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  • Peter Singer made animal rights an international concern in 1975 when he published Animal Liberation, an instant classic depicting the shocking and widespread abuse of animals. Thirty years later, Singer reflects upon changes and new challenges by bringing together specially commissioned essays by philosophers and activists, chronicling current thoughts on animal suffering, reassessing the question of personhood, and highlighting tales of effective advocacy.

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  • In early summer 2004, off the northern coast of the North Island of New Zealand, four swimmers were suddenly surrounded by a pod of bottlenose dolphins herding them into a tight circle. The dolphins were agitated, flapping at the water, and they continuously circled the swimmers, keeping them close together for over half an hour. A lifeguard patrolling in a boat nearby saw the commotion and dove in with the swimmers to find out what was happening. While under water, he saw a great white shark, now swimming away, beneath the swimmers.

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  • Congress established a standing disaster program in the 2008 farm bill— the Supplemental Revenue Assistance Payments Program. Under this program, Congress funded a $3.8 billion permanent trust fund and directed the Secretary of Agriculture to make crop disaster assistance payments to eligible farmers who suffer crop losses on or before September 30, 2011. USDA—through FSA—began making disaster payments under this program in early 2010 for crop losses incurred in 2008.

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  • This article analyzes and clarifies the situation of violating regulations on the use of prohibited substances and the abuse of antibiotics in livestock and aquaculture and its consequences for consumer health.

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  • Located at the interface of the geosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere, land is important for an understanding of both the natural environment process and those affected by human activities.

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  • Introduction: Phencyclidine (PCP) ( Fig. 8.1), a synthetic arylcyclohexylamine hallucinogen, had been first applied as an anaesthetic to animals and then to humans for a short period. PCP is known by street names of “angel dust” and “crystal”. Illicit use of PCP first appeared during mid-1960s along the West Coast, and then peaked in the United States in 1979; illicit PCP use declined by 1992. However, daily use of PCP has remained stable among young school seniors over the past decade; PCP is thus being an important drug of abuse [1–3]. It is being regulated as a subclass compound...

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  • Although advances have undoubtedly occurred, considered reflections about the seminal contributions of Bleuler - and indeed Kraepelin - in this centenary year, may make one wonder whether these treatment advances are a somewhat thin veneer, rather than the step change required. It could be argued that progress has been more due to changes in societal values and attitudes rather than the development of effective novel interventions – either pharmacological or psychological.

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  • Mobilizing the resources to reach the ICPD and MDG target of universal access to reproductive health by 2015 is essential if international development goals are to be realized. The challenge before the international community – donors and developing countries alike – is to move from declarations of good intentions to active partnerships and investments in a healthier future. This book provides an abundance of easy-to-access information that can be helpful in building the case for increased resources.

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  • Abuse of addictive substances is a serious problem that has a significant impact on areas such as health, the economy, and public safety. Heroin use among young women of reproductive age has drawn much attention around the world. However, there is a lack of information on effects of prenatal exposure to opioids on their offspring. In this study, an animal model was established to study effects of prenatal exposure to opioids on offspring.

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  • Forensic veterinary pathology is defi ned as the application of knowledge of veterinary pathology to the elucidation of evidence for the Courts. In other words, the purpose of conducting a forensic examination is: (a) to discover and record any injury, disease or abnormality, and (b) to interpret these fi ndings in a manner that allows a Court of Law to understand the cause(s) and signifi cance of any changes. Forensic pathology is a highly skilled task, and veterinarians undertaking forensic post-mortem examinations must be able to demonstrate that they are competent in this fi eld.

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  • Ninety million people migrate for work globally every year and an increasing percentage of those workers are moving between emerging economies, rather than to industrialized nations. Otherwise known as South-South labor migrants, these workers are filling jobs in manufacturing, agriculture, construction and service industries in countries like Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan and Egypt. Migrant workers provide a cost-effective and hardworking labor force in labor-intensive industries, but they are also vulnerable, isolated and often heavily indebted.

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  • Once upon a time, JavaScript was a dirty word. It got its bad name from being misused and abused—in the early days of the Web, developers only ever used JavaScript to create annoying animations or unnecessary, flashy distractions. Thankfully, those days are well behind us, and this book will show you just how far we’ve come. It reflects something of a turning point in JavaScript development—many of the effects and techniques described in these pages were thought impossible only a few years ago.

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  • This definition of elder abuse has been heavily influenced by the work done in Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States. Studies conducted in China (Hong Kong SAR), Finland, Greece, India, Ireland, Israel, Norway, Poland and South Africa have approached the topic in distinctly different ways (8). Norwegian researchers, for instance, identified abuse with a ‘‘triangle of violence’’ that includes a victim, a perpetrator and others, who – directly or indirectly – observe the principal players.

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  • Archimedes and Sons, Inc. is a developer and distributor of science and mathematics training programs aimed at community colleges and technical schools. Rather than provide CD-ROMs, which the technically-adept students tend to copy prolifically for their friends (thereby depriving A & S of their revenue), the firm provides interactive web-based training to user accounts (which are still abused, but less so).

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  • In toxicology the effects are normally correlated to the quantity of product to which individual animals or humans are exposed. The greater the mass absorbed, the greater the effect. In the case of NP, it has been clearly shown that the measured effects are not linked to the mass of the product, which challenges our entire approach to the classical interpretation of toxicity measurement. It is clearly shown that at equal mass, NP are more toxic than products of the same chemical composition but of greater size.

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  • Methamphetamine (METH) exerts significant neurotoxicity in experimental animals and humans when taken at high doses or abused chronically. Long-term abusers have decreased dopamine levels, and they are more likely to develop Parkinson’s disease (PD). To date, few medications are available to treat the METH-induced damage of neurons.

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  • 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA or “ecstasy”) is a worldwide drug of abuse commonly used by adolescents. Most reports focus on MDMA’s neurotoxicity and use high doses in adult animals, meanwhile studies in adolescents are scarce.

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