Windows 7 Step by Step- P11

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Windows 7 Step by Step- P11

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Windows 7 Step by Step- P11: Experience learning made easy and quickly teach yourself the essentials of working with Windows 7. With STEP BY STEP, you set the pace building and practicing the skills you need, just when you need them! Learn to manage windows and folders, sort and filter files, create an efficient Windows working environment, and safely access the Internet. You’ll learn how to install and manage software and hardware, create and manage homegroups, share content with other computers and computer users, and instantly locate content stored on your PC or network. You’ll also learn how to fine-tune...

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  1. Glossary 451 local printer A printer that is directly connected metadata Descriptive information, including key- to one of the ports on a computer . See also words and properties, about a file or Web page . remote printer . Title, subject, author, and size are examples of a lock To make your Windows computing session file’s metadata . unavailable to other people . Locking is most minimize To reduce a window to a button on the effective when your user account is protected taskbar . by a password . modem A device that allows computer information log off To stop your computing session without to be transmitted and received over a telephone affecting other users’ sessions . line or through a broadband service such as log on To start a computing session . cable or DSL . malware Software designed to deliberately harm mouse pointer See pointer . your computer . For example, viruses, worms, Navigation pane In Windows Explorer, the left and Trojan horses are malicious software . Also pane of a folder window . It displays favorite called malicious software . links, libraries, and an expandable list of drives map a drive To assign an available drive letter to and folders . See also Content pane, Details a specific computer or shared folder; usually pane, and Preview pane . a folder located on another computer on the .NET Passport See Windows Live ID . network . This is commonly done to create a netbook A small, lightweight portable computer constant connection to a network share but designed primarily for Web browsing and can also be used to maintain a connection to simple computing . Most netbooks have a 1 .6 an Internet location . GHz processor and a screen size of less than maximize To increase the size of a window so 11 inches . that it completely fills the screen . A maximized network In Windows, a group of computers window cannot be moved or resized by drag- connected to each other through a wired or ging its frame . wireless connection . A network may be as MB See megabyte . small as two computers connected directly Mbps Megabits per second; a unit of data transfer to each other or as large as the Internet . In equal to 1,000 Kbps (kilobits per second) . Windows Live, a group of people you com- municate and share with on Windows Live . media Materials on which data is recorded or Your network includes people you add to your stored, such as CDs, DVDs, floppy disks, or USB Windows Live profile, to your Windows Live flash drives . Messenger contacts, or both . People in your megabyte (MB) 1024 kilobytes or 1,048,576 network can see information about your latest bytes of data storage; often interpreted as activities in the What’s New listing, and may approximately 1 million bytes . In reference see other information, depending on permis- to data transfer rates, 1000 kilobytes . sions settings . See Also local area network . menu A list from which you can give an instruction network domain A network whose security and by clicking a command . settings are centrally administered through menu bar A toolbar from which you can access Windows Server computer and user accounts . menus of commands . network drive A shared folder or drive on your network that you assign a drive letter to so that it appears in the Computer window as a named drive . Please purchase PDF Split-Merge on to remove this watermark.
  2. 452 Glossary network hub A device used to connect computers option One of a group of mutually exclusive on a network . The computers are connected to values for a setting, usually in a dialog box . the hub with cables . The hub sends information option button A standard Windows control that received from one computer to all other com- you use to select one of a set of options . puters on the network . original equipment manufacturer (OEM) A network printer A printer that is connected directly company that assembles a computer from to a network through a wired (Ethernet) or wire- components, brands the computer, and then less network connection, or through a print sells the computer to the public . The OEM server or printer hub . might also preinstall an operating system network profile Information about a specific and other software on the computer . network connection, such as the network parallel port The input/output connector for a name, type, and settings . parallel interface device . Some types of printers network router A hardware device connecting connect to the computer through a parallel port . computers on a network or connecting mul- password A security measure used to restrict tiple networks (for example, connecting a access to user accounts, computer systems, LAN to an ISP) . and resources . A password is a unique string network share A shared folder on a computer on of characters that you must provide before your network (not your local computer) . access is authorized . notebook A standard portable computer designed password hint An entry you record when you for all types of computing . Notebooks have create or change your password to remind technical specifications that are comparable you what the password is . Windows displays to those of desktop computers . Most note- the password hint if you enter an incorrect books have a screen size ranging from 11 to password . 17 inches . password reset disk A file you create on a flash notification area The area at the right end of drive or floppy disk to enable you to reset your the Windows Taskbar . It contains shortcuts to password if you forget it . programs and important status information . path A sequence of names of drives, directories, OEM See original equipment manufacturer . or folders, separated by backslashes (\), that offline Not connected to a network or to the leads to a specific file or folder . See also absolute Internet . Also used to describe time that you path and relative path . will be away from your computer . peer-to-peer A network, such as a workgroup, online Connected to a network or to the Internet . where computers and resources are connected Also used to describe time that you will be directly and are not centrally managed by a working on your computer . server . operating system The underlying programs that peripheral device A device, such as a disk drive, tell your computer what to do and how to do it . printer, modem, or joystick, that is connected The operating system coordinates interactions to a computer and is controlled by the com- among the computer system components, acts puter’s microprocessor, but is not necessary as the interface between you and your com- to the computer’s operation . See also external puter, enables your computer to communicate peripheral and internal peripheral . with other computers and peripheral devices, and interacts with programs installed on your computer . Please purchase PDF Split-Merge on to remove this watermark.
