Accessing the internal file system

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  • Learn to develop Android apps with this complete yet gentle introduction to the Android platform. Out of all the books on Android, Hello, Android has the best flow and coverage for developers new to this platform. You’ll be writing Android apps in no time! Marko Gargenta CEO, , The third edition of Hello, Android gets you on the fast track of Android application development, from the basic concepts to publishing to the Android Market. Ed shows his vast experience on the subject and even covers hard-to-find topics such as multi-touch and OpenGL.

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  • A suspect hides the data in these files so that they are not accessible to anyone. There are various ways to hide the data in NTFS file system. This paper discusses about the hiding the data on the NTFS file system with alternate data stream.

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  • Chapter 12 - File management. After studying this chapter, you should be able to: Describe the basic concepts of files and file systems, understand the principal techniques for file organization and access, define B-trees, explain file directories, understand the requirements for file sharing,...

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  • Chapter 15 - Computer security techniques. After studying this chapter, you should be able to: Assess the key security issues that relate to operating systems, understand the design issues for file system security, distinguish among various types of intruder behavior patterns and understand the types of intrusion techniques used to breach computer security, compare and contrast two methods of access control.

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  • As surprising as it sounds, there are still people out there who use well-known exploits, such as war dialing, to gain unauthorized access. This term became popular with the film War Games and refers to a technique that involves the exploