best idea I’ve ever seen anywhere on the net. Now of course, you’re not stupid and I’m not going to treat you like a fool. You know that if you’re going to make money, you have to sell “something”; a product or a service or something. But hear me out! This is nothing like you’re expecting, and even if you think you know what’s coming………… don’t! Even though my system gives something away for free, it is also selling something (it has to if it’s going to make money, right?). But remember what I said about other marketers and methods only having a 1 – 4% conversion rate? Well with my system, the conversion rates can be up to 90% and even sometimes higher! Just think about that for a second. Almost every single person who takes what I initially give out for free, virtually always ends up buying what I’m selling. And remember that just about everyone wants what I give away; they’re literally queuing up to get what I give out for free, and a huge majority of them will certainly buy what I’m selling. It’s probably the nearest thing to a perfect money maker ever invented! What makes this even more extraordinary is the fact that what I sell is not actually all that different to what other people sell. In fact, you may well see other people selling the same things. But I have one key ingredient that no one else has: Everyone else is selling the product, and as a result they only manage to make between 1 & 4 sales for every 100 people they present it to. That’s rubbish. I on the other hand have added something extra! I’ve given people a real incentive to buy from me. I’ve made them an offer they can’t refuse; an offer so irresistible that practically everyone who sees it simply can’t help but make a purchase. And you’re going to be the one who benefits and profits 100% because of the incentive in my system! I get nothing extra!
  5. Comments from others Daniel March from the UK wrote: I’m having to completely re-think what I know about internet money making after reading your techniques. I thought I knew how to make money online, but I’ve never seen anything as easy as what you’ve just shown me. I think it would be a bit of an understatement to say you were using a revolutionary technique that I certainly have never heard of or seen before. Comments from others Derek McCarran from Ireland wrote: The final twist at the end was a stroke of genius. I nearly choked on my coffee when I read it. I thought I knew what was coming. I thought you were just trying to sell me something that would help me with my marketing, so I never expected what you finally offered me. Brilliant! Comments from others Suzanne Cocker from the UK wrote: I think I love you and hate you at the same time. I love you because this is just an incredible idea that would never have even entered my head in a million years. You’ve just shown me what I believe to be the most effective method for generating an online income ever. And I hate you because I wish I had thought of it before you, lol ☺
  6. Now don’t you dare walk away or close this book when I explain this next bit. You’ll be walking away from an easy income simply because you “think” you know what I’m trying to offer or where I’m going. What I’m about to say is a key part of my system, but IT IS NOT the final twist that makes my system so special. You have to stay with me and hear me out. Trust me it’s worth it! I sell a collection of software and e-books that teach, train, and assist a person to become a successful and more profitable online marketer. It contains everything you need to build a profitable online business: auto-responders, video editors, list builders, tips, tricks, techniques, and strategies……………….you name it, it’s in there. (You can see the entire package at the end of this e-book). Anyone who’s interested or struggling with internet marketing is going to want the things that this package offers. Most people have already bought products that are similar to, or on the same topics as, the individual items included in this collection. But if I just tried to sell them from a website like everyone else is doing, I would get the same results; between 1 – 4% sales. And even getting such poor returns would be difficult, time consuming, and costly to advertise. Even though anyone who’s trying to make money online is going to “need” these products at some point, the fact is that the vast majority of people simply won’t buy these exact items. There are so many other people selling the same information and tools under different names, and from different websites, that competition is extremely fierce, and 1 – 4% is all a normal website with normal selling strategies could ever expect to make. But I’ve flipped the situation on its head. Instead of having only 1 – 4% of people who see my offer actually buy from me…………..I now have days where only 1 – 4% of people walk away and DON’T buy from me. I’ve completely reversed the trend! And I’ve achieved all this without ever “trying” to sell anything. I haven’t got a fantastic sales letter written by an expert copy writer. I haven’t got a series of world class follow up emails that convert record numbers of people. And I haven’t got the most effective advertising campaign that is saturating the World Wide Web. What I have got is an incredible incentive that convinces almost every person I show this to, that only a fool would pass this purchase up. It’s an incentive that makes every sale almost a foregone conclusion. An incentive that means making the sale is a virtual certainty. It’s an incentive that means my computer becomes almost like my own personal ATM, that I can withdraw money from whenever I want.
  7. Comments from others Brian Moore from the USA wrote: I kept thinking to myself, “what could he possibly be going to offer me that’s so great?” When I read it I was genuinely in shock. So simple yet so brilliant. It’s such a sure fire way to make easy money. Virtually every single person I give this to will end up paying me. I’ve never seen anything so predictable at putting money in my account. Now before I reveal the final twist, I want you to imagine that this system I’ve described is not mine…………………it’s yours! Imagine it was not me selling this product with the added incentive that converted up to 90% sales; it was YOU. Imagine that you were giving away for free, something that people were queuing up to get, and then up to 90% of those people ended up paying you for a product you promote. It would be the dream system for you wouldn’t it? Well that’s precisely what you’re going to get! Let me tell you what my system is. And remember; THIS IS NOT THE FINAL TWIST! YOU HAVE TO KEEP READING! I give away something for free that every person on the planet is interested in. I give away an e-book that explains a system that shows people how they can make easy money…………“this” e-book. You wanted to find out for free how you could make easy money, so you downloaded this book without hesitation…………and that’s exactly what everyone else does. (Don’t walk away thinking this is just a big con; you haven’t heard the whole story yet!) And in this free e-book, I promote and sell a product which is a collection of software and marketing information. And the clever part is I manage to sell this product to almost every person who reads this e-book. Yes that even includes you. In fact I can almost guarantee that you will buy the product being sold here, and so will almost everyone else who reads this after you! I know what you’re thinking, but stay with me because here comes the best part………..
  8. The Final Twist! When people hit the payment button and buy the product from this e-book, it’s not my payment button……………..IT’S YOURS! People will visit my website, and download this same e-book; but it won’t be mine, it’ll be yours. When they decide (like they always do) to buy the product, every penny they pay will go direct to you. I won’t get a single penny at any stage……..there’s nothing in it for me; it all goes to you. (Did I just hear your brain go CLUNK!!!!?) It was at this point Michael Pinchin wrote: When I saw this I literally rushed for the Payment button at the end so I could make my purchase. I’d never seen anything with so much potential in my life. What you’ve done is just unthinkable. And therein lays the real secret to why this is so powerful. When you buy the product from this e-book, you’ll get one other thing thrown in as an added FREE bonus. The incentive that convinces almost every reader of this book to make a purchase! You’ll get the right to re-sell the product as if it was your own using my website and this free e-book. All you need to do is put your PayPal or AlertPay email address in to a simple form and click “submit”. When you do that, the system will automatically replace the payment button in this book with yours that gets generated for you instantly. From then on, whenever someone downloads your “copy” of this e-book, you’ll be the one they buy the product from. You keep every single penny, and I get absolutely nothing! You can see how the system then effectively becomes yours. I set up the website, wrote the e-book and put together the product, but now you are making the money from it. If you can just get your head around how unusual this is, I’m pretty sure you’ll agree this is the easiest thing you’ve ever seen, right? Well that’s why this is so fantastic. Almost everyone who reads this thinks exactly the same as you and buys. Now they can either buy from my payment link or yours………the fact is that most of them will buy regardless, and they don’t care who they buy it from; so it’s up to you who they make the payment to. Of course, you want it to be your payment button right? So you buy the product to be able to add your pay link into this book…………and that’s precisely what everyone else does, and it’s what generates up to 90% conversion sales rates. Simple but effective!
