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Pr for consultal

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  1. Training for PR Consultants Courses April-December 2003
  2. Welcome C o m m u n i c a t i o n Welcome Skills Index page Communication Skills Europe has been ENTRY Introducing Public Relations 4 PR for Administrators 4 the leading provider of training for Public Introducing Press Relations 4 MEDIA Creating Media Coverage 4 Relations professionals for seven years. Selling in Stories to the Media 4 Preparing Clients for TV and Radio 4 We are the preferred training providers for the Public Relations Effective Business Writing 5 Consultants Association and approved training providers for the Writing Better Releases 5 WRITING Writing Better Features 5 Institute of Public Relations. Writing for the Consumer Market 5 Successful Proof Reading 5 Writing Web Content 5 Our PR training programme is managed by experienced professionals able to advise both manager and delegate. STRATEGIC Strategic PR Planning 6 Managing International Programmes 6 PR in the Marketing Mix 6 We will be pleased to discuss how we can meet your individual or group training needs. Tricks of the Trade 6 CREATIVE Building Brands with PR 6 Creative PR Solutions 7 We look forward to welcoming you to CSE. Creating the Big Idea 7 Creating New Business 7 CSE Profile BUSINESS Win that Pitch! 7 Negotiating with Confidence 7 • Specialist training firm. Founded in 1987 - more than 15 years’ experience Negotiating to Win 7 • Industry leaders in training for public relations, publishing, management and sales • Accredited as Investors in People in 1996, in 1999 and again in 2001 You can Present 8 Improving Consulting Skills 8 • Part of the Paris based Demos training and consultancy group TACTICAL Running PR Campaigns 8 • Operating throughout Europe Running a Great Event 8 • Worked with over 500 companies in 2002 Servicing Clients 8 Handling Difficult Clients 8 Training for You Communicating in a Crisis 9 • All our courses can be adapted and delivered exclusively for your consultancy or PR for Financial Services 9 ADVANCED agency - see pages 12/13 for examples Introducing Financial PR 9 Introducing Public Affairs 9 • PRCA members' staff receive a 20% reduction on our standard prices - see page 14 Corporate PR and CSR 9 • IPR members receive a 10% reduction on our standard prices - see page 14 Writing for Corporate Publications 9 • Courses for Corporate PR staff are described in a separate leaflet - Manage Yourself 10 please call 020 7670 0500 for a copy People Skills for New Managers 10 PEOPLE • For details of courses in Scotland please consult our website or call Lead your PR Team 10 020 7670 0500 Developing Team Performance 10 Mentoring and Coaching 10 Welcome Emotional Intelligence 11 Introduction to Marketing 11 MANAGEMENT Organisation, Planning and Time Management 11 Running Effective Meetings 11 Understanding Finance 11 Project Management 11 Page 2 To discuss your individual requirements please contact Victoria Glover on
  3. Developing Your Skills S k i l l s E u r o p e Developing Your Skills You Can Present Strategic PR Planning Running a Great Event Effective Business Writing Managing International Programmes Running PR Campaigns Writing Better Releases PR in the Marketing Mix Handling Difficult Clients Writing Better Features Improving Consulting Skills STRATEGIC Writing for the Consumer Market Servicing Clients Successful Proof Reading TACTICAL Writing Web Content WRITING Refine Increase Technical impact Skills BUSINESS MEDIA Introducing Press Relations What Creating New Business Win That Pitch Creating Media Coverage Selling-in Stories Are Your Negotiating to Win to the Media Preparing Clients for Development Negotiating with Confidence Increase Improve TV and Radio effectiveness Needs? management of programmes ability PEOPLE CREATIVITY Lead Your PR Team Creating the Big Idea Gain Manager Yourself! Creative PR Solutions a broad Mentoring and Coaching Building Brands with PR understanding People Skills for New Tricks of the Trade of PR Managers Developing Team Performance ADVANCED ENTRY Introducing Public Affairs Introducing PR Introducing Financial PR PR for Administrators TOOLS PR for Financial Services Emotional Intelligence Communicating in a Crisis Introduction to Marketing Corporate PR and CSR Organisation, Planning and Time Management Writing For Corporate Publications Running Effective Meetings Understanding Finance Project Management 020 7670 0507 or e-mail v g l o v e r @ c s e l t d . c o m Page 3
  4. C o m m u n i c a t i o n Entry Entry Media Media Introducing PR Introducing Press Creating Media Coverage Designed for: Relations Designed for: Newcomers to PR, both recently appointed junior Account executives who have some experience staff and more senior executives transferring from Designed for: of dealing with the media. another function. No prior knowledge or Those new to public relations and those moving experience of PR is required. from an administrative or support role to an Course outline: executive position. It is suitable for both in- This course examines the process of contacting Course outline: house and consultancy staff. journalists and identifying the angles that make Covers all the fundamentals of current PR stories appealing to them. It is based on the practice, theory and techniques from third party Course outline: ‘creative bridge’: linking organisational endorsement to how consultancies work. This course reviews how the press operates, messages and media triggers. Explains the role of media relations, corporate outlines standard press relations techniques, and marketing communication. and introduces delegates to press interviews Learning outcome: Learning outcome: and press events. On completion of this course, delegates will Delegates will be able to understand what PR is Learning outcome: have enhanced their understanding of how the and the part it plays in communicating to different media operates and will be able to generate On completion of this course, delegates will audiences. A six month grounding in two days! media coverage. They will have fine-tuned their have the knowledge required to deal with ability to identify creative approaches to placing Dates: journalists confidently. They will also be able to stories in the media. 27-28 May, 16-17 June, 21-22 July, advise colleagues and clients on basic media 3-4 September, 9-10 October, 24-25 November handling skills. Dates: Cost: Dates: 20 June, 5 September, 20 October, 11 June, 9 September, 9 December 28 November £695 + VAT £625 + VAT (IPR member fee) Cost: Cost: £555 + VAT (PRCA member fee) £445 + VAT £445 + VAT £400 + VAT (IPR member fee) £400 + VAT (IPR member fee) £360 + VAT (PRCA member fee) £360 + VAT (PRCA member fee) PR for Administrators “Selling In” Stories to Preparing Clients for Designed for: the Media TV & Radio Those working in administrative or support roles Designed for: in PR consultancies or in–house teams who Designed for: Account executives within PR consultancies need to gain an understanding of public PR executives who need to help colleagues who wish to increase their success rate for relations. or clients to give effective media interviews. pitching in stories to the media. Course outline: Course outline: Course outline: The course covers: common problems Examines the needs of different types of The course explores a number of different encountered when selling in to the media; key press and broadcast interviews. Explains situations where PR is used. It looks at the ingredients for a strong story; riding the News preparation, ground-rules and techniques to differences between PR in the corporate and Cycle; angles that sell your story; tailoring to fit use. Participants will practice their skills consultancy areas. different media; who you are selling to; the through video and role-play. Learning outcome: media timetable; building media contact lists; Learning outcome: You will obtain a broad overview and telephone techniques and tactics; following up Know how to research the interview; how to understanding of PR and its role in marketing your pitch; leveraging your story through prepare the interviewee and to boost their and corporate communications. interviews, photography, etc. confidence and performance for successful, Dates: Learning outcome: effective interview outcomes. A combination of teaching and practical 20 June, 15 October sessions will provide delegates with the Dates: confidence to deal with different types of 16 May, 25 July, 23 October Cost: journalists and the strategies to successfully £395 + VAT Cost: pitch stories to all types of media. £545 + VAT £355 + VAT (IPR member fee) Media £320 + VAT (PRCA member fee) Dates: £490 + VAT (IPR member fee) Entry 7 May, 23 July, 17 September, 18 November £440 + VAT (PRCA member fee) Cost: £445 + VAT £400 + VAT (IPR member fee) £360 + VAT (PRCA member fee) “Seek first to understand and then “Informative as well as be understood.” Stephen Covey good periods Page 4 Telephone hotline 020 7670 0514
  5. S k i l l s E u r o p e All courses are run in Central London Writing Writing Effective Business Writing Writing Better Releases Writing Better Features Designed for: Designed for: Designed for: This course is for those who need to write Those with no formal training in writing news Those working in PR consultancies, who are effectively and persuasively as part of their job. releases both in-house and consultancy. It is used to writing news releases but need to write It is recommended for those who want the recommended as a first training session for features for publications. writing process to become more objective and newcomers to writing releases for the media. less painful. Course outline: Course outline: The course explores the feature writing Course outline: You will look at two distinct approaches to techniques used by the best journalists. The It will arm you with the necessary tools that lead release writing, analyse recent releases and be lessons learnt are put into practical exercises to powerful, clear writing. You will discover how given the opportunity to write a release and and feedback is received from the trainer and to apply the tools to all forms of writing and receive constructive feedback from an group. learn how to criticise your own work and will experienced PR writer. receive constructive feedback from an Learning outcome: experienced professional. Learning outcome: You will learn how to develop your writing skills The practical course will enhance your to achieve more powerful, persuasive and Learning outcome: understanding of the principles of a good news effective features. You will be able to write with greater clarity as release and its role in media relations. well as be more confident editing their own and Dates: other people’s work and save time by effectively Dates: 8 May, 25 June, 1 August, 8 September, planning. 2 May, 14 May, 4 June, 24 July, 13 August, 1 October, 28 November 19 September, 23 October, 17 November, Dates: 12 December Cost: £395 + VAT 1 May, 14 July, 11 September, 12 November Cost: £355 + VAT (IPR member fee) Cost: £395 + VAT £320 + VAT (PRCA member fee) £395 + VAT £355 + VAT (IPR member fee) £355 + VAT (IPR member fee) £320 + VAT (PRCA member fee) £320 + VAT (PRCA member fee) Writing for the Successful Proof Reading Writing Web Content Consumer Market Designed for: Designed for: Those who need to proof a variety of PR professionals or journalists with little or no Designed for: documents speedily and accurately, both for knowledge of writing for websites Those who wish to develop their writing to journalists and PR staff. better meet the publicity opportunities within Course outline: the consumer media. Requires some Course outline: Successful writing for the web requires a new knowledge of PR or business writing. The course looks at British Standard proofing approach and writing style. The course is marks as well as the importance of checking, designed to teach those techniques in order to Course outline: accuracy, ensuring house style is kept and copy give delegates the necessary skills and Discussion of case studies provides an insight fits whilst retaining the sense. confidence to master writing for this exciting yet into how the consumer media work and what challenging medium. stories appeal, plus practical tips and exercises Learning outcome: to show you how to get your writing noticed. You will be able to systematically proof Learning outcome: documents both on screen and on paper. Delegates will be able to write material for the Learning outcome: web that will be relevant and specific to their You will learn how to develop and pitch your Dates: audience. writing style to achieve better coverage in 12 May, 12 August, 4 November consumer news, features and promotional Dates: pages. Cost: 28 April, 8 July, 24 October £395 + VAT Dates: £355 + VAT (IPR member fee) Cost: 23 May, 23 July, 23 September, 19 November £320 + VAT (PRCA member fee) £395 + VAT £355 + VAT (IPR member fee) Cost: Writing £320 + VAT (PRCA member fee) £395 + VAT £355 + VAT (IPR member fee) £320 + VAT (PRCA member fee) contact: Victoria Glover entertaining, there were T 020 7670 0507 for discussion.” F 020 7670 0515 Director MACLAURIN - HATCH GROUP E W Book online w w w. c s e l t d . c o m or use the b o o k i n g f o r m on page 17 Page 5
  6. C o m m u n i c a t i o n Strategic Strategic Creativit Creativity Strategic PR Planning Managing International Tricks of the Trade Designed for: Programmes Designed for: Graduate trainees and newcomers to PR who Account managers and directors responsible for Designed for: need to gain practical PR skills fast and will gain establishing public relations strategy in support Consultancy staff who are currently managing 12 months on the job experience in two days. of marketing and corporate objectives. international campaigns or who are about to develop such programmes. Ideally, delegates Course outline: Course outline: should have experience in PR. The course provides you with tips and practical This course examines the strategic issues that exercises to give you clever ways to get the right lie behind successful public relations planning. Course outline: PR results. You will learn how to sharpen up It uses a running case study to link The course covers start-up strategies, including your internal and external communication skills. communications and business strategy, leading networks, resources, budgets and reporting; and to effective tactical implementation. developing a programme, including contingency Learning outcome: planning and management of expectations. It As a result of attending the course you will Learning outcome: explores dealing with the international media know; How the media works - developing On completion of this course, delegates will have stories, targeting national/regional newspapers, and covers working in Europe, Asia Pacific, USA an understanding of the ‘bigger picture’; how to magazines, TV, radio, writing, selling in, and Latin America including differences in elevate public relations to a strategic level by photography; Business of communication culture, value and attitudes. using it to address business issues. (internal/clients, brand management);Running Learning outcome: successful events, press calls, launches, Dates: At the end of the course, delegates will be able to conferences, exhibitions, stunts; Promotions 28 April, 3 June, 31 July, 22 September, develop their own international programmes and and competitions and using research to make 3 November, 1 December will have learnt some of the pitfalls and issues headlines. associated with operating in a global market. Cost: Dates: £445 + VAT Dates: 23-24 June, 19-20 August, 27-28 October, 1 May, 13 October 2-3 December £400 + VAT (IPR member fee) £360 + VAT (PRCA member fee) Cost: Cost: £545 + VAT £445 + VAT £490 + VAT (IPR member fee) £400 + VAT (IPR member fee) £440 + VAT (PRCA member fee) £360 + VAT (PRCA member fee) PR in the Marketing Mix Building Brands with PR Designed for: Designed for: Account managers who want to understand the Those wishing to increase their understanding broader context of integrated marketing Training for You of branding and how PR and other below-the- communications and how to make a difference line disciplines can build brands. to what they do. For people who feel that PR is • CSE focuses on training small considered out on a limb and want to be at the numbers of people with similar Course outline: needs, to ensure maximum This course familiarises delegates with the key hub of marketing communications. concepts of brand organisation, configuration benefit – not in large lecture- Course outline: and positioning and helps them develop their Just what does integration really mean, what style groups brand marketing vocabulary. Delegates work constitutes an integrated plan and where do you with a variety of brand models to define key start. An assessment of the disciplines of • CSE trainers are all actively elements of a favourite brand’s make-up and advertising, direct mail, sales promotion; how to engaged in their profession – use these models to elevate campaign ideas evaluate them and when best to use them. And not retired into powerful brand building tools. how best to integrate with PR. The theory put into practice with real case studies. Learning outcome: • All delegates receive a certificate Delegates will leave equipped with models and Learning outcome: of attendance to add to their tools to help them develop brand positioning Encourages delegates to become a leader in personal development portfolio strategy and drive powerful campaigns to build creating integrated communication plans – to be brands. confident in thinking about integration in a broader context and their pivotal role to make it happen. Dates: 16 May, 15 August, 24 October Strategic Creat Dates: Cost: 21 May, 14 August, 13 November £545 + VAT Cost: £490 + VAT (IPR member fee) £545 + VAT £440 + VAT (PRCA member fee) £490 + VAT (IPR member fee) £440 + VAT (PRCA member fee) “Good management is the art of getting “The course was both fun ordinary people to do extraordinary work.” Anon it and felt I have Page 6 Telephone hotline 020 7670 0514
