Lecture Operating System: Chapter 10 - University of Technology

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Lecture Operating System: Chapter 10 - University of Technology

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Lecture Operating System: Chapter 10 - Unix and Linux presented History of unix, Overview of unix, Processes in unix, Memory management in unix, Input/output in unix, The unix file system, Security in unix.

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  1. Chapter 10 Case Study 1: UNIX and LINUX 10.1 History of unix 10.2 Overview of unix 10.3 Processes in unix 10.4 Memory management in unix 10.5 Input/output in unix 10.6 The unix file system 10.7 Security in unix
  2. UNIX User Interface The layers of a UNIX system.
  3. UNIX Utility Programs A few of the more common UNIX utility programs required by POSIX
  4. UNIX Kernel Approximate structure of generic UNIX kernel
  5. Processes in UNIX Process creation in UNIX.
  6. POSIX The signals required by POSIX.
  7. System Calls for Process Management s is an error code pid is a process ID residual is the remaining time from the previous alarm
  8. POSIX Shell A highly simplified shell
  9. Threads in POSIX The principal POSIX thread calls.
  10. The ls Command Steps in executing the command ls type to the shell
  11. Flags for Linux clone Bits in the sharing_flags bitmap
  12. UNIX Scheduler The UNIX scheduler is based on a multilevel queue structure
  13. Booting UNIX cp The sequences of processes used to boot some systems
  14. Handling Memory Process A Process B • Process A's virtual address space • Physical memory • Process B's virtual address space
  15. Sharing Files Two processes can share a mapped file. A new file mapped simultaneously into two processes
  16. System Calls for Memory Management • s is an error code • b and addr are memory addresses • len is a length • prot controls protection • flags are miscellaneous bits • fd is a file descriptor • offset is a file offset
  17. Paging in UNIX The core map in 4BSD. The core map has an entry for each page
  18. Paging in Linux (1) Linux uses three-level page tables
  19. Paging in Linux (2) Operation of the buddy algorithm. Buddy algorithm
  20. Networking Use of sockets for networking



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