  9. I know you’re probably a bit shell shocked and confused right now. You can see this sounds amazing, but it just seems too good to be true. I’m the same; I think if something appears too good to be true, it normally is! But believe me, this is 100% genuine and real. I’ve put together some of the most obvious questions people ask, to try and help clear this in your mind: This just doesn’t make any logical sense. Why would you give me something that I earn 100% on? Where’s the catch? What’s in it for you? No one would do something like this unless they were up to something! There is no catch. I promise you that I make no money when someone buys from your payment link. There are no hidden secrets or extra expenses you will get. No memberships, no recurring billing, no subscriptions, I don’t take a commission, percentage or cut. What’s in it for me? Exactly the same as for you! I use my website and give out this same e- book with my payment link in it and people buy the product from me exactly the same way as they’ll buy it from you. There is absolutely no difference in the way I use it to the way you’ll use it. But obviously, by adding this incentive to the product, I’ve encouraged far more people to buy than normally would have, so I’ve increased my own sales. If I’d advertised my product in the normal way, I would have made 1 – 4% sales just like all the others. But with this technique, I’ve increased things up to 90% sales. The same thing that will help you is helping me in exactly the same way. We’re completely equal. But why is this so popular? Why are so many people prepared to buy this product compared to any other? Just think about this for a second. You will be giving away a free e-book that tells people how they can make money without the need of a website, without ever trying to sell anything, without having to share any of the money they make, and without ever having to give refunds. Who wouldn’t be interested in reading a free e-book that does all that? You’ll be able to give this away to just about anyone and everyone with ease, because they’re actually out searching for it already. Almost everyone who sees my site, downloads the book without any hesitation; (you did didn’t you?) And almost everyone who reads the book wants to buy the product because of the free incentive bonus I throw in to get their own payment link in a copy of the book. That means that virtually every time you give this away for free, you will end up making a sale of the product. Everyone who reads this can see the same potential which is what makes it so effective. It’s awesomely powerful in the way it makes money. Also, the price is so low. There’s virtually no one on the planet who can’t afford just $40 to buy this (the product sells for $40 by the way). If it was any higher, people would maybe have to give it some thought. But for $40 most people won’t even think twice. (And that’s great news for you). People also know that with just one sale they will make their money back completely, which makes this a practically risk free, no brainer opportunity too good to pass up! There’s no waiting around to recoup the costs.
  10. I’m a total dunce, is this complicated? What do I have to do? It’s soooooo simple. First you buy the product by clicking the Payment link at the end of this section of the book. You’ll then get redirected to the download page where you can get your new product. In the download is a form with just one field in it. It asks you to enter your PayPal/AlertPay email address and click submit. Once you press submit, the system will automatically insert your address in to the payment details in the e-book and give you a unique link. Now, every time someone clicks that link, they will be sent to my website home page (just like where you got this e-book from) but instead of downloading my e-book, they’ll download yours. It looks identical to this one, but it will have your Payment button in it. Now you just give people your link and send them to the site to download the book. You can do this in any way you like. Include your link as a signature line in your emails, offer it to people as an incentive to join your mailing list, give it as a free gift for other promotions your making…etc, etc. Anything you can think of is good enough. What is PayPal & Alertpay, and how do I open an account with them? PayPal & AlertPay are very simple online payment processors used for selling things online from websites. To open an account with either of them, you just need to visit their websites ( or If you use PayPal you will need a free personal premier account, and if you use AlertPay, you will need a free business premium account. When you join income4beginners, you can choose to add one or both of these pay processors as payment options when I replace my button with yours. So I don’t need to change the e-book myself or upload anything to a website? Absolutely not! Everything gets done for you. You don’t need a website or anything else……just the special link I described above. There’s absolutely no personal re-branding or uploading of anything. Remember this is idiot proof! Are there any other “hidden” costs you ask of me once I buy this? No, this is a one off payment. I’ve not hidden anything from you. You’re just buying a product of e-books and software that you can use for your own personal development. The opportunity to insert your own payment button and resell the product using my site and this e-book is a FREE bonus thrown in for nothing. You Are Not Paying For A Money Making Opportunity! Will I ever have to give refunds to people who buy from my book? No, there are never any refunds from purchases of this product. You’ll never have to worry that someone will come to you and ask for their money back. The product on sale is a collection of digital information books and software. As soon as the customer downloads it, it’s impossible to return in an unused condition; To that end, everyone who buys the package agrees that they can not request a refund. All sales are final, which means you always keep every penny. What if someone has a problem with the download of the software package? Don’t worry, they’ll never contact you. I deal with all the customer support issues for you. I give out my email address to all customers on the download page, so they’ll come straight to me if they ever have any problems.