  7. S k i l l s E u r o p e All courses are run in Central London ty Business Business Creative PR Solutions Creating New Business Win That Pitch! Designed for: Designed for: Designed for: Anyone wishing to improve their ability to All consultancy staff involved in winning new Account managers and account directors within release creativity from themselves or their business. It is aimed at those who already have PR consultancies responsible for preparing for teams. The course is adapted to suit the needs some involvement in business development but and winning a new business PR pitch. of senior managers needing to solve business who wish to enhance their abilities in this area. problems and less experienced staff wanting to Course outline: learn the rudiments of brainstorming and Course outline: The course examines the ingredients of creative tools and techniques. This course addresses all aspects of the ‘new successful pitches including: the pitch business pipeline’: from making initial contact; timetable; the pitch team and the process. It Course outline: through generating leads, taking a brief and provides models for taking the brief; bringing This one-day format reviews different thinking producing a successful proposal; to establishing insight to the brief; undertaking research for the techniques and works through a problem- a long-term relationship. pitch; creating campaign strategy that inspires solving model. Many creative thinking tools are confidence and creative tactics that help the practised using delegates’ own topics or case Learning outcome: pitch sparkle. It also covers: preparing for the studies to combine left and right brain thinking. On completion of this course, delegates will big day; presenting to win and following up. have a clearer understanding of the processes Learning outcome: involved in generating a continuous supply of Learning outcome: This course improves delegates’ confidence at new business leads, and how to successfully Delegates acquire a range of strategies and developing creative solutions by demonstrating convert prospects into clients. tactics that will help them manage and win that we all have the ability to be ‘creative’. It pitches. equips them with tried and tested techniques Dates: that can be applied over and over again in their 9 July, 22 October Dates: job. 1 July, 6 October Cost: Dates: £545 + VAT Cost: 15 May, 8 August, 17 October £490 + VAT (IPR member fee) £545 + VAT £440 + VAT (PRCA member fee) £490 + VAT (IPR member fee) Cost: £440 + VAT (PRCA member fee) £445 + VAT £400 + VAT (IPR member fee) £360 + VAT (PRCA member fee) Creating the Big Idea Negotiating with Negotiating to Win Designed for: Confidence Designed for: Account managers and directors wishing to Designed for: Directors and managers responsible for making increase their understanding of strategy and how Those who respond to client requests and deals with suppliers and clients, who feel they strategic rigour can dramatically increase the manage the client relationship. This programme lack the finer skills of negotiation. impact of creative PR programmes. is suitable for executives who may well be implementing an agreed PR programme. Course outline: Course outline: The advanced course covers the main areas of On day one delegates work through a model for Course outline: negotiation that are relevant when taking on creating Big Ideas based on strategic planning The basic course gives the delegates new business or renegotiating a contract to principles using their own examples in practical confidence to use the negotiation skills needed ensure your consultancy ends up with the best sessions. Day two focuses on a team-based by an account team delivering to demanding terms. approach to strategy development and is clients. The skills developed on the programme entirely practical. also help to increase levels of self-motivation Learning outcome: and assertiveness. Delegates will acquire: an understanding of the Learning outcome: principles of negotiation; the application of a This course helps delegates supercharge Learning outcome: five phase model; how to prepare a senior team creativity and increase their strategic impact. It Delegates acquire: an understanding of the to negotiate; interpersonal and influencing skills also equips delegates with tools and methods major principles of negotiation; the application for negotiation; a process to inform the internal that can readily be shared with team members of a five phase negotiation model; the teams of the results of negotiation and therefore on return to the office. relationship between client meetings and strengthen client relationships. delivery as part of the ongoing negotiation Dates: process; increased confidence to take part in Dates: 10-11 July, 4-5 September future negotiations using the techniques tivity Business 17 June, 8 August, 21 November Cost: necessary for success. Cost: £795 + VAT Dates: £545 + VAT £715 + VAT (IPR member fee) 8 May, 22 July, 21 October £490 + VAT (IPR member fee) £645 + VAT (PRCA member fee) £440 + VAT (PRCA member fee) Cost: £445 + VAT £400 + VAT (IPR member fee) £360 + VAT (PRCA member fee) contact: Victoria Glover and informative, I enjoyed T 020 7670 0507 learnt a great deal.” F 020 7670 0515 PR Account Executive FOCUS E W Book online w w w. c s e l t d . c o m or use the b o o k i n g f o r m on page 17 Page 7
  8. C o m m u n i c a t i o n Tactical Tactical You Can Present! Improving Running PR Campaigns Designed for: Anyone working in PR who is required to make Consulting Skills Designed for: Account executives, and managers who wish to presentations - either formal or informal. It is Designed for: develop their tactical planning ability. It is aimed suitable both for those more experienced PR consultancy account managers and at those with established PR skills who wish to professionals who wish to polish their directors with the need to move from PR performance whilst adding some new skills, as enhance their day-to-day management ability. programme implementation to advising clients well as those who are less experienced and Course outline: on strategic issues and helping them reach the need a basic tool-kit. right decisions. This course is based on a comprehensive Course outline: Course outline: planning framework. It uses a series of case This course is highly interactive and participative. studies to first examine the elements of this It is based on using the individual’s existing style The course covers what clients want from framework and then combine those elements and raising awareness rather than offering consulting; the consulting process; analysing into an integrated programme. prescriptive "do's and don'ts". Video camera is issues and forming opinion and presenting used throughout as a tool for feedback and advice; the consultant as adviser, mentor and Learning outcome: review. The trainer will work to focus on coach; achieving decisions. On completion of this course, delegates will individual’s particular requirements and objectives have an understanding of the processes for the day within a broad course outline. Learning outcome: required to plan and monitor integrated public Participants leave this course confident that relations programmes: in particular, how to Learning outcome: they can provide the best professionally coordinate different aspects of the plan. After attending this course delegates will have the delivered independent, objective advice that skills to put a presentation together which will be clients will recognise as contributing to their Dates: relevant for both formal and informal occasions. success. 9 May, 7 July, 16 September, 17 November They will have gained confidence in supporting themselves and using visuals effectively, as well Dates: Cost: as how to make presentations interactive and 11 June, 13 October £445 + VAT interesting. By the end of the day delegates have £400 + VAT (IPR member fee) the skills to combat nerves and feel more Cost: £360 + VAT (PRCA member fee) confident about addressing a group of people. £445 + VAT £400 + VAT (IPR member fee) Dates: £360 + VAT (PRCA member fee) 30 June, 8 October Cost: £445 + VAT £400 + VAT (IPR member fee) £360 + VAT (PRCA member fee) Running a Great Event Servicing Clients Handling Difficult Clients Designed for: Designed for: Designed for: PR consultancy staff who find themselves with PR executives who have started to become Account managers and account directors within account handlers. This course is a must for PR consultancies who wish to build successful, a launch, conference, photocall or hospitality those working within PR consultancies. profitable and long term client relationships and event to organise. Course outline: how to effectively handle the difficult ones. Course outline: The basic course covers: what makes a Course outline: The course investigates the ways of making an successful client relationship; the The advanced course covers: understanding event into a resounding success by client/consultant life cycle; typical client and managing client needs; matching needs concentrating on detail. It also places characteristics and how to deal with them; with benefits; negotiation structure and importance on planning and preparation and client dissatisfaction; client handling techniques; closing the deal; interpreting the how they can lead to success. techniques; listening and questioning; selling brief; identifying key result areas; implementing the benefits; developing sound client the programme; managing the profitability; Learning outcome: relationships for the future and the client dealing with over-servicing; developing and You will understand the role of the event service charter. selling new projects; a client satisfaction toolkit. organiser and learn the skills to enable you to Learning outcome: Learning outcome: run a great event. Delegates acquire the confidence to deal with A combination of teaching and practical different types of clients, including difficult Dates: ones, as well as strategies and techniques sessions provides delegates with a range of 13 May, 30 July, 7 October strategies and tactics that help secure difficult Tactical needed to develop effective long-term working client relationships and grow them profitably. Cost: relationships. Dates: £445 + VAT Dates: 25 June, 6 August, 12 December £400 + VAT (IPR member fee) 12 September, 7 November Cost: £360 + VAT (PRCA member fee) Cost: £445 + VAT £440 + VAT £400 + VAT (IPR member fee) £395 + VAT (IPR member fee) £360 + VAT (PRCA member fee) £360 + VAT (PRCA member fee) “Failing to plan, is planning to fail.” “Targeted and well Anon Page 8 Telephone hotline 020 7670 0514
