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TestKing Cisco 350-044

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A network administrator has several clients unable to generate ARP requests, and the administrator decides it is safe to use IP address assigned by DHCP servers. What should the network administrator do to ensure that DHCP clients dhcpagent daemons will accept an IP address even though they are unable to generate an ARP request?

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  1. QUESTION NO: 1 You have used the appropriate startup scrip in /etc/init.d to start the NTP daemon. However, the NTP daemon does not start up. There is no error message. What is the reason for this? A. There is no configuration file. B. rpcbind is not running on the machine. C. The configuration file contains faulty entries. D. The NTP daemon cannot contact an NTP server. Answer: A QUESTION NO: 2 Given the NTP server IP address is, which two are valid entries in the NTP client configuration file? (Choose two) A. broadcastclient B. multicastclient C. multicastclient D. unicastclient E. broadcastclient Answer: A, B QUESTION NO: 3 Which entry in an NTP servers configuration file is used to alter the stratum level sent out with the NTP servers time advertisements? A. peer B. fudge C. prefer D. controlkey Answer: B QUESTION NO: 4 What is the full path name of the file which contains the clock type of an NTP server? -3-
  2. Answer: /etc/inet/ntp.conf QUESTION NO: 5 A network administrator has several clients unable to generate ARP requests, and the administrator decides it is safe to use IP address assigned by DHCP servers. What should the network administrator do to ensure that DHCP clients dhcpagent daemons will accept an IP address even though they are unable to generate an ARP request? A. Modify DHCP clients and disable RARP. B. Set the IGNORE_FAILED_ARP variable to no. C. Ensure that the client interface is set to NOARP. D. Set the IGNORE_FAILED_ARP variable to yes. Answer: D QUESTION NO: 6 To which DHCP environment term does SUNW.Ultra-5_10 apply? A. A macro B. An option C. A data type D. A vendor-client class Answer: D QUESTION NO: 7 Which causes a DHCP client to use its own host name? A. Removal of the /etc/dhcp.hme0 file. B. The appropriate entry in the /etc/hostname.hme0 file. C. Commenting out the RELEASE_ON_SIGTERM=yes parameter. D. Client host name must exist in the DHCP database on the server. Answer: B QUESTION NO: 8 Given the portion of in.dhcpd output running in debug mode: -4-
  3. 3cdbc114: There is no dhcp-network table. 3cdbc114: Datagram received on network device: hme0. Which two are executed on the DHCP server for the DHCP client to obtain an IP address? (Choose two) A. init 6 B. touch /etc/dhcp.hme0 C. pntadm –C D. ifconfig hme0 dhcp start E. pntadm –r SUNWfiles –f /var/dhcp –A Answer: C, E QUESTION NO: 9 Which two commands allow you to define a DHCP symbol? (Choose two) A. pntadm B. dhtadm C. dhcpmgr D. dhcpinfo Answer: B, D QUESTION NO: 10 Which three parameters are held in the dhcp_network file? (Choose three) A. Timeserv B. LeaseTim C. LeaseNeg D. Client_ID E. Client_IP F. Server_IP Answer: D, E, F QUESTION NO: 11 Which two are benefits of using DHCP? (Choose two) A. DHCP is a replacement for JumpStart. -5-
  4. B. DHCP servers support BOOTP and RARP clients. C. DHCP allows setting up BOOTP and RARP relays. D. DHCP on Solaris includes a VPN feature that allows for the dynamic setup of an IP-over-IP tunnel. E. DHCP supports clients that boot over a network, effectively replacing the need for RARP and the bootparams file. F. DHCP reduces the cost of managing networks by automatic assignment of available IP addresses from a pool of addresses. Answer: E, E QUESTION NO: 12 A DNS server (the primary) for domainshop.co.uk is having problems delegating authority and responsibility for the subdomain sales.domainshop.co.uk. Investigation reveals that the delegation is not functioning. The current origin is domainshop.co.uk. Given the lines from the domainshop.co.uk zone file: sales. in ns centauri.domainshop.co.uk. centauri.domainshop.co.uk in a Which two errors are present? (Choose two) A. The two lines must be separated by a blank line. B. The ns should be NS and, therefore, in uppercase. C. The name field sales should NOT be terminated with a dot (.). D. The name field of the second line should be terminated with a dot (.). E. the file lacks a PTR record for the NS centauri.domainshop.co.uk. Answer: C, D QUESTION NO: 13 A DNS server is successfully providing information related to zones for which it is authoritative. A problem occurs when it attempts to resolve addresses in zones for which is not authorative. What is a possible cause of this problem? A. The server has no /etc/resolv.conf file. B. The server does NOT support a .com domain. C. The server has only a single Ethernet interface. D. The server has no knowledge of the root level servers. E. The server is NOT authoritative for any reverse domains. Answer: D -6-
  5. QUESTION NO: 14 Which two statements about the /etc/named.conf file are true? (Choose two) A. It allows nslookup to resolve queries. B. It informs a secondary server of the address of the primary. C. It configures a primary with the addresses of secondary servers. D. It informs in.named which zones it supports as a primary or secondary. Answer: B, D QUESTION NO: 15 Which is a legal reverse zone? A. in-addr.arpa.gvon.com B. 85.168.194.in-addr.arpa C. 85.168.194.arpa.in-addr D. 85.168.194.in-addr.arpa.net Answer: B QUESTION NO: 16 In the five-layer TCP/IP model, which protocol is part of the same layer as TCP? A. IP B. ARP C. UDP D. PPP E. ICMP Answer: C QUESTION NO: 17 You are helping a junior network administrator configure and set up a tunnel, and need to ping the remote end of the tunnel to ensure the tunnel will work. Since the remote end of the tunnel can be pinged without a tunnel in place, the junior network administrator asks why a tunnel needs to be created. What are two reasons to create a tunnel? (Choose two) -7-
  6. A. Tunneling ensures privacy of data through encryption. B. Tunneling allows Ethernet packets to be encapsulated in IPv6 packets. C. Tunneling allows for IPv6 datagrams to be routed within IPv4 datagrams. D. Tunneling allows for IPv6 networks to be routed over IPv4 network infrastructure. E. Tunneling results in faster routing because the router has fewer headers to inspect. Answer: C, D QUESTION NO: 18 You have configured an IPv6 router which is having problems routing correctly to a default router connected to the Internet. You need to investigate the machines routing table and check that the default route is in place. You also need to check the ARP cache to see whether the MAC address of the default router has been learned. Which two commands enable you to perform these tasks? (Choose two) A. arp –n B. netstat –r C. netstat –m D. ifconfig –a E. netstat –pn Answer: B, E QUESTION NO: 19 Which two are benefits of IPv6? (Choose two) A. Faster ARP/RARP. B. Smaller addresses. C. More efficient routing. D. Smaller routing tables. E. Eliminates broadcast traffic. Answer: C, E QUESTION NO: 20 A Solaris router is correctly configured in terms of interfaces and addresses, but is refusing to forward inbound IP datagrams that arrive and travel up its stack to the Internet Layer. A network administrator discovers that the routers kernel is configured NOT to forward (route) IP datagrams. -8-
  7. Which command enables the router to forward and attempt to route IP datagrams? A. ndd –set /dev/ip ip_ire_status B. ndd –set /dev/ip ip_forwarding 1 C. ndd –set /dev/ip ip_forwarding 0 D. ndd –set /dev/tcp ip_forwarding 1 E. ndd –set /dev/tcp ip_forwarding 0 Answer: B QUESTION NO: 21 The traceroute command shows routing paths to a given destination. What protocols are used by this diagnostic tool? A. TCP + IP B. ICMP + IP C. HTTP + IP D. SNMP + IP E. SNMP + TCP Answer: B QUESTION NO: 22 Which Class C networks are described by the CIDR routing table entry A. only. B. to C. to D. to Answer: C QUESTION NO: 23 What protocol defines the Router Discovery (RDISC) messages? A. IP B. ARP C. ICMP D. DHCP -9-
  8. Answer: C QUESTION NO: 24 A host with network interfaces and broadcasts its routing table every 30 seconds. What routing daemon is running? A. ospf B. inetd C. in.rdisc D. in.routed E. defaultroute Answer: D QUESTION NO: 25 The address identifies a network that you want to identify with a name. Which file, if edited, will identify the network address with a name? A. /etc/hosts B. /etc/inet/networks.conf C. /etc/networks.conf D. /etc/inet/networks.conf E. /etc/default/networks.conf Answer: B QUESTION NO: 26 Your routing table has become corrupted. You decide to empty the routing table before you recreate it. How do you delete all gateway entries from the routing table? A. pkill init B. rmroute all C. route flush D. route delete * E. route delete all Answer: C - 10 -
  9. QUESTION NO: 27 Which daemon is responsible for default route advertisements? A. rdisc B. routed C. in.rdisc D. in.routed Answer: C QUESTION NO: 28 A system boots and has a configured network interface. At minimum, what type of route is automatically added to the routing table? A. Static direct B. Static indirect C. Dynamic direct D. Dynamic indirect Answer: A QUESTION NO: 29 Which is the meaning of the DEPRECATED interface flag? A. It is used by in.mpathd to detect test addresses. B. The interface will ignore any offlining attempts by the if_mpadm command. C. The IP address will not be used by applications as source address for outbound packets. D. The IP address will not fail over in case of a failure of the corresponding physical interface. Answer: C QUESTION NO: 30 Which interface flag is monitored by in.mpathd to detect whether an interface failure has occurred? A. RUNNING B. MULTICAST - 11 -
  10. C. NOFAILOVER D. DEPRECATED Answer: A QUESTION NO: 31 Which command can be used to unconfigure and remove the logical interface hme0:2, given that it has the IP address A. ifconfig hme0:2 down B. ifconfig hme0:2 unplumb C. ifconfig hme0 removeif hme0:2 D. ifconfig hme0 rmif Answer: B QUESTION NO: 32 An unauthorized administrator has recently made some changes to your server. As a result, the server is using ARP to attempt to reach hosts on a different subnetwork. Which file has been erroneously modified? A. /etc/hosts B. /etc/netmasks C. /etc/netgroup D. /etc/services E. /etc/inetd.conf F. /etc/init.d/inetinit Answer: B QUESTION NO: 33 Which three netmasks are valid Class B contiguous subnet masks? (Choose three) A. B. C. D. E. F. - 12 -
  11. Answer: C, D, F QUESTION NO: 34 Which three fields can be components of an IP datagram header? (Choose three) A. Transport protocol type B. Source IP address C. Source MAC address D. Destination IP address E. Destination port number Answer: A, B, D QUESTION NO: 35 Which file is read by the in.rarpd daemon? A. /etc/ethers B. /etc/netmasks C. /etc/netgroup D. /etc/intetd.conf E. /etc/inet/rarp.conf Answer: A QUESTION NO: 36 Given: host name IP address MAC address host 1 8:0:20:75:6e:7d Which command puts a valid entry in the ARP table for workstation host1? A. arp –a host1 B. arp –s C. arp –d host1 D. arp –s host1 8:0:20:75:6e:7d E. arp 8:0:20:75:6e:7d Answer: D - 13 -
  12. QUESTION NO: 37 You want to copy a file from the workstation myhost to a workstation called ftphost. Which situation does not require an ARP request to be issued? A. The ARP table on myhost is full. B. The ARP table on ftphost is full. C. The ARP table entry for ftphost on myhost is complete. D. The workstations myhost and ftphost are on the same subnet. Answer: C QUESTION NO: 38 What can you do to permanently set parameters for the hme interface module so that they are automatically configured on system boot? A. Define parameters in /etc/hostname.hme0. B. Define parameters in /kernel/drv/hme.cfg. C. Add commands that define the settings to /etc/netconfig D. Add commands that define the settings to a startup script in /etc/rc2.d. Answer: D QUESTION NO: 39 A router is refusing to forward IP packets, and snoop reveals that packets are arriving on its interfaces, but is refusing to forward packets and route them. What command verifies that the router is currently configured (in the kernel) to forward IP packets? A. ndd –get /dev/udp ip-forward B. ndd –get /dev/ip ip_forwarding C. ndd –get ip-forwarding /dev/tcp D. ndd –set /dev/ip ip_forwarding 1 E. ndd –set /dev/ip ip_forwarding 0 Answer: B QUESTION NO: 40 - 14 -
  13. What is the value (in bytes) of the Maximum Transmission Unit in an Ethernet-II frame? A. 512 B. 1500 C. 4500 D. 8232 Answer: B QUESTION NO: 41 What is the length, in bits, of the network interface-specific identifier (VID) of the Ethernet address? Answer: 24 QUESTION NO: 42 When a system boots, which file configures Ethernet network interfaces? A. /etc/inittab B. /etc/ifconfig.conf C. /etc/default/netmasks D. /etc/rcS.d/S30network.sh E. /etc/init.d/S3Onetwork.sh Answer: D QUESTION NO: 43 Which two statements about a Layer 2 switch are true? (Choose two) A. A switch can convert between two different protocol suites. B. A switch can connect more than one pair of cable segments simultaneously. C. A switch can filter and selectively forward a packet based on the IP address in the packet. D. A switch can dynamically connect and disconnect two cable segments without operator intervention. Answer: B, D - 15 -
  14. QUESTION NO: 44 Which network device type can translate between different Network Interface Layer protocols? A. Hub B. Bridge C. Repeater D. Network interface card Answer: B QUESTION NO: 45 In a given telnet communication, two IP addresses, and, are involved in peer-to-peer communication. Datagrams leave the source host and are transmitted to destination host What should you expect to find in the IP header of an outbound datagram? A. Source port number. B. Destination port number. C. Destination IP address D. Destination IP address Answer: C QUESTION NO: 46 In the five-layer TCP/IP model, which function does the Application Layer provide? A. Hardware CRC B. Packet framing C. Data formatting D. Datagram delivery Answer: C QUESTION NO: 47 In the five-layer TCP/IP model, which two functions does the Network Interface Layer provide? (Choose two) A. Packet framing B. Cyclic Redundancy Checking - 16 -
  15. C. Connections between applications D. Data addressing between networks Answer: A, B QUESTION NO: 48 In the five-layer TCP/IP model, which protocol is contained in the same layer as IP? A. TCP B. UDP C. PPP D. ICMP E. SNMP Answer: D QUESTION NO: 49 You configured an NTP server to use its local undisciplined clock and also an external server at address Additionally, you created a fudge line: server prefer server fudge stratum 12 What is the purpose of the fudge line? A. To ensure that the NTP protocol is currently disabled. B. To ensure that the synchronization is checked at 12:00 P.M. each day. C. To make the xntpd daemon check the clients clock every 12 minutes. D. To ensure that the servers local clock is seen as a stratum 12 server. Answer: D QUESTION NO: 50 The IP address of an NTP stratum 4 server is What entry in this servers NTP configuration file indicates undisciplined local clock usage? A. server B. server local C. server prefer D. server local - 17 -
  16. Answer: C QUESTION NO: 51 What is the full path name of the NTP server configuration template file? Answer: /etc/inet/ntp.server QUESTION NO: 52 Which three monitoring tools are available for NTP? (Choose three) A. ntpq B. xntpdc C. ntptrace D. ntpdebug E. xntptrace Answer: A, B, C QUESTION NO: 53 If JumpStart clients are on a different subnet to the DHCP server, what must be configured to enable them to communicate with the DHCP server? A. A BOOTP relay. B. DNS server on their network. C. A firewall to perform NAT for the JumpStart client. D. A boot server on the same network as the DHCP server. Answer: A QUESTION NO: 54 You have a DHCP client on network The DHCP server has the DHCP data in the /var/dhcp directory. The datastore format is ASCII. What is the full default path name of the file containing the IP address pool for the Solaris 9 client? A. /var/dhcp/192_200_51_0 - 18 -
  17. B. /etc/inet/dhcp/192_200_51_0 C. /var/dhcp/SUNWfiles1. D. /var/dhcp/SUNWfiles1_192_200_51_0 Answer: D QUESTION NO: 55 A DHCP server has an IP address of A DNS server has an IP address of The DNS server process is running in debug mode. Given the debug output: datagram from [].32883, fd 26. len 44 req: nlookup(dhcp-pge-test.one.edu) id 19496 type=1 class=1 req: found ‘dhcp-pge-test.one.edu’ as ‘one.edu’ (cname=0) ns_req: answer -> [].32883 fd=26 id=19496 size=98 rc=3 datagram from [].32884, fd 26, len 36 req: nlookup(dhcp-pge-test) id 19497 type=1 class=1 req: missed ‘dhcp-pge-test) as “ (cname=0) What does the debug output indicate? A. Dynamic DNS is NOT currently configured on the DHCP server. B. The DNS server has received a forwarded request from another DNS server. C. The DNS server has updated its zone files with the IP address of the DHCP server. D. The DNS server finds that the requested host name is NOT available for use in the domain. Answer: D QUESTION NO: 56 Which two tasks involve changes to the dhcptab database? (Choose two) A. Defining an additional symbol. B. Changing the definition of a macro. C. Tuning the IGNORE_FAILED_ARP parameter. D. Updating the pool of IP addresses assigned to clients. E. Changing a client macro association so that the client uses a different macro. Answer: A, B QUESTION NO: 57 - 19 -
  18. Which is the only DHCP lease type that allows for an IP address to be leased for a finite period of time? A. Static B. Bootp C. Manual D. Dynamic E. Automatic Answer: D QUESTION NO: 58 A DNS server is giving an error for the following SOA record: @ soa in host1.abc.com. root.abc.com.( 1002 10800 3800 604800 10800) What is causing the error? A. The () pair should be {}. B. soa must be in upper case. C. A serial number of 1002 is too small. D. The final “)” must be on a line by itself. E. The soa and in fields are in the wrong order. Answer: E QUESTION NO: 59 A DNS server is not responding to a DNS clients requests. Which four commands can be used in debugging DNS? (Choose four) A. dig B. nslookup C. pkill –INT inetd D. pkill –INT in.inetd E. pkill –USR1 in.named F. pkill –INT in.named Answer: A, B, E, F - 20 -
  19. QUESTION NO: 60 Given the current origin is gvon.com, which two zone file lines correctly delegate the domain training.gvon.com. to a server called centauri.gvon.com.? (Choose two) A. centauri.gvon.com. in NS.gvon.com. B. gvon.com in NS centauri.gvon.com. C. gvon in NS centauri.gvon.com. D. training.gvon.com in NS centauri.gvon.com. E. training in NS centauri.gvon.com. F. training. in NS centauri.gvon.com. Answer: D, E QUESTION NO: 61 What does @ mean in a zone file? A. Current origin. B. Current servers name. C. Current servers host ID. D. Current hosts IP address. Answer: A QUESTION NO: 62 You have created an IPv6 tunnel between two hosts. Which two statements are true about tunneling? (Choose two) A. Tunneled traffic is always encrypted. B. Tunneled traffic is always TCP or UDP in IPv6. C. IPv6 Solaris tunneling always involves an IP datagram encapsulating an IP datagram. D. The IP header of the datagram that has encapsulated the tunneled data contains the source address of the tunnel. E. The tunnel source IP address is always the same as the source IP address in the IP header of the tunneled (encapsulated) ip datagram. Answer: C, D - 21 -
  20. QUESTION NO: 63 A hosts IPv6 link-local unicast address is based on the hosts Ethernet address. The beginning of the address is prefixed by a specific Format Prefix (FP) value to indicate that the address is a link-local address. In addition, a 16-bit code is inserted in 64-bit Interface ID portion of the IPv6 address to enable a 48-bit Ethernet address to become 64 bits in length. Which value represents the 16-bit code? A. FE80 B. FEC0 C. FFFF D. FFFE E. FFEE Answer: D QUESTION NO: 64 Which protocol does IPv6 use to discover MAC addresses? A. Auto Configuration Protocol B. Network Detection Protocol C. Neighbor Discovery Protocol D. Address Resolution Protocol Answer: C QUESTION NO: 65 Which concept is similar to CIDR? A. IP B. IGP C. BGP D. VLSM Answer: D QUESTION NO: 66 Which two are reasons to use Classless Interdomain Routing (CIDR)? (Choose two) A. To reduce the size of routing tables. B. To support IPv4 and IPv6 on the same network. - 22 -
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