  11. Why are you charging such an absurdly low price for all this? People won’t think twice about paying such a small amount and going straight to the Payment button. By keeping the cost so insignificant, people realise there’s no risk, so virtually everyone goes to the button, and you get another $40 in your account. It’s one of the key ingredients to the success of this system, and one of the reasons so many people don’t hesitate to make the purchase……..all good news for you. What if someone has a question about the system or how it works? This is the really great part. They will never email you with any questions……they come straight to me and I do all the answering for you. I will actually do my best to close the sale on your behalf. I will do the work and you will make the money. I never get a penny…ever! I don’t really understand how to sell a product or set up an order page and collect money! It seems you’ve not been paying attention. All you do is give out a link that lets people download your “copy” of this e-book. Everything else takes care of itself. You have no involvement in order processing or any communication with customers. PayPal or AlertPay will simply send you an email when people buy the package and put the $40 in your account. So how long will it take me to set this up? From hitting that payment button to creating your new link will be about 5 minutes. You must be some sort of con artist or scammer. There’s no way anyone would set something like this up unless there was something in it for them. What are you up to? I’m not up to anything. I promise you there are no catches and no strings. This is absolutely genuine. Just read the book again and see if you can find anything wrong with it. I truly believe that I can offer something special and unique to ordinary people to help them make money. I suppose I do get something out of it……a reputation as a genuine and honest guy that people can trust. Financially I get nothing! So let me get this right. I can just add my PayPal &/or AlertPay address to your book, you still do all the customer care, after sales service and answer all questions personally, but I get the money from the sales? You get nothing? Yes that’s right! 100% spot on! Are you completely mad? I don’t think so. I just believe what goes around, comes around. I am hopefully going to get a name for myself as an honest trustworthy person who genuinely helps others, and one day something good will come back to me and I will be rewarded for making such a genuine unique offer. My name’s Jon Davies by the way!
  12. OK, great! So your system is the easiest there is, but I still have no idea how I would get people to my link in the first place, so how would I promote/advertise/get people to it in the first place? You’ve got nothing to worry about; I give you everything you need. After your purchase I give you access to a huge tips, advice and tools page set up especially to tell you how to give your link to people. It has over 120 different sites listed for you to use (and growing daily), plus dozens of pre written email ads, text ads, solo ads etc, as well as banners for you to use. I even describe my own personal strategy so you can do exactly the same as me and copy the tips I give you on exactly what works best for you. You’ll be making easy money in no time with the help of this page. No way, I still can’t believe this is real! OK, why don’t you email me with your questions and see for yourself there is a real person behind this idea. My email is admin[at] (change the [at] for the @ sign). Better still, do some searches about me or this site on Google. If I was a scammer or trying to rip you off, there’d be pages of bad press from people who have had a bad experience with me. I’ve got nothing to hide. I can only promise you this is for real, and I am genuine. I really hope you can accept that some people are just genuine and honest. I’m sure you think of yourself as an honest person, so is it so hard to believe I may be just like you? OK, I believe you. This really is the best thing I’ve ever seen. I’m still in shock but I’m not going to waste another minute………how do I get started? Simple just click the payment button below. As soon as you’ve made payment, you’ll be redirected to my thank you page where you’ll get everything you need. You’ll be done in 2 minutes. Comments from others Andrea Garbutt from the UK wrote: I think you’ve just created the perfect concept. I give away a free e-book that people are literally queuing up to get from me, and each time I give it away, I make $40 without having to do another thing. As soon as I saw the idea I was thinking; “where to I sign?” So that’s about all there is to it. If you’re still a little undecided as to whether this could work, I’m not going to try to convince you…………You must just be one of the tiny minority who refuse to believe something this good could come without any strings attached. I understand, and wish you well trying to find something else. But let’s be honest………… Is there really anything to think about?
  13. Hit the button now! (Don’t forget to check out the product on the following page) Click Below to Make Your Investment! Agreement: When you make your purchase you agree to the following –Because this is a non tangible product in a digital format, as soon as it is downloaded it is deemed to be used and un-returnable, and you will immediately have full access and use of each item. Therefore all sales are final and under no circumstances will refunds be issued. You further agree and understand that this e-book is selling a collection of digital information products and software at a full cost of $40; the accompanying resell rights and customised link of the e-book are added bonuses that are included for free. You are not buying a money making scheme or system, and there are no guarantees you will make any money. The Product you are buying is just down here!