  9. S k i l l s E u r o p e All courses are run in Central London Advanced Advanced Communicating PR for Financial Services Introducing Financial PR in a Crisis Designed for: Designed for: Account executives and managers wanting to Executives entering financial PR or those in Designed for: understand public relations in the context of the other PR sectors wanting to expand their Middle to senior-level PR professionals and financial services market. knowledge of financial communication for company managers with responsibility for crisis quoted companies. communication and corporate reputation Course outline: management. Understanding the market; the financial Course outline: services media and what they want; the The workshop covers the fundamentals of Course outline: regulatory framework; creating PR modern financial PR and investor relations How the impact of crises on reputation can be opportunities; best practice case studies and practice: from financial audiences and the reduced. Best practice in crisis communication practical exercises. financial calendar; to IPOs and mergers and and effective PR techniques. The course acquisitions. involves a number of practical assignments. Learning outcome: This course equips practitioners with the skills Learning outcome: Learning outcome: that they need to gain editorial coverage for the As a result of attending this course you will know As a result of attending this course you will brand and products in the financial services how financial PR and investor relations work and know about managing risk, how to prepare for and consumer media and to be able to guard be able to use the relevant PR techniques. crisis communication and how to handle the against negative PR. Understand the regulatory framework under media and other audiences in a crisis situation. which financial communication operates. Dates: Dates: 10 June, 16 October Dates: 4 July, 31 October 5-6 June, 6-7 August, 29-30 September, Cost: Cost: £545 + VAT 10-11 November £545 + VAT £490 + VAT (IPR member fee) Cost: £490 + VAT (IPR member fee) £440 + VAT (PRCA member fee) £795 + VAT £440 + VAT (PRCA member fee) £715 + VAT (IPR member fee) £645 + VAT (PRCA member fee) Introducing Public Corporate PR and CSR Writing For Corporate Affairs Designed for: Publications Middle to senior PR professionals with the Designed for: responsibility for advising on corporate Designed for: PR professionals wanting an introduction to reputation and corporate social responsibility Anyone with responsibility for producing advising clients on the issues facing their programmes. company newsletters and magazines. organisation to ensure that their point of view is understood and heeded by key public policy Course outline: Course outline: decision makers. An intensive exposure to the theories behind The course provides a comprehensive guide and best practices of corporate PR, corporate to the skills required to produce effective Course outline: reputation management and corporate social newsletters, house journals and other internal Public affairs is concerned with building and responsibility. The course features numerous materials, includes tips and techniques, group maintaining reputations and relationships with examples and new techniques. discussions, writing exercises and individual the governments, communities and special feedback. interest groups involved in the development of Learning outcome: public policy. This two-day course will help you Delegates will be able to advise on overall Learning outcome: manage these complex external relationships. reputation management and to develop The delegates will learn how to: find new ideas; effective and measurable PR and CSR prepare and stick to production schedules; deal Learning outcome: programmes to meet business objectives. with correspondents, designers and printers This course enables participants to make a effectively; write and tailor copy to meet internal positive contribution to their clients or own Dates: audience objectives. organisation achieving their public policy goals 9 June, 15 September by influencing and shaping the course of public Dates: policy debate. Cost: 9 July, 10 October £545 + VAT Advanced Dates: £490 + VAT (IPR member fee) Cost: £440 + VAT (PRCA member fee) £395 + VAT 6-7 May, 29-30 July, 2-3 October £355 + VAT (IPR member fee) Cost: £320 + VAT (PRCA member fee) £795 + VAT £715 + VAT (IPR member fee) £645 + VAT (PRCA member fee) contact: Victoria Glover organised courses.” T 020 7670 0507 Managing Director F 020 7670 0515 DARWALL SMITH ASSOCIATES LTD E W Book online w w w. c s e l t d . c o m or use the b o o k i n g f o r m on page 17 Page 9
  10. C o m m u n i c a t i o n People People Manage Yourself! People Skills for New Lead your PR Team Designed for: Managers Designed for: Those new to PR consultancies needing to Account managers who need to build, direct, learn time management techniques and Designed for: inspire and motivate teams while balancing the Newly appointed account managers and those needs of the client. interpersonal skills. aspiring to a people management role. Course outline: Course outline: Course outline: The course combines the theory and the An innovative and interactive approach to You will learn valuable new techniques that can practicalities of leading a new team or re- be implemented as soon as you return to the making the most of our natural assets; includes energising an existing one. Delegates analyse office. You will analyse your own management a balance of proven techniques, group the leadership role, what teams expect of their style, understand the concept of delegation, be discussions and role-playing exercises. able to run a more effective meeting and be able leader and the importance of sharing goals and to motivate your people and give them feedback. values. Learning outcome: Learning outcome: How to: create the right impression; ‘work the Learning outcome: Delegates will acquire: the ability to set SMART Delegates will gain: practical tools for team room’ with confidence; behave more assertively; objectives; the ability to plan, supervise and management; concepts of leadership and deliver messages effectively; develop an delegate; an understanding of the relationship personal management style; the process tools authoritative voice and maximise networking between selection, retention and people required to create a team goal and appropriate opportunities. development; a framework and understanding of behavioural values; an understanding of team meetings that work; an in depth understanding roles and how different people need different Dates: of key motivators and how to use them; skills in management styles; coaching and feedback 4 June, 20 November handling difficult people and difficult situations; models; action learning implementation. an understanding of the coaching process. Cost: £395 + VAT Dates: Dates: £355 + VAT (IPR member fee) 7-8 July, 8-9 October 1-2 May, 18-19 August, 26-27 November £320 + VAT (PRCA member fee) Cost: Cost: £795 + VAT £795 + VAT £715 + VAT (IPR member fee) £715 + VAT (IPR member fee) £645 + VAT (PRCA member fee) £645 + VAT (PRCA member fee) Developing Team Mentoring and Coaching Performance Designed for: Managers and Directors who wish to improve Designed for: their skills and those wishing to create a mentoring system to complement existing Benefits for Members Account managers and directors who are being increasingly relied upon for strategic input into performance management activities. • PRCA members receive 20% the people management aspect of the business. reduction on open courses* Course outline: Course outline: How to structure for a mentoring process and • IPR members receive 10% The core elements are selection, retention, the skills necessary to implement effective discount* people development, performance management coaching and feedback in the work place. • See schedule on page 14 for and appraisal and the need for a motivation Coaching may arise from performance reviews reduced prices strategy is adjusted according to the needs of but opportunities for coaching will emerge • Details of training for IPR the participants. during normal day to day activities. members outside London and Learning outcome: Learning outcome: special courses for PRCA Delegates will take away: a sound process for After attending this course you will have: an members, with our latest dates, recruitment selection; a people development understanding of the differences between are on our website: strategy and planning model; performance mentoring, coaching and counselling; a very management and appraisal system; skills to focused interpersonal communication skill set; deliver feedback effectively and to engage with the ability to create improvements in planning, * please note only one association difficult people and difficult situations supervision and delegation; an understanding of discount may be used per course successfully; the ability to create improvements how people learn; the ability to create an Action in morale and subsequently performance and Learning Set for your own team; a coaching People retention. model to develop better interpersonal skills. Dates: Dates: 2-3 June, 10-11 September, 9-10 December 1 August, 4 November Cost: Cost: £795 + VAT £715 + VAT (IPR member fee) £545 + VAT £490 + VAT (IPR member fee) £645 + VAT (PRCA member fee) £440 + VAT (PRCA member fee) “You don’t get a second chance to “I enjoyed the course and make a first impression.” Anon Page 10 Telephone hotline 020 7670 0514