  3. Glossary 453 personal folder In Windows, a storage folder POP3 A standard method that computers use created by Windows for each user account and to send and receive e-mail messages . POP3 containing subfolders and information that is messages are typically held on an e-mail server specific to the user profile, such as Documents until you download them to your computer, and Pictures . The personal folder is labeled and then they are deleted from the server . with the name used to log on to the computer . With other e-mail protocols, such as IMAP, PID See product key . e-mail messages are held on the server until you delete them . pinned items area An area at the top of the left pane of the Start menu to which you can drag pop-up window (pop-up) A small Web browser links to programs and files so that they are window that opens on top of (or sometimes easily accessible . below) the Web browser window when you display a Web site or click an advertising link . pinned taskbar button A button representing a program, which appears permanently at the left port An interface through which data is trans- end of the taskbar . A button that is not pinned ferred between a computer and other devices, appears only when its program is running . a network, or a direct connection to another computer . pinning Attaching a program, folder, or file shortcut to a user interface element such as portable computer A computer, such as a note- the Start menu or taskbar . book or netbook, with a built-in monitor, keyboard, and pointing device, designed to pixel The smallest element used to form an image be used in multiple locations . See also desktop on a computer monitor . Computer monitors computer . display images by drawing thousands of pixels arranged in columns and rows . Each pixel dis- Portable Network Graphic (.png) A digital image plays one color . See also screen resolution . file format that uses lossless compression (com- pression that doesn’t lose data) and was created plug and play A technology that enables the com- as a patent-free alternative to the .gif file format . puter to automatically discover and configure settings for a device connected to the computer Power button The button in the lower-right through a USB or IEEE 1394 connection . corner of the Windows Start menu that carries out the default shut-down option . Clicking .png See Portable Network Graphic . the Shut-down Options button (the arrow point To position the pointer over an element . to the right of the Power button) displays Also called hover or mouse-over . a menu from which you can choose a non- pointer The onscreen image that moves around default shut-down action . See also shut-down the screen when you move your mouse . options . Depending on the current action, the pointer Preview pane In Windows Explorer, a pane used might resemble an arrow, a hand, an I-beam, to show a preview of a file selected in the or another shape . Content pane . See also Content pane, Details pointing device A device such as a mouse that pane, and Navigation pane . controls a pointer with which you can interact primary display In a multiple-monitor system, with items displayed on the screen . the monitor that displays the Welcome screen and taskbar . Most program windows appear on the primary display when they first open . See also secondary display . Please purchase PDF Split-Merge on to remove this watermark.
  4. 454 Glossary printer driver See driver . Recycle Bin The folder on your hard disk where product key A unique registration code issued Windows temporarily stores files you delete . by the manufacturer of a program . The key By default, the Recycle Bin is represented by an must be supplied during the setup process to icon on the desktop . You can recover deleted verify that you have a valid license to install files from the Recycle Bin until you empty it . and use the program . Also called a product ID, registration key See product key . PID, registration key, or CD key . registry A repository for information about the program icon See icon . computer’s configuration . The registry stores property Identifying information about a file, settings related to the hardware and software folder, drive, device, or other computer system installed on the computer . Registry settings are element . Some properties are supplied auto- typically updated through the proper install matically and others are supplied by you . For and uninstall procedures and programs . You example, the properties of a file include infor- can manually update the registry, but only mation such as its file name, size, modification experienced users should undertake this task date, title, tags, and comments . You can view because mistakes can be disastrous . an item’s properties by right-clicking the item relative path A path that defines the position of a in an interface such as Windows Explorer or file or folder in relation to the current location . Device Manager, and then clicking Properties . For example, . .\Images\MyPicture .png defines public folder In Windows, a storage folder system a path up one level to the parent folder of the created by Windows and accessible to all user current location, down one level into the Images accounts on the computer . The public folder folder, to the MyPicture image . Relative paths contains information and settings that are are frequently used in Web site navigational shared by all user accounts . The public folder code . See also absolute path and path . can be shared with other network users . remote printer A printer that is not connected public network A network to which you connect directly to your computer . See also network with the Public Network connection type . printer and shared printer . random access memory (RAM) A data storage resolution See screen resolution . area a computer uses to run programs and tem- restore down To return a window from a maximized porarily store current information . Information state to its previous size . stored in RAM is erased when the computer is restore point A snapshot of your computer sys- switched off . tem settings taken by Windows at a scheduled ReadyBoost A Windows feature that makes time as well as before any major change, such it possible to increase the available system as installing a program or updating system memory by using a USB flash drive as a memory- files . If you experience problems with your expansion device . system, you can restore it to any saved restore Really Simple Syndication (RSS) A method of dis- point without undoing changes to your tributing information from a Web site or blog personal files . to subscribers for display in an RSS reader or right-click To point to an interface element and aggregator . press the secondary mouse button one time . recently opened programs list A list on the Start menu of the last several programs you have started . Please purchase PDF Split-Merge on to remove this watermark.
  5. Glossary 455 right-drag To move an item on the screen by secondary display In a multiple-monitor system, pointing to its title bar or handle, holding the monitor on to which you can expand pro- down the secondary mouse button, and then grams so that you can increase your work area . moving the mouse . A shortcut menu displaying See also primary display . possible actions appears when you release the shared component A component, such as a DLL mouse button . file, that is used by multiple programs . When root Short for root folder or root directory . The uninstalling a program that uses a shared highest or uppermost level in a hierarchically component, Windows requests confirmation organized set of information . The root is the before removing the component . folder or directory from which all other folders shared drive A drive that has been made available or directories branch . for other people on a network to access . router See network router . shared folder A folder that has been made available RSS See Really Simple Syndication . for other people on a network to access . RSS feed See feed and Really Simple Syndication . shared printer A printer connected to a computer screen resolution The fineness or coarseness of and made available from that computer for use detail attained by a monitor in producing an by other computers on a network . image, measured in pixels, expressed as the share To make local files or resources available number of pixels wide by the number of pix- to other users of the same computer or other els high . For example, 1024 × 768 . See computers on a network . also pixel . shortcut A link, usually represented by an icon, screen saver A blank screen, picture, or moving that opens a program, data file, or device . For images that Windows displays after a specified example, clicking a shortcut to Microsoft Word period of inactivity . A screen saver can be used starts Word . to save power or to hide information while you shortcut menu A menu displayed when you right- are away from your desk . click an object, showing a list of commands ScreenTip Information that appears when you relevant to that object . point to an item . shut down To initiate the process that closes all scroll bar A vertical or horizontal bar that you your open programs and files, ends your com- move to change the position of content within puting session, closes network connections, a window . stops system processes, stops the hard disk, search provider A company that provides a search and turns off the computer . engine, which you can use to find information shut-down options Ways in which you can dis- on the Web . connect from the current computing session . search term The term you type in the Search You can shut down the computer, switch to box of the Start menu or any folder window . a different user account, log off from the com- Windows then filters the contents of the avail- puter, lock the computer, restart the computer, able storage locations or of the folder window’s or put the computer into Sleep mode or Content pane to include only the items that Hibernate mode . contain the search term . signature See digital signature . Please purchase PDF Split-Merge on to remove this watermark.
  6. 456 Glossary Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) A protocol surf the Web To browse information on the for sending messages from one computer to Internet . another on a network . This protocol is used on syndicated content See feed . the Internet to route e-mail . system cache An area in the computer memory Sleep mode A Windows feature that saves any where Windows stores information it might open files and the state of any running programs need to access quickly, for the duration of the to memory and then puts your computer into a current computing session . power-saving state . system disk The hard disk on which the operating SMTP See Simple Mail Transfer Protocol . system is installed . software Programs that you use to do things with system folder A folder created on the system disk hardware . See also hardware . that contains files required by the Windows software piracy The illegal reproduction and operating system . distribution of software applications . tab In a dialog box, tabs indicate separate pages sound card Hardware that enables audio informa- of settings within the dialog box window; the tion and music to be recorded, played back, and tab title indicates the nature of the group . heard on a computer . You can display the settings by clicking the spyware Software that can display advertisements tab . In Internet Explorer, when tabbed browsing (such as pop-up ads), collect information about is turned on, tabs indicate separate Web pages you, or change settings on your computer, displayed within one browser window . You generally without appropriately obtaining your can display a page by clicking its tab, or dis- consent . play a shortcut menu of options for working with a page by right-clicking its tab . standard user account A type of Windows user account that allows the user to install software tabbed browsing An Internet Explorer feature that and change system settings that do not affect enables you to open and view multiple Web other users or the security of the computer . pages or files by displaying them on different This account type is recommended for daily tabs . You can easily switch between pages or use . See also administrator account . files by clicking the tabs . Start menu A list of options displayed when you tag In Windows Explorer, a keyword assigned to click the Start button . The Start menu is your a file . See also keyword . central link to all the programs installed on task pane A fixed pane that appears on one your computer, as well as to all the tasks you side of a program window, containing options can perform in Windows . related to the completion of a specific task . Start menu Search A feature of the Start menu taskbar See Windows Taskbar. that enables you to type any characters in the taskbar button A button on the taskbar repre- Search box to immediately display a list of pro- senting an open window, file, or program . See grams, Control Panel items, documents, music, also pinned taskbar button . videos, and e-mail messages containing that string of characters, grouped by category . theme A set of visual elements and sounds that applies a unified look to the computer user Suggested Sites An Internet Explorer feature interface . A theme can include a desktop that tracks your Internet site visits and recom- background, screen saver, window colors, mends other sites that are relevant to your and sounds . Some themes might also include personal browsing history . Suggested Sites icons and mouse pointers . was first introduced in Internet Explorer 8 . Please purchase PDF Split-Merge on to remove this watermark.
  7. Glossary 457 title bar The horizontal area at the top of a win- USB flash drive A portable flash memory card dow that displays the title of the program or file that plugs into a computer’s USB port . You displayed in the window, as well as buttons for can store data on a USB flash drive or, if the controlling the display of the window . USB flash drive supports ReadyBoost, use toolbar A horizontal or vertical bar that displays all or part of the available drive space to buttons representing commands that can be increase the operating system speed . See used with the content of the current window . also ReadyBoost . When more commands are available than can USB hub A device used to connect multiple USB fit on the toolbar, a chevron (>>) appears at the devices to a single USB port, or to connect one right end of the toolbar; clicking the chevron or more USB devices to USB ports on multiple displays the additional commands . computers . The latter type of USB hub, called troubleshooter A Windows utility for diagnosing a sharing hub, operates as a switch box to give and fixing problems . Windows 7 includes more control of the hub-connected devices to one than 20 specific troubleshooters . Troubleshooter computer at a time . categories include programs; hardware and USB port A connection that provides both power sound; network and Internet; appearance and and data transfer capabilities to a hardware personalization; and system and security . device . UAC See User Account Control . user account On a Windows computer, a uniquely UNC See Universal Naming Convention . named account that allows an individual to gain access to the system and to specific resources Uniform Resource Locator (URL) An address and settings . Each user account includes a col- that uniquely identifies the location of a Web lection of information that describes the way site or page . A URL is usually preceded by the computer environment looks and operates http://, as in http://www .microsoft .com . URLs for that particular user, as well as a private folder are used by Web browsers to locate Internet not accessible by other people using the com- resources . puter, in which personal documents, pictures, Universal Naming Convention (UNC) A system media, and other files can be stored . See also for identifying the location on a network of administrator account, standard user account . shared resources such as computers, drives, User Account Control (UAC) A Windows security and folders . A UNC address is in the form of feature that allows or restricts actions by the \\ComputerName\SharedFolder . user and the system to prevent malicious pro- Universal Serial Bus (USB) A connection that grams from damaging the computer . Windows 7 provides data transfer capabilities and power has multiple UAC levels . to a peripheral device . See also USB hub and user account name A unique name identifying a USB port . user account to Windows . upgrade To replace older hardware with newer user account picture An image representing a hardware or an earlier version of a program user account . User account pictures are avail- with the current version . able only for computer-specific user accounts URL See Uniform Resource Locator . and not on computers that are members of a USB See Universal Serial Bus . network domain . user credentials See credentials . Please purchase PDF Split-Merge on to remove this watermark.
  8. 458 Glossary user interface (UI) The portion of a program with Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) A security method which a user interacts . Types of user interfaces used by wireless networks . WPA encrypts the include command-line interfaces, menu-driven information that is sent between computers on interfaces, and graphical user interfaces . a wireless network and authenticates users to video projector A device that projects a video help ensure that only authorized people can signal from a computer onto a projection access the network . WPA2 is a more secure screen by using a lens system . form of WPA . virtual A software system that acts as if it were a wildcard character In a search operation, a hardware system . Examples are virtual folders keyboard character, such as an asterisk (*), (called libraries) and virtual printers . a question mark (?), or a pound sign (#), that represents one or more characters in virtual printer A program that “prints” content a search term . to a file rather than on paper . When viewed in the file, the content looks as it would if it were window A frame within which your computer runs printed . a program or displays a folder or file . Several windows can be open simultaneously . Windows Visual Search An Internet Explorer feature can be sized, moved, minimized to a taskbar that displays additional information, including button, maximized to take up the entire screen, images, in the search results list generated by or closed . certain search engines . Visual Search was first introduced in Internet Explorer 8 . Windows Anytime Upgrade A Windows feature that you can use to perform an online upgrade Web An abbreviation of World Wide Web . A of the edition of Windows currently installed on worldwide network consisting of millions of your computer . smaller networks that exchange data . Windows Experience Index A Windows utility Web browser A software program that displays that assesses a computer system and assigns a Web page content and enables you to inter- base score that reflects the lowest of a set of act with Web page content and navigate the subscores for the processor, memory, graphics Internet . Internet Explorer is a Web browser . card, and hard disk . Web feed See feed . Windows Live ID An e-mail address, registered Web log See blog . with the Windows Live ID authentication ser- Web Slice An Internet Explorer feature that displays vice, that identifies you to sites and services up-to-date information from feed-enabled sites that use Windows Live ID authentication . on the Favorites bar, without leaving the current Windows Sidebar See Desktop Gadget Gallery . Web page . Web Slices were first introduced in Windows Taskbar A bar on the desktop that dis- Internet Explorer 8 . plays buttons you can click to run programs, Welcome screen The screen that appears when you utilities, and commands, as well as buttons start your computer, containing a link to each representing the windows of open programs active user account and to accessibility tools . and files . WEP See Wired Equivalent Privacy . Please purchase PDF Split-Merge on to remove this watermark.
  9. Glossary 459 Windows Update A Windows feature through work network A network to which you connect which you can manually or automatically with the Work Network connection type . ensure that your computer operating system workgroup A peer-to-peer computer network is up to date . Windows Update catalogs your through which computers can share resources, computer’s hardware and software com- such as files, printers, and Internet connections . ponents, communicates with the Microsoft Update online database, and identifies any WPA See Wi-Fi Protected Access . updates that are available for your operating XML See Extensible Markup Language (XML) . system, software, or hardware drivers . XML feed See feed . Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) An algorithm- XML Paper Specification (XPS) A digital file based security protocol designed for use with format for saving documents . XPS is based wireless networks . WEP was the original wireless on XML, preserves document formatting, and network security protocol and, although not enables file sharing . XPS was developed by as secure as the more recent Wi-Fi Protected Microsoft but is platform-independent and Access (WPA) protocol, is still an option in most royalty-free . wireless router configurations . XPS See XML Paper Specification . wizard A tool that walks you through the steps necessary to accomplish a particular task . zip file See compressed folder . zipped folder See compressed folder . Please purchase PDF Split-Merge on to remove this watermark.
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  11. Index Symbols and activation, Windows 7, xx–xxi grace period, xx, xxi status, xxi Numbers ... (ellipsis) Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS), authenticating users with, 68 Active Server Pages (ASP), 207 in button names, xxxvi, xl ActiveX controls in command names, xxxvi defined, 445 / (forward slash), in Web site addresses, 207 and security zones, 273–274 - (minus sign), in search terms, 240 activity reports, Parental Controls, viewing, 56 () (parentheses), in search terms, 241 Add-ons Gallery. + (plus sign), in search terms, 240 See Internet Explorer Add-ons Gallery # (pound sign), in Web site addresses, 207 add-ons (Internet Explorer 8), 211 ? (question mark), in Web site addresses, 207 Add Printer wizard 3-D text screen saver, 313 connecting to remote printers with, 405–407 installing printers with, 397–400 A Add To Favorites button (Internet Explorer), 211 Add Web Slices button, 238 absolute paths Address bar (Internet Explorer), 213 defined, 445 Compatibility View button, 213 displaying in Address bar, 119 displaying Web site or page in, 209–210 Accelerators domain name in, 213 categories of, 226, 228 Go button, 220 default, 229–230 Refresh button, 213, 220 Default status, 229 Stop button, 213 defined, 445 typing URL into, 220 Disabled status, 229 Address bar (Windows Explorer), 333 disabling, 230 arrows in, 119 displaying content preview, 228 chevrons (« ») in, 119 displaying information about, 228, 230 defined, 445 Enabled status, 229 folder icons in, 119 icon, 226 in folder windows, 119 installing, 227–229 icons in, 119 managing, 229–230 paths in, 119 menu, 226 switching between folders, 119 overview of, 209 Address toolbar, 327 removing, 230 addresses, Web. See Uniform Resource Locator starting, 227 (URL); Web site addresses accessibility administrator account high-contrast themes for, 297 changing Windows settings, 45 keyboard, 427 defined, 445 of Web content, 262, 264–265 first user account, 46 Accessibility dialog box, 264–265 importance of setting passwords for, 45 accessories. See individual accessories; programs; and Parental Controls, 55 Windows 7 programs tasks requiring, 43 Accessories folder, 11 and User Account Control (UAC), 23, 44 Action Center taskbar notification area icon, 329 advertising, Web page. See pop-up windows 461 Please purchase PDF Split-Merge on to remove this watermark.
  12. 462 adware, defined B adware, defined, 269 Aero desktop experience graphic backgrounds in themes, 296 Back button, in folder windows, 119 graphics, unsupported, 297 Back button (Internet Explorer) themes, 295, 296 appearance of, 223 user interface, xiv on tabs, 217 Aero Peek background color, in Web content, 263–264 defined, 109, 445 backgrounds, graphic, in Aero themes, 296 overview of, 109 backing up Aero Shake, xiii, xiv and folder structure, 147 age/maturity ratings of games, in Parental before upgrading, xx Controls, 58 Backup And Restore tool, 12 All Accelerators submenu, 226 Balanced power plan, 343 All Programs menu bandwidth, defined, 445 Accessories folder, 11 . base score, Windows Experience Index. See also individual accessories See Windows Experience Index arranging items in, 321 battery power, saving, 343 closing without starting a program, 10 battery status (portable computers), defined, 10, 445 in taskbar notification area, 330 displaying, 10 Berners-Lee, Sir Timothy, 199 Games folder, 11 Bing, 242 Maintenance folder, 12 BitLocker, 135, xv new programs highlighted on, 10 bitmap, defined, 171, 445 Startup folder, 12 blocking pop-up windows, 269–270 Windows 7 folders on, 10–12 blogs .am, in Web site addresses, 208 creating, with Windows Live Spaces, 373 AND, in search terms, 241 defined, 200, 446 Anytime Upgrade. See Windows Anytime posts, creating with Windows Live Writer, 371 Upgrade .bmp. See bitmap AppData folder, 117 bookmarks, in Web site addresses, 207 Apply button, xl Boolean operators, in search terms, 241 arrows boom microphone. See microphones in Address bar, 119 broadband connection, defined, 446 on buttons, xxxviii Browse For Folder dialog box, 131–115 next to commands, xxxvii browser. See Web browser ASP (Active Server Pages), 207 browsing aspect ratio defined, 199, 446 defined, 445 folders, changing options for, 152 widescreen monitors, 315 History tab, 282 .aspx file extension, in Web site addresses, 207 objectionable content, restricting, 284–286 associations, program, setting, 384 overview of, 123 audio privately (InPrivate Browsing), 282–283 channel, testing, 416 session, managing, 211 input jack, 414, 417 buttons output jack, 414, 415 active, identifying, xl range, 416 arrows on, xxxviii special-purpose keys for, xxxiii chevrons (« ») on, xl Auto Arrange feature, 191 default options, xxxviii for desktop shortcuts, 196 dimmed, xxxvi AutoPlay dialog box, 374 ellipsis ( . . .), in name of, xxxvi autorun file Favorites bar, customizing, 210 defined, 445 bytes, defined, 178, 446 in program installation, 374 Please purchase PDF Split-Merge on to remove this watermark.
  13. Compatibility View feature 463 C on domain networks, 335, 339 internal, overview of, 335 cable service, Internet connection, 201 setting, 335–338 Calculator, 11, 354, 355–357 synchronizing with a time server, 335–336, Calendar, gadget, 363 338–340, 340 calendar, Windows Live, 372 time and date formats for, 338 Cancel button, xl Clock capturing images with Snipping Tool, 354 gadget, 363, 365–367 CD drives. See drives taskbar notification area icon, 329, 334–335 CD, installing programs from, 374 Close button, overview of, xxxiv CD key. See product key collaboration, avoiding file overwriting, 91 CD or DVD installation, product key for, 375 color central processing unit (CPU) of desktop background, changing, 309–310 defined, 446 in Web content, changing, 263–264 viewing status of with CPU meter, 363 of windows, changing, 304, 310 Change Zoom Level button .com, in Web site addresses, 206–208 (Internet Explorer), 262 combo box, xli Character Map, 428 Command bar (Internet Explorer) copying characters from, 428 defined, 446 displaying, 428 Feeds button, 211 keyboard shortcuts for, 427 Home button, 211 character sets, 428 Page menu, 211 characters Print button, 211 copying from Character Map, 428 Read Mail button, 211 from different languages, keyboard input, 427 Safety menu, 211 keyboard shortcuts for, 427 Tools menu, 211 chat rooms, ICRA ratings for, 284 command buttons, overview of, xl check boxes command-line tools, 354 overview of, xl Command Prompt, 11, 354. See also Run to select files and folders, 173 commands chevrons (« ») adding Run command to Start menu, 321 in Address bar, 119 appearance of on menus, xxxvii on buttons, xl arrows next to, xxxvii to display other available items, 210 defined, 446 on taskbar toolbars, 328 dimmed, xxxvi children ellipsis ( . . .), in name of, xxxvi limiting computer access for, 54–60 keyboard shortcuts, xxxviii protecting information about, 291 marked with security icon, 23 Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act MS-DOS, 354 (COPPA), 291 turning on and off, xxxvii Choose Details dialog box, 158 communication tools, Windows 7, 353 CLEAN UP paragraphs, xxiv companion CD clicking additional resources on, xxvii changing speed of double-click, 421 getting help with, xliii defined, 446 practice files on, xxv–xxvii ClickLock mouse functionality, 421 compatibility issues, and Windows 7 Upgrade Clipboard, overview of, 173 Advisor, xvii clock Compatibility View feature, 204, 205, 208–209 appearance of on taskbar, 331, 336 activating, 213 and Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), 335 appearance of button, 209 Daylight Saving Time, 335 defined, 446 displaying multiple clocks, 340–341 overview of, 208–209 Please purchase PDF Split-Merge on to remove this watermark.
  14. 464 compressed files compressed files enabling, 288 creating, 178–179 overriding for a particular Web page, 289 extracting contents of, 179 overriding for a particular Web site, 289 viewing contents of, 178 passwords for, 288 compressed folder, defined, 446 supervisor password for, 288, 290 compressing, defined, 446 and unrated Web sites, 287 computer Content pane access, limiting for children . See Parental Controls appearance of folders and files in, 148 desktop . See desktop computer customizing, 164 performance of, 434 defined, 446 setting time limits for, 55 Details view, 149 system, finding information about, 24–28 displaying file content in, 149 Computer folder displaying graphics files as content, 148 changing name of, 343 displaying graphics files as thumbnails, 155 displaying in Windows Explorer, 123 in folder windows, 121 computer name Content view, for files and folders in the Content and access to network resources, 342 pane, 149 changing, 341–343 context menus, 446. See also shortcut menus finding information about, 24, 341 Control Panel, 18–22 computer settings, changing All Control Panel Items window, 19–21 administrator account required for, 43 browsing, 21 and User Account Control (UAC), 23 Category view, 18–19 Computer window Classic view, 18 accessing from the Start menu, 13 creating user accounts from, 47 changing views of, 125 defined, 446 to explore file storage structure, 123–124 displaying on Start menu, 13, 320 icons in, 125 Getting Started window, 9 link, displaying or hiding, 320 items, listed, 20 navigating, 125 items, opening, 21–22 opening, with Windows logo key, 14 Network Connections window, 98 computing session, ending, 36–39 opening, 18 Connect To A Network Projector (accessory), 11 overview of, 18 Connect To A Projector (accessory), 11 Personalization window, 296, 298–299 connecting to the Internet. See Internet, Search box, 21 connecting to searching for items in, 21–22 connection icon Small Icons and Large Icons views of, 19, 20 appearance of, 81 System window, 24 connecting to wireless network with, 67 uninstalling programs, 378–379 displaying available networks with, 66, 67–71 views of, 18 displaying network connection status with, 66 Window Color And Appearance window, 304 on taskbar, 66–67 Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), 335 Connection, taskbar notification area icon, 329 COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection connections, Internet. See Internet, connecting to Act), 291 connections, network. See network connections Copy added to file name, 173 content Copy and Paste file . See file content copying files with, 173 Web . See Web content setting security levels for, 277 Web page . See Web page content copying Content Advisor, 284, 286 files, with Copy and Paste, 173 allowing sites with, 287 undoing, 175 blocking sites with, 286–288 counterfeit software, identifying, xvii disabling, 290 CPU. See central processing unit (CPU) Please purchase PDF Split-Merge on to remove this watermark.
  15. Disk Management console 465 CPU meter gadget, 363 desktop computer Create A System Repair Disc tool, 12 connecting to a network, 67 Create Shortcut wizard, 188–189 defined, 447 credentials, defined, 446 Desktop Gadget Gallery Currency gadget, 364 defined, 447 cursors gadgets included with Windows 7, 363–364 blinking speed of, 427 online gadgets, accessing, 369 defined, 446 opening, 365 mouse pointers . See mouse pointers overview of, 351 Customize tab, 165 Desktop toolbar, 328, 332–333 Cut and Paste, moving files with, 173 Details pane adding properties in, 162 closing, 152 D date and time display. See also system date defined, 447 displaying file and folder properties in, 162 file sharing shown in, 90 and time in folder windows, 121 hiding, 334–335 Details view. See also properties, file and folder overview of, 335 for files and folders in the Content pane, 149 date, setting. See system date and time hiding and displaying properties in, 151 Daylight Saving Time, and clock settings, 335 sizing property columns in, 149 Default Programs link (Start menu), 320 sorting files and folders in, 151 Delete Confirmation dialog box, turning off, 181 device drivers. See drivers deleted files, and appearance of Recycle Bin, 6 Device Manager, 440, 441–442 desktop Device Stage technology, 394–395 background . See desktop background device window, 401 changing display of, 410 and Device Stage, 394–395 defined, xxxi, 4, 446 Devices And Printers deleting items from, 7 link (Start menu), 13, 320 Desktop toolbar, accessing items from, 328 window, 396–397 displaying on multiple display devices, 407–412 devices, peripheral. See peripheral devices duplicating, 408, 409 devices, sound. See sound devices extending, 407–408, 409 DHCP server, 202 icons . See icons dial-up connections, 201, 447 minimizing, 15 dialog boxes overview of, 5–7 check boxes in, xl preinstalled program icons on, 6 command buttons in, xl saving files or folders to, 7 defined, xxxi, 447 settings, changing with standard account, 43 links in, xl shortcuts . See icons list boxes in, xli desktop background, 5 moving between components, xli changing, 5 option buttons in, xli choices in Windows 7, 5 overview of, xxxix–xli color, changing, 309–310 sliders in, xli default, 5 spin boxes in, xli defined, 5 tabs on, xxxix image position in, 302–303 text boxes in, xli modifying, 301–303 digital signature, defined, 447 options for, 302 digital subscriber line (DSL), defined, 447 previewing, 307 disk drives. See also drives slide shows, 302, 303 displaying in Windows Explorer, 123 timed switching, 5 letters identifying, 115–116 using pictures from Pictures library, 308 Disk Management console, 116 Please purchase PDF Split-Merge on to remove this watermark.
  16. 466 display devices, multiple display devices, multiple, 407–412 DSL. See digital subscriber line (DSL) displaying or hiding items on Start menu, 320–321 dual monitor adaptor, for multiple monitor DLL. See dynamic link library (DLL) displays, 409 DNS. See Domain Name System (DNS) DVD drives. See drives Documents folder, vs. My Documents folder, 128 DVD installation, product key for, 375 Documents library, overview of, 116 DVD, installing programs from, 374 Domain Name System (DNS) DVDs, creating, with Windows DVD maker, 352 address, for setting up ISP accounts, 202 DVI port, 392 defined, 447 dynamic, defined, 447 domain names Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DCHP) in Address bar (Internet Explorer), 213 server, 447 friendly names, 206 dynamic-link library (DLL), 448 for setting up ISP accounts, 202 in Web site addresses, 206 of Web site or page, displaying, 209 domain user accounts, limitations of, 42, 47 E e-mail Inbox, opening from Command bar, 211 domains and clock settings, 335 e-mail messages defined, 447, 451 embedded Web pages in, 256–258 finding information about, 24 to groups, 372 logging on to, 68 links in, 256, 259 and work networks, 69 managing with Windows Live Mail, 370 double-clicking (mouse) phishing, 272 changing speed of, 421 sending Web content in, 256–259 defined, 447 URLs in, 256 icons, 7 Windows Live Hotmail, 256, 372 dragging e-mail program, default for Internet Explorer, 268 copying files, 173–174, 381 e-mail settings, transferring to new computer, xix defined, 447 E-mail User Protection Act (HR 1910), 375 gadgets, 369 Ease Of Access Center window, 14 moving files, 173, 381 Easy Transfer Cable, xix setting security levels for, 277 .edu, in Web site addresses, 208 without holding down mouse button, 421 ellipsis (...) drivers, 393–394 in button names, xxxvi defined, 394, 447 on command button, xl installing, 395–396, 398–399 in command names, xxxvi locating, 394, 398, 399 encrypted files, and Windows Search, 135, 139 and printer sharing, 406 encryption, for network routers, 71 retrieving latest with Windows Update, 398 ending a computing session, 36–39 drives Engelbart, Dr. Douglas C., 425 CD, floppy, and DVD, 123 Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) external hard disk, 123 ratings hard disk, size of, 178 listed, 60 internal hard disk, 123 used in Parental Controls, 58 naming, 91–92 ESRB. See Entertainment Software Rating Board network, accessing, 129–133 (ESRB) ratings network, mapping, 130-133 Ethernet, 201 removable storage, 123 adapters, 66 sharing, 91–93 cables, 448 USB flash drives, 123 defined, 448 viewing in Windows Explorer, 91 ports, 392 drop-down list box, xli events, planning with Windows Live Events, 372 Please purchase PDF Split-Merge on to remove this watermark.