  14. The Product! The complete solution to the struggling internet marketers’ problem! A collection of the best and most vital tools anyone would need if they want to learn the profession of online marketing. Look at this as the tools of the trade along with all your study materials. Just take a look at the collection below to see what is included. And please note that this collection is growing and being added to all the time. I add approximately 5 new items to this list every month, and you get unlimited lifetime access to every new addition: If purchased separately, the items in this collection would be worth a total of over $1000 The Income 4 Beginners Toolbox Instant Info Riches: For the first time, discover the amazing secrets to getting filthy rich from simple and easy-to-create information products, quicker and easier than you ever imagined! Retail Price: $47.00 Video Web Wizard: The easy way for you to start using and profiting with online video. It’s so easy to use; you can have streaming video working on your website within 10 minutes! Retail price: $67.00
  15. Word to Web Page: Instantly turn your Word documents into Google AdSense revenue generating websites! Retail price: $47.00 2Checkout Ezy Cash: The hassle free way of putting cash in your pocket! Retail price: $67.00 Craigs List Exposed: Craigs list is the home of free advertising and promotion of your business. If you learn to use it correctly, you can put your profits into overdrive! Retail price: $17.00
  16. Selling Your Way to Your First Million: Who Else wants to convert uninterested prospects into highly responsive paying customers and cash-in your way to selling success?! Retail price: $47.00 Beginners Guide to Internet Riches: The Simple And Easy Guide To Starting Your Very Own Internet Business In Under 1 Hour…That Runs On Auto-Pilot And Earns You A Constant Monthly Residual Income!! Retail price: $37.95 PLR Rights Formula: Learn the magic formula for making a fortune over and over again with private label rights products. Even if you have no knowledge, no skills and no idea where to start!
  17. Retail price: $49.00 The Affiliate Marketing Success Road Map: Finally, a simple and complete road map to long term affiliate success. Learn the simple, proven and effective methods to becoming a successful affiliate that actually work! Retail Price: $37.95 Ghost Writers From The Inside out: Discover the secrets pros use to crank out profit generating info products (without writing a single word) while lounging at the pool! Retail Price: $39.95 Build Your List: Grab this video enhanced crash course in email marketing and discover the real secrets to a lifetime of maximum profits! Retail Price: $67.00
  18. The Master Blueprint to Internet marketing Success: Now, you can tap directly into the thought process of proven top online earners and make their thoughts and habits yours! Retail Price: $29.97 Create Your Own E-book Without Ever Writing A Word: Stop struggling trying to write profitable e-books yourself, especially if you hate writing! You can now create your own e-book without ever writing one word! Retail Price: $67.00 Tried & Tested Marketing Strategies: I'm about to finally answer once and for all 15 of the biggest questions in online marketing and remove the barriers holding you back from achieving the business you desire! Retail Price: $47.00
  19. Impact Popup: Grab your visitors by the eyeballs, explode your profits, and practically force your prospects to see your message with the latest profit producing technology... "Impact popup"! Retail Price: $47.00 Instant Video Suite: Who else wants to wow every visitor with stunning, top-notch multi-media streaming video presentations and convert each of them into buying customers? Retail Price: $197.00 How to Write Your own Killer Sales Copy: Learn how you can write your own sales letter that kills - which produces a minimum 2-4% conversion rate - and save $10,000 from hiring your own copywriter! Retail Price: $47.00
  20. Unlimited Profits & Traffic: Here's your chance to grab a "crash course" on creating autopilot profits that will finally make a difference between mediocre results and a lifetime of unlimited income. Retail Price: $12.95 Pay Per Click Profits: Discover how you can profit from your very own pay per click search engine by selling traffic to millions of advertisers, or even selling the search engine itself for a huge load of cash! Retail Price: $37.00 Auto-responder Unlimited: Use this tool to develop unlimited sequential follow-up email campaigns without the expensive monthly fees of some services or the high cost of other auto responder software. Retail Price: $49.97
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