  11. S k i l l s E u r o p e All courses are run in Central London Management Management Emotional Intelligence Introduction to Organisation, Planning Designed for: Marketing and Time Management Those who recognise that intellectual ability needs to be matched by corresponding skills in Designed for: Designed for: Junior management delegates at the beginning Managers who have not had any formal training handling the emotional pressures in themselves of their careers or middle management whose to organise their own and other people’s and others. work involves interfacing with marketing and workloads so that all aspects of the job are done Course outline: who require a greater understanding of the Course outline: This course is highly interactive, with an subject. It is also suitable for people new to a Managers gain an understanding of how to emphasis on self-awareness as the basis for the marketing role and who wish to learn the basics. build workable business plan in an ever- development of emotional intelligence. The principles are linked to the particular needs of Course outline: changing working environment. Emphasis is The course covers the basic concepts of placed on the delegate’s role as originator and the delegates. marketing and delegates will continually be orchestrator of workflow, as well as problem Learning outcome: asked to think about how the course content solver and motivator. Delegates will understand the concept of relates to their own organisations. emotional intelligence and its component parts. Learning outcome: Learning outcome: Each delegate produces an outline of a They will recognise issues that particularly relate It will provide the delegates with knowledge of business plan, have a better idea of what to to their circumstances and identify ways in the fundamentals of marketing, and the ability to delegate and how, and chosen systems to make which they can further develop their emotional apply these principles to their own organisations. themselves and their team more efficient. intelligence skills in the future. Dates: Dates: Dates: 18 June, 24 September, 10 December 2-3 July, 2-3 October 11 August, 17 November Cost: Cost: Cost: £425 + VAT £785 + VAT £425 + VAT £380 + VAT (IPR member fee) £705 + VAT (IPR member fee) £380 + VAT (IPR member fee) £345 + VAT (PRCA member fee) £635 + VAT (PRCA member fee) £345 + VAT (PRCA member fee) Project Management Running Effective Understanding Finance Designed for: Meetings Designed for: Managers with limited experience of managing Managers at all levels involved in setting or projects and who need to set objectives, plan, Designed for: achieving financial targets, or who need to review monitor and control. Anyone who runs internal or external meetings’ accounting data. It will suit those with little or no including new managers needing to chair training in accounting who lack in-depth Course outline: meetings and who feel they need more understanding of how financial statements are Delegates learn that project management is not confidence in this area put together. about strange sounding disciplines and mathematical theories. It is about the Course outline: Course outline: application of sound management activities in a The course demonstrates key principles of The course covers the role of the finance structured format The skills lies in identifying preparing, running and following up a meeting. function and how to interpret key reports such as the circumstances in which these activities Each delegate will be given the opportunity to balance sheets, profit and loss accounts, cash should be applied and the best way to do so. do this using role play, syndicate work and case flow statements and budgets. The emphasis is studies and will receive feedback from the on how financial management techniques can Learning outcome: trainer after chairing a meeting. be effectively used to improve performance, and The course gives you the main tools of project the use of alternative performance measures management and an understanding of the most Learning outcome: such as benchmarking, and the balanced appropriate way to apply the tools in order to Delegates will be able to effectively prepare, run scorecard. manage projects to successful completion. and control a meeting with confidence. This will enable their teams to be more effective and to Learning outcome: Dates: focus on the priorities of their workload. Delegates will learn the key roles of the finance 21 May, 12 August, 13 October, 4 December function and how the demands of the managers Dates: need to balance with those of shareholders. Cost: 13 June, 7 August, 24 October Delegates will understand how to read financial £425 + VAT reports and use ratios and trends to examine £380 + VAT (IPR member fee) Cost: Management key concepts such as profitability and liquidity. £345 + VAT (PRCA member fee) £425 + VAT £380 + VAT (IPR member fee) Dates: £345 + VAT (PRCA member fee) 19 June, 10 September, 10 December Cost: £425 + VAT £380 + VAT (IPR member fee) £345 + VAT (PRCA member fee) contact: Victoria Glover would recommend it.” T 020 7670 0507 Tr a i n e e A c c o u n t E x e c u t i v e F 020 7670 0515 BINNS & COMPANY E W Book online w w w. c s e l t d . c o m or use the b o o k i n g f o r m on page 17 Page 11
  12. Training to Suit You... C o m m u n i c a t i o n Training to Suit You... All our courses can be delivered exclusively for your company. We can also adapt the contents to your needs. And we can create a course or programme specifically for you. Exclusive - level one Tailored - level two Specific - level three Every open course subject in this As well as the advantages of an A further development of the exclusive brochure can be delivered as an exclusive course, we can adapt the and tailored training is the creation exclusive in-company course for any contents of the training to your of training specifically for your organisation. The advantages of this organisation. The further benefits from organisation. If your needs cannot be approach are several: the tailoring process are: addressed by one of our standard courses we will create a training • Training is delivered where it suits you - we • The course addresses the needs of your will train your staff anywhere in the UK or staff directly - we adapt the contents to programme to a specification agreed anywhere in the world. deliver the agenda that you require. with you. The extra advantages include: • The course can be held when it suits you - • Your systems and methods are included in we arrange the dates for when your staff are the training – so that it reflects your • We work closely with you on identifying the available. organisation and its culture. competence issues you need addressed. • Confidential issues can be discussed openly - • Case studies, role plays and exercises are • Content reflects exactly the training needs because your staff are the only people selected for their relevance to your activity - we identify with you. present. and for the trainees' jobs. • Our skills in training in the PR business still • Feedback can be given to managers on how • Follow-up options include individual determine the content. their staff performed - by our trainer, in coaching by our trainer - if the need has confidence. been identified on the course. • Our ability to train PR management skills is a major factor in most of these situations. • Timing can be flexible, such as half-day sessions - to allow your staff to carry on with their normal tasks. Wide Range of Courses In addition to the courses described here for Consultancy staff we offer the following sessions primarily intended for Corporate PR professionals: • Writing for Internal Audiences • Web Design with Dreamweaver • Mastering Media Interviews • Internal Communications • Managing an Effective Department • Design for Print with QuarkXPress Training to suit you Page 12 To discuss your individual requirements please contact Victoria Glover on
  13. S k i l l s E u r o p e Brand Building with PR Writing Better Releases A course designed to A programme designed assist a consultancy with to address the particular Negotiation PR for Account Executives revamping a client's needs of an in-house A programme designed A programme designed to product image. PR department. to train a consultancy on cover all the core skills STRATEGIC WRITING needed in PR. all levels of negotiation. PERSONAL DISCIPLINES Refine Increase technical impact skills BUSINESS Win that pitch Examples A programme devised to create and then train a of Tailored consultancy standard when pitching for clients. Training Increase Improve effectiveness Sessions management of programmes ability MEDIA Preparing for TV Gain and Radio CREATIVITY PEOPLE a broad Sessions run to coach Creative PR Solutions understanding Leading PR teams individuals on the A course created to give of PR Two day course devised techniques needed to junior members of an to help a growing agency get the right message agency the ability to manage their staff more across via the media to think creatively when effectively and efficiently. the respective audience. presented with a problem. Understanding PR Mentoring and Coaching A course created for an A series of half day agency's client who sessions to train senior needed to understand member of staff on the PR, how it works and skills of mentoring and the the benefits. benefits to the business. 020 7670 0507 or e-mail v g l o v e r @ c s e l t d . c o m Page 13