  17. files 467 Excel, hyperlinks in, 209 Feeds tab (Internet Explorer), 211, 232, 233 executable files, defined, 448 File And Printer Sharing expansion card, defined, 448 network profile setting, 68 expansion slot, defined, 448 required for file sharing, 85 Extensible Markup Language (XML), defined, 448 verifying, 85 extensions, file name. See file name extensions file compression, 178–179 external hard disks. See drives compressing a file, 178 external peripheral, defined, 448 extracting contents of a compressed file, 179 viewing contents of a compressed file, 178 file content, in Content pane, 149 F Favorites bar (Internet Explorer) file name extensions defined, 448 displaying, 152, 161, 172 Add To Favorites button, 211 to identify associated programs, 383 adding current page to, 248 file names, with - Copy appended, 173 adding RSS feeds to, 232 file properties. See properties, file and folder customizing buttons on, 210 file share. See folders, shared defined, 448 file sharing, 68–69 Favorites button, 211 changing shared libraries in homegroups, 88 Get More Add-ons menu, 211 connecting to network resources, 129–133 personalizing, 211 in homegroups, 88 Suggested Sites menu, 211 overview of, 85 Favorites Center (Internet Explorer), 211, 247 and overwrite risk, 91 adding saved sites to, 247–250 passwords for, 69 closing, 248 permission levels for, 86 defined, 448 in public folders, turning off, 86–87 displaying pages from, 249 settings for, 85, 86 displaying temporarily, 248 sharing built-in libraries in homegroups, 88 Favorites tab, 211, 221, 247, 248 shown in Details pane, 90, 97 Feeds tab, 211, 232, 233 single files or folders, 89–91 folders and groups in, 248 and Sleep mode, 86 History tab, 211, 221, 247, 253 with specific people, 89 opening in a pane, 248 storing shared files, 147 organizing pages on Favorites tab, 249–250 with users without user accounts on your and RSS feeds, 232 computer, 90–91 Favorites group File Sharing Connections, network profile adding folders to, 186 setting, 68 arranging items in, 186 File Sharing wizard, 94–96 overview of, 186 file storage structure removing items from, 186 exploring, 123–124 Favorites menu (Start menu), 13, 320 importance of, 147 Favorites tab (Internet Explorer), 211, 221 libraries, overview of, xiii adding saved sites to, 247–250 and network storage locations, 123 organizing pages on, 249–250 overview of, 115 faxes, sending and receiving, 353 File Transfer Protocol, 206 Feed And Web Slice Settings dialog box, 234, 240 files Feed Headlines gadget, 233, 364, 367 access permissions for, 163 Feed Properties dialog box, 233–234 archiving, 163 feeds assigning properties, 162 defined, 448 changing default program for opening, 163 viewing from Feed Headlines gadget, 364 changing names, 172 Feeds button, 211 compressing . See file compression Please purchase PDF Split-Merge on to remove this watermark.
  18. 468 filtering files and folders files (continued) FireWire port, 448 in Content pane, 148 flash drives. See USB flash drives copying, 173, 173–174 floppy disk drives. See drives creating, 168, 170 .fm, in Web site addresses, 208 default display of, in folder window, 151 Folder Options dialog box, 152, 160 deleted, and appearance of Recycle Bin, 6 folder views, 148–149 deleting, 181 changing, 149, 161–160 displayed as content in Content pane, 149 changing default, 152 displayed as icons in Content pane, 148 Content view, 149 displayed as tiles in Content pane, 149 cycling through, with Views button, 149 displayed in list in Content pane, 149 Details view, 149 dragging to copy, 173–174 Icon views, 148 dragging to move, 173 List view, 149 encrypting, 163 restoring defaults for, 160 executable, 448 Tiles view, 149 filtering . See filtering files and folders using slider in Views list to change, 154 hidden, 117, 161 folder windows modification date, viewing, 162 Address bar (Windows Explorer), 119 moving, 173 check boxes in, 173 network, accessing, 129–133 column headings, 151, 154, 155, 156 with no program association, 384 Content pane, 121 opening, 10, 163 customizing, 152, 164–165 overwrite risk with file sharing, avoiding, 91 default display of folders in, 151 private, storing, 147 default view, changing, 164 program, 117 Details pane, 121, 173 programs associated with, 383, 383–384 folder icons in, 165 properties . See properties, file and folder Library pane, 121 recovering from Recycle Bin, 181 links on Start menu, 320 restoring previous versions, 163 menu bar, 121 saving, 168 navigation buttons, 119 saving to desktop, 7 navigation pane, 121 searching, in folder window, 119 optimizing for specific content, 164 selecting . See selecting files or folders overview of, 118 sharing . See file sharing Preview pane, 121 size, 171, 173, 178 Recent Pages button in, 119 sorting, in folder window, 151 Search box, 119 storage . See file storage structure title bar, 119 tags . See tags toolbar, 120 transferring to a new computer, xix folders types associated with Internet Explorer 8, 383 adding to Favorites group, 186 types of, 117, 162 changing names of, 169 unable to set passwords for, in Windows, 163 collapsing, 121 undoing copy or move, 175 compressing . See file compression user-created, 117 creating, 168 using Copy and Paste to copy, 173 customizing appearance of in folder windows, using Cut and Paste to move, 173 164–165 filtering files and folders, 151 deleting, 181 defined, 448 displayed in Content pane, 148–149 filter list, closing, 156 displayed in Content view, 149 by properties, 151 displaying contents of, 121, 123 removing filters, 151, 157 Please purchase PDF Split-Merge on to remove this watermark.