  14. C o m m u n i c a t i o n Course Schedule 2003 Course Schedule Course Page Apr May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Standard Fee IPR Member Fee PRCA Member Fee [10% discount] [20% Discount] £695 [VAT £121.63] £625 [VAT £109.38] £555 [VAT £97.13] ENTRY Introducing Public Relations 4 27-28 16-17 21-22 3-4 9-10 24-25 Total £816.63 Total £734.38 Total £652.13 £395 [VAT £69.13] £355 [VAT £62.13] £320 [VAT £56.00] PR for Administrators 4 20 15 Total £464.13 Total £417.13 Total £376.00 £445 [VAT £77.88] £400 [VAT £70.00] £360 [VAT £63.00] Introducing Press Relations 4 11 9 9 Total £522.88 Total £470.00 Total £423.00 £445 [VAT £77.88] £400 [VAT £70.00] £360 [VAT £63.00] MEDIA Creating Media Coverage 4 20 5 20 28 Total £522.88 Total £470.00 Total £423.00 £445 [VAT £77.88] £400 [VAT £70.00] £360 [VAT £63.00] “Selling In” Stories to the Media 4 7 23 17 18 Total £522.88 Total £470.00 Total £423.00 £545 [VAT £95.38] £490 [VAT £85.75] £440 [VAT £77.00] Preparing Clients for TV and Radio 4 16 25 23 Total £640.38 Total £575.75 Total £517.00 £395 [VAT £69.13] £355 [VAT £62.13] £320 [VAT £56.00] Effective Business Writing 5 1 14 11 12 Total £464.13 Total £417.13 Total £376.00 £395 [VAT £69.13] £355 [VAT £62.13] £320 [VAT £56.00] Writing Better Releases 5 2 & 14 4 24 13 19 23 17 12 Total £464.13 Total £417.13 Total £376.00 WRITING £395 [VAT £69.13] £355 [VAT £62.13] £320 [VAT £56.00] Writing Better Features 5 8 25 1 8 1 28 Total £464.13 Total £417.13 Total £376.00 £395 [VAT £69.13] £355 [VAT £62.13] £320 [VAT £56.00] Writing for the Consumer Market 5 23 23 23 19 Total £464.13 Total £417.13 Total £376.00 £395 [VAT £69.13] £355 [VAT £62.13] £320 [VAT £56.00] Successful Proof Reading 5 12 12 4 Total £464.13 Total £417.13 Total £376.00 £395 [VAT £69.13] £355 [VAT £62.13] £320 [VAT £56.00] Writing Web Content 5 28 8 24 Total £464.13 Total £417.13 Total £376.00 £445 [VAT £77.88] £400 [VAT £70.00] £360 [VAT £63.00] STRATEGIC Strategic PR Planning 6 28 3 31 22 3 1 Total £522.88 Total £470.00 Total £423.00 £545 [VAT £95.38] £490 [VAT £85.75] £440 [VAT £77.00] Managing International Programmes 6 1 13 Total £640.38 Total £575.75 Total £517.00 £545 [VAT £95.38] £490 [VAT £85.75] £440 [VAT £77.00] PR in the Marketing Mix 6 21 14 13 Total £640.38 Total £575.75 Total £517.00 £445 [VAT £77.88] £400 [VAT £70.00] £360 [VAT £63.00] Tricks of the Trade 6 23-24 19-20 27-28 2-3 Total £522.88 Total £470.00 Total £423.00 CREATIVE £545 [VAT £95.38] £490 [VAT £85.75] £440 [VAT £77.00] Building Brands With PR 6 16 15 24 Total £640.38 Total £575.75 Total £517.00 £445 [VAT £77.88] £400 [VAT £70.00] £360 [VAT £63.00] Creative PR Solutions 7 15 8 17 Total £522.88 Total £470.00 Total £423.00 £795 [VAT £139.13] £715 [VAT £125.13] £645 [VAT £112.88] Creating The Big Idea 7 10-11 4/5 Total £934.13 Total £840.13 Total £757.88 £545 [VAT £95.38] £490 [VAT £85.75] £440 [VAT £77.00] Creating New Business 7 9 22 Total £640.38 Total £575.75 Total £517.00 BUSINESS £545 [VAT £95.38] £490 [VAT £85.75] £440 [VAT £77.00] Win that Pitch! 7 1 6 Total £640.38 Total £575.75 Total £517.00 £445 [VAT £77.88] £400 [VAT £70.00] £360 [VAT £63.00] Negotiating with Confidence 7 8 22 21 Total £522.88 Total £470.00 Total £423.00 £545 [VAT £95.38] £490 [VAT £85.75] £440 [VAT £77.00] Negotiating to Win 7 17 8 21 Total £640.38 Total £575.75 Total £517.00 £445 [VAT £77.88] £400 [VAT £70.00] £360 [VAT £63.00] You Can Present! 8 30 8 Total £522.88 Total £470.00 Total £423.00 £445 [VAT £77.88] £400 [VAT £70.00] £360 [VAT £63.00] Improving Consulting Skills 8 11 13 Total £522.88 Total £470.00 Total £423.00 TACTICAL £445 [VAT £77.88] £400 [VAT £70.00] £360 [VAT £63.00] Running PR Campaigns 8 9 7 16 17 Total £522.88 Total £470.00 Total £423.00 £445 [VAT £77.88] £400 [VAT £70.00] £360 [VAT £63.00] Running a Great Event 8 13 30 7 Total £522.88 Total £470.00 Total £423.00 £440 [VAT £77.00] £395 [VAT £69.13] £360 [VAT £63.00] Servicing Clients 8 12 7 Total £517.00 Total £464.13 Total £423.00 £445 [VAT £77.88] £400 [VAT £70.00] £360 [VAT £63.00] Handling Difficult Clients 8 25 6 12 Total £522.88 Total £470.00 Total £423.00 £545 [VAT £95.38] £490 [VAT £85.75] £440 [VAT £77.00] Communicating in a Crisis 9 4 31 Total £640.38 Total £575.75 Total £517.00 £545 [VAT £95.38] £490 [VAT £85.75] £440 [VAT £77.00] PR for Financial Services 9 10 16 Total £640.38 Total £575.75 Total £517.00 ADVANCED £795 [VAT £139.13] £715 [VAT £125.13] £645 [VAT £112.88] Introducing Financial PR 9 5-6 6-7 29-30 10-11 Total £934.13 Total £840.13 Total £757.88 £795 [VAT £139.13] £715 [VAT £125.13] £645 [VAT £112.88] Introducing Public Affairs 9 6-7 29-30 2-3 Total £934.13 Total £840.13 Total £757.88 £545 [VAT £95.38] £490 [VAT £85.75] £440 [VAT £77.00] Corporate PR and CSR 9 9 15 Total £640.38 Total £575.75 Total £517.00 £395 [VAT £69.13] £355 [VAT £62.13] £320 [VAT £56.00] Writing for Corporate Publications 9 9 10 Total £464.13 Total £417.13 Total £376.00 £395 [VAT £69.13] £355 [VAT £62.13] £320 [VAT £56.00] Manage Yourself! 10 4 20 Total £464.13 Total £417.13 Total £376.00 £795 [VAT £139.13] £715 [VAT £125.13] £645 [VAT £112.88] People Skills for New Managers 10 7-8 8-9 Total £934.13 Total £840.13 Total £757.88 PEOPLE £795 [VAT £139.13] £715 [VAT £125.13] £645 [VAT £112.88] Lead your PR Team 10 1-2 18-19 26-27 Total £934.13 Total £840.13 Total £757.88 £795 [VAT £139.13] £715 [VAT £125.13] £645 [VAT £112.88] Developing Team Performance 10 2-3 10-11 9-10 Total £934.13 Total £840.13 Total £757.88 £545 [VAT £95.38] £490 [VAT £85.75] £440 [VAT £77.00] Mentoring and Coaching 10 1 4 Total £640.38 Total £575.75 Total £517.00 £425 [VAT £74.38] £380 [VAT £66.50] £345 [VAT £60.38] Emotional Intelligence 11 11 17 Total £499.38 Total £446.50 Total £405.38 £425 [VAT £74.38] £380 [VAT £66.50] £345 [VAT £60.38] Introduction to Marketing 11 18 24 10 Total £499.38 Total £446.50 Total £405.38 MANAGEMENT £785 [VAT £137.38] £705 [VAT 123.38] £635 [VAT £111.13] Organisation, Planning & Time 11 2-3 2-3 Total £922.38 Total £828.13 Total £746.13 Management £425 [VAT £74.38] £380 [VAT £66.50] £345 [VAT £60.38] Running Effective Meetings 11 13 7 24 Total £499.38 Total £446.50 Total £405.38 £425 [VAT £74.38] £380 [VAT £66.50] £345 [VAT £60.38] Understanding Finance 11 19 10 10 Total £499.38 Total £446.50 Total £405.38 £425 [VAT £74.38] £380 [VAT £66.50] £345 [VAT £60.38] Project Management 11 21 12 13 4 Total £499.38 Total £446.50 Total £405.38 Jan Feb M Apr May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Page 14 Telephone hotline 020 7670 0514
  15. S k i l l s E u r o p e Meet the Team Meet the Team Ian Metherell FIPR He ran his own PR consultancy for 18 years, having gained in-house Terrianne Goodey As our open course co-ordinator, public relations experience. He served for five years on the Board of Terrianne handles bookings and the Public Relations Consultants Association. He was made a fellow liaison with delegates for our of the Institute of Public Relations in 1989 and, as a trustee of the courses in London, Scotland and Public Relations Education Trust, had special responsibility for its elsewhere. widely-used Training Matrix. Ian set up the PR training division of CSE in 1995 and became a director of the company in 1997. Kevin Traverse-Healy Steve Dunne Sally Holley DL FIPR Kevin is a leading PR Steve Dunne is an executive Sally originally joined practitioner with 25 years director of the Brighter Group Communication Skills Europe experience of in-house and and managing director of its in 1993 and then became an consultancy corporate subsidiary - Brighter PR Ltd. associate trainer in 1999. communication roles. A PR practitioner with over 20 She specialises in He is the visiting professor of financial relations to years experience of in-house and consultancy management training, team building, presentation the University of Switzerland and his career roles, Steve is a former senior PR manager within skills and creative solution based training for PR includes being the director of the Centre for Public British Telecom, Midland Bank and South African consultancies, financial institutions and media Affairs Studies; operations director and corporate Airways, while his agency experience covers companies. Sally also brings considerable PR MD of the Charles Barker Group; and the MD consultancies of all sizes having been a director of international experience, having trained for Philips of his own PR consultancy. He is a past-president Countrywide Porter Novelli and managing director in Holland and international companies in of the Institute of Public Relations and council of Affinity Consulting. During his career Steve has Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, member of the International Public Relations managed a wide variety of high profile PR Netherlands, Malta and Sweden. Association. He is CSE’s international PR training campiagns ranging from product launches, director and is a leading trainer for CSE in the UK, consumer and B2B campaigns through reputation delivering courses for new entrants as well as building, industrial action, public floatations and Ann