  19. hardware 469 expanding, 121 dragging, 369 in Favorites Center (Internet Explorer), 248 multiple instances of, 367 filtering, 151 online, accessing, 369 filtering contents of, 151 overview of, 363–369 grouping contents of in library windows, 150 and UAC, 364 icons, changing, 165 games icons, in Address bar (Windows Explorer), 119 ESRB ratings for, 58, 60 names, in Web site addresses, 207 included with Windows 7, 355 naming conventions, 343 rating systems, 58 network, accessing, 129–133 setting limits on, with Parental Controls, 55, 58 opening, from Start menu, 10 Games folder, on All Programs menu, 11 optimizing for specific content, 149 Games link (Start menu), 320 personal . See personal folders GB. See gigabyte properties . See properties, file and folder Gbps, defined, 449 public, sharing, 68 General Items folder template, 164 restoring from Recycle Bin, 183 Get More Add-ons menu (Internet Explorer), 211 saving to desktop, 7 Getting Started window, 9, 11 searching, 119, 136–137 .gif. See Graphics Interchange Format (.gif) shared, 150 gigabyte (GB), defined, 178, 449 sharing, from Properties dialog box, 164 Go button, Address bar (Internet Explorer), 220 sorting contents of, 151 Google Reader, 235 structure, importance of, 147, 168 .gov, in Web site addresses, 208 switching between, in Address bar, 119 graphical user interface (GUI) system-created, and Customize tab, 165 defined, 449 templates, 149, 180 overview of, xxxi types, changing, 168 graphics, 353. See also images; pictures viewing in the Content pane . See folder views graphics cards, viewing information about, views of . See folder views 441–442 windows . See folder windows graphics files Windows 7, in All Programs menu, 10–12 assigning subject property, 162 fonts displayed as content in Content pane, 148 Character Map, 428 displayed as thumbnails in Content pane, 155 copying a character from Character Map, 428 ratings, 162, 163 keyboard, viewing, 428 Graphics Interchange Format (.gif), 449 in Web content, changing, 263 graphics program, included with Windows 7, 353 Forward button (Internet Explorer) Greenwich Mean Time, and UTC, 335 appearance of, 223 grouping items, in libraries, 150 on tabs, 217 Guest account, 43, 449 Forward button, in folder windows, 119 GUI. See graphical user interface (GUI) forward slash (/), in Web site addresses, 207 frame, defined, 448 freestanding storage disks. See drives friendly names (for domain names), 206 H hard disk space, and Recycle Bin size, 183 hard disks. See drives G gadgets. See also individual gadgets hardware. See also keyboards; mice; monitors; peripheral devices; sound devices defined, 391, 449 adding from Desktop Gadget Gallery, 364–365 incompatibility, and Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor, defined, 448 xvii Desktop Gadget Gallery, 351 ratings, 434–437 viewing information on, 439–442 Please purchase PDF Split-Merge on to remove this watermark.
  20. 470 headphones headphones, 413–414 and home networks, 69 headsets. See microphones in System Window, 24 Help And Support, See Windows Help And Support joining, 75, 79–84 help for book/companion CD, xliii leaving, 80 help for Windows 7, xliv–xlix media sharing in, 88 Help link (Start menu), 320 membership in, 74, 79 Hibernate mode and non-Windows operating systems, 76 compared to Sleep mode, 37 options in the Share With list, 94 defined, 449 overview of, 74–75 hidden icons, displaying, in taskbar notification passwords, 75, 79 area, 330 printer sharing in, 80, 402–404 hiding information, with screen savers, 311 and shared computers, 79, 79–80 High Performance power plan, 343 sharing resources in, 88 history, browsing. See also Favorites Center, UAC, requiring, 69 History tab viewing creation information, 84 clearing, 254 Hotmail. See Windows Live Hotmail managing security of, 211 hover color, 264 History list, in Internet Explorer 8 searches, 242 .htm file extension, in Web site addresses, 207 History tab HTML. See Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and InPrivate Browsing, 282 HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol), 206 in Internet Explorer 8, 211, 221, 253 http protocol, in Web site addresses, 206 Home button, Command bar (Internet https protocol, in Web site addresses, 206 Explorer), 211 hubs home keys, on keyboards, 14 adding, 393 Home Network for connecting USB devices to multiple changing to, from Work Network, 82–83 computers, 394 and homegroups, 74 defined, 449 network connection type, 69 hyperlinks network profiles, 69 color of, 263–264 and public folders, 86 defined, 199, 449 without homegroups, 83 moving to a Web page with, 208, 210 home network, defined, 449 shortcut menu for, 222 home page in Word document or Excel worksheet, 209 adding or changing, 211, 265–267 hypermedia, defined, 199 blank page as, 262, 267 hypertext, 199. See also hyperlinks changing, 262 Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) defined, 449 defined, 449 displaying, 211 editing programs, in Internet Explorer 8, 268 multiple, 262 Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), overview of, 262 defined, 449 in Web site addresses, 207 HomeGroup Connections, network profile setting, 69 homegroup member, defined, 449 I ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names homegroups, 65 availability of, 82 and Numbers), 206 closing, 79 Icon views, for files and folders in Content creating, 75–78 pane, 148 defined, 65, 449 icons, 6–7 and earlier versions of Windows, 69, 76 in Address bar, 119 file sharing in . See file sharing connection, on taskbar, 66–67 Please purchase PDF Split-Merge on to remove this watermark.
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