Pilkington specialist courses for senior practitioners. political lobbying. MIPR Ann is a founder and director of Joined Up Alison Dawkins Lorraine Forrest-Turner Communications, a MIPR consultancy that advises clients on aligning their Alison began her career in Lorraine is a professional internal and external communications. She has publishing. She joined writer, voice coach and spent 12 years in-house, holding strategic, Communication Skills Europe communications skills trainer. planning and delivery roles with some of the UK’s as a management trainer. Qualified in Audiology, best known consumer brands: the Woolwich, In 1994 she was given the opportunity to help Lorraine worked with the deaf and hard-of-hearing Barclays, BT and The AA. Before moving into develop Mongoose Communications, a newly within the National Health Service before going on public relations Ann was a journalist in the formed contract publishing company. Her to study speech and drama and working as an regional media. She holds an MSc in Public responsibilities included recruiting and training all actress, singer and writer. Some years later, she Relations from the University of Stirling, and the staff, client liaison and account handling, retrained as a copywriter and freelance journalist Communications, Advertising and Marketing budgeting and forecasting, monitoring and and moved into public relations where she worked Diploma (CAM). evaluating performance, and the management and with senior executives within blue chip companies. motivation of staff. She now combines her excellent Lorraine has written and edited numerous journals training skills with her continued involvement in a for a wide range of national and international Susie Hall highly successful company by training again for clients. She has also written a non-fiction book Communication Skills Europe as one of our and two stage plays. She is a member of the associate trainers. National Union of Journalists, the Institute of Public Susie Hall is a highly Relations, the British Voice Association, the Voice experienced consultant, Care Network and the English Speaking Board. trainer and coach in spoken Maud Davis communication with a MIPR particular emphasis on presentation skills. She Richard Linning works with clients across a broad range of Maud is a senior PR FIPR MIPRA industries and sectors running both in-house and practitioner who has recent open courses as well as one-on-one programmes. director level experience of Richard has nearly 30 years’ She has studied effective communication working with Britain’s top experience in government techniques extensively, including NLP and consumer consultancies. She relations in widely different bioenergetics and has added the best of these has 15 years experience in running PR campaigns environments - Australia, the techniques to her extensive experience in for a variety of household names including British UK, and the member countries of the EU and presentation training to create a unique approach. Meat, AEG and Kellogg’s and has worked in the eastern Europe - consulting from Brussels. Richard Susie works predominantly with middle and top charity and sectors. As a former journalist is the immediate Past President of CERP, the management of major FT-SE companies, financial with Good Housekeeping and promotions manager European Confederation of Public Relations institutions and the professional services sector in with Slimming World magazine, she understands Associations and a Council member of IPRA. the UK, Europe, the US and Asia. both the needs of the media and the challenges placed on PR teams to deliver results. She has a hands-on approach to achieving publicity through the development of people and was responsible for training at her last consultancy. Book online w w w . c s e l t d . c o m or use the b o o k i n g f o r m on page 17
  16. Victoria Glover Manager of the Public Relations division. Victoria is responsible for contact: Victoria Glover our client service management; trainer liaison; and business development. She oversees the provision of course programmes T 020 7670 0507 run by CSE for the Public Relations Consultants Association and F 020 7670 0515 for the IPR (Scotland). Her goal is to provide our clients with the appropriate and cost-effective training programmes that they need E to meet their business and personal objectives. W Bill Moir John Roberts Emma Wootton Bill has worked with a diverse John has over 14 years Emma has over 12 years’ range of PR clients delivering experience in integrated experience of planning and management development communications, both in managing communications courses both as part of the below the line agencies, and both in-house and at CPN – open programme and in- in helping set up and run one of the UK’s leading house. Prior to joining CSE, Bill was organisational integrated divisions of Saatchi & Saatchi in the UK agencies. She has worked on a range of corporate development director for an internal marketing and USA. He now runs his own ‘virtual’ agency and clients e.g. BT, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Shell consultancy designing, pitching and delivering continues to work on major consumer and B2B Chemicals, The FT Group, UDV, McDonald’s, internal marketing and communications brands as well as smaller niche brands. Whatever Hasbro; and consumer brands e.g. Smirnoff, programmes to blue-chip clients. His the brand, the most important factors for success Gordon’s, Bell’s, Baileys, Archers, Johnnie Walker, management development skills were learned are to understand the power of Integration and to Paramount videos, Dove, Furby and is well versed in leading a team of people development staff in a deliver ‘world-changing’ ideas. issues management having worked for the European large pharmaceuticals company and 10 years packaging and solvent industries. She propelled lecturing in management and psychology. CPN to the forefront of planning excellence by Steve Taylor MIPR setting up a seven strong dedicated planning team and now runs her own consultancy specialising in Paul Noble MIPR Steve’s original career as a strategic planning for the PR industry. She is also journalist included working for the brand specialist for Fe3 Consulting – a Manchester Evening News management consultancy that specialises in driving Paul has over 20 years’ PR and the Daily Express. He business success through organisational focus on experience in senior moved into a PR consultancy, the company’s brand. Through this work she has consultancy, in-house and specialising in consumer accounts and has worked with law firms, pharmaceutical companies academic roles. He set up extensive knowledge of branding and marketing as and a teaching supply agency. and ran his own public relations consultancy, and well as event management. He then set up the then managed a large in-house department as a marketing and communications department of corporate communications manager in the financial FMCG manufacturer, before becoming head of pr Susan Croft MIPR services industry. More recently he was course for a major charity leader of the undergraduate public relations degree at Bournemouth University. Now, in addition to Susan is an international PR trainer, having been a senior training, his consultancy work includes advice on Blair Drummond consultant with Hill & establishing and implementing public relations evaluation systems, as well as advising growing Knowlton for 14 years. Prior consultancies on management systems. to this she ran her own Los Blair, an associate consultant Angeles-based PR agency. Susan has worked with with Four Communications plc a variety of clients in education, non-profit, in London, has been involved technology, business to business, and economic Maria Darby in mainstream PR for over 20 MIPR development. She now teaches at a number of years. He practised as a leading universities in the USA, including San Jose magazine editor and TV/radio news reporter in State, Georgetown, USF (Tampa), UC Berkeley and Maria Darby is founder and Southern Africa prior to entering PR in the UK. He managing director of Joined Stanford. She is also a trainer for the PR Academy, spent the majority of his career with leading an initiative of the Government of Singapore’s Up Communications. With consultancy Charles Barker (subsequently BSMG more than 13 years Ministry for Information, Technology and the Arts. and Weber Shandwick) before joining Four in consultancy and in-house 2001. His experience spans most sectors (from experience, she began her public relations career financial services, technology and B2B to with Lansons Communications, of which she was a consumer brands and crisis and issues Ruth Thornton partner and director. As Director of Group Media management) with a heavy emphasis on media Relations at Barclays, she had a broad corporate relations and editorial programmes. His leadership communications remit taking in City and financial Ruth has been a trainer for of the Milton Keynes Development Corporation 20 years, beginning with a PR, employee issues and public affairs activities. account team won several industry awards, and he From Barclays she joined City PR firm Tulchan career in language teaching. was also a key adviser to Shell in the resolution of She has also trained and Communications as a partner. She established an the Brent Spar crisis. He is also an experienced entire communications function and devised the demonstrated software media trainer. systems. She now gives one and two day courses communications strategy for the newly formed public sector Children and Family Court Advisory in letter and report writing, as well as effective and Support Service, part of the Lord Chancellor’s business writing and training for the Plain Department. Language Commission. Book online w w w . c s e l t d . c o m or use the b o o k i n g f o r m on page 17
  17. 5 ways to confirm your booking Booking Form Web: Please complete in BLOCK CAPITALS Email: Post: Communication Skills Europe Ltd CONTACT DETAILS (to whom the invoice will be sent) Boundary House, 91 Charterhouse Street, London EC1M 6HL Full name: _________________________________________________________________________________ Fax: + 44 (0) 20 7670 0515 PRCON/04-2003/PR Job title:____________________________________________________________________________________ Tel: + 44 (0) 20 7670 0514 Organisation: ____________________________________________________________________________ For provisional bookings and credit card Address: ____________________________________________________________________________________ holders only. All telephone bookings must ________________________________________________________________________________________________ be confirmed in writing. ___________________________________________________ Postcode: _______________________________ □ PRCA Membership No. __________________________________(10% discount) Telephone: _________________________________________________________________________________ □ IPR Membership No. __________________________________(10% discount) Fax: __________________________________________________________________________________________ NB: Only one association discount can be claimed per booking form. Email: _______________________________________________________________________________________ DELEGATE DETAILS (for additional delegates please use a separate sheet) Business activity: _______________________________________________________________________ Full name: _________________________________________________________________________________ Number of Employees (at this site): ______________________________________________ Job title:____________________________________________________________________________________ Email: _______________________________________________________________________________________ Person with overall responsibility for training (if different) Course name: ____________________________________________________________________________ Full name: _________________________________________________________________________________ Course date: ________________________ Cost: ______________________________________________ Job title:____________________________________________________________________________________ Telephone: _________________________________________________________________________________ Full name: _________________________________________________________________________________ Fax: __________________________________________________________________________________________ Job title:____________________________________________________________________________________ Email: _______________________________________________________________________________________ Email: _______________________________________________________________________________________ Course name: ____________________________________________________________________________ PAYMENT DETAILS (please tick appropriate box) Course date: ________________________ Cost: ______________________________________________ Please make all payments to Communication Skills Europe Ltd. Payments by BACS transfer may be made by arrangement directly Full name: _________________________________________________________________________________ with CSE. Job title:____________________________________________________________________________________ □ Please invoice my organisation _______________________________________________ Email: _______________________________________________________________________________________ Purchase order No. (if applicable) _____________________________________________ Course name: ____________________________________________________________________________ Course date: ________________________ Cost: ______________________________________________ □ Please find a cheque enclosed for £________________________________________ □ Please debit my credit card Visa I Mastercard (please circle) TERMS AND CONDITIONS Card No. Fees: The course fee covers the provision for the training, all written materials, lunch and refreshments. A VAT invoice and joining I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I instructions will be sent to you acknowledging your booking. Cancellations: Any cancellation must be received in writing. All Name of card holder: ____________________________________________________________ cancellation costs are based on the course fee. Expiry date: M M I Y Y • More than four weeks prior to the course – no charge • Between two and four weeks prior to the course – 50% Security code: (last three digits on reverse of card) I I I I • Less than two weeks prior to the course – 100% Signature: (of card holder) _________________________________________________________ Important note: This booking form constitutes a legally binding contract. Course dates may vary subject to demand. All courses will run subject to number of delegates. CSE will use its best AUTHORISATION (all booking forms must be signed) endeavours to provide the course(s) booked. However, cancellation by CSE for whatever reason will give rise to no obligation or liability On behalf of my organisation I accept the terms and conditions of other than the prompt return of fees paid or the issuance of a credit Communication Skills Europe Ltd, as set out on this page, in note in lieu. In particular, CSE will not be responsible for making this booking. contingent travel, accommodation or other expenses of course delegates arising from cancellation. Signed: _____________________________________________________________________________________ Data Protection: The details you provide will be stored within CSE’s Name:______________________________________________________ Date: _______________ database and will be used to promote other products and services that may be of interest from the Demos Group. CUSTOMER Mailing List: If you are receiving duplicate mailing or there is an REF NO. error in the name or address, we apologise. Please correct and return the envelope so that we amend our records. If you do not Registered office: Boundary House, 91 Charterhouse Street, London EC1M 6HL Registered in England no. 2649452 VAT no. 524 4578 39 wish to receive further mailings from us, please contact our Database Manager.
  18. You’re in Good Company... You’re in Good Company... CSE clients include: Accenture EML Metropolitan Police Admiral Ericsson Motorola Alliance & Leicester Ernst & Young Munro Forster American Express Estee Lauder NatWest AOL Euro PR National Audit Office Applied Biosystems Fast Retailing (UK) National Savings AstraZeneca Firefly NBS Public Relations AugustOne Communications First Great Western NCH Avenue HKM First Mark Communications Neesham PR B2B Communications First North Western Nelson Bostock Baker & McKenzie Fishburn Hedges Nexus Choat Banner Corporation Fleishman Hillard Nomura Barclay Stratton Focus PR Nottingham County Council Beattie Media Food and Drink Federation Novartis Bell Pottinger PR Gallifords NPOWER Direct Berkeley PR GlaxoSmithKline UK Ogilvy PR Worldwide Best Western Hotels GMX Public Affairs Open Interactive Binns & Co PR Golley Slater Orient Express Hotels Bite Communications Grandfield Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology Blackpool Pleasure Beach Guinness UDV Paskett PR BMA Hampshire County Council Pharmacia Boots the Chemist Harrison Cowley Pret a Manger Bradford & Bingley Herald Communications Red Consultancy Brands2Life Hewlett Packard Labs Redleaf Communications BT Hill & Knowlton Royal Bank of Scotland Burson Marsteller HSBC Royal Shakespeare Company Camden Council ICAS Public Relations Ruder Finn UK Canon Institute of Cancer Research SAB Miller Capital Radio Intelligent Finance Safeway Cardew & Co Jackson Consultancy Scottish Amicable Centre for Health Care Development Jo Malone Scottish Homes Citigate Dewe Rogerson Joe Public Relations Securicor CMC Media Kavangh Communications SEEDA Coca Cola- Africa & M.E Kinross & Render Sony UK Communications Management PR Kodak Sport England Connect Public Affairs L’Oreal Standard & Poor's Consolidated Communications Lafarge Cement UK Star Consulting Countrywide Porter Novelli Lewis Communications Starfish Communications Cubitt Consulting Lexis PR Statestreet Bank Davies Associates Lighthouse PR Tesco Personal Finance Deloitte & Touche Livewire PR TXU Denton Wilde Sapte London Stock Exchange UK Astronomy Technology Centre Department of Health Lowe Fusion Healthcare UKAEA Department of the Environment, Maclaurin Wall Street Investments Food and Rural Affairs Marketforce Communications Warwickshire County Council Duxberry PR Marks & Spencer Weber Shandwick Edelman PR Worldwide Marsh Yellow Door Edinburgh College of Art McCann Erickson Yorkshire Electricity Egg McCann Weber Zurich Financial Services Details on these courses and many more are on our website - Please email your enquiry to us at Telephone: 020 7670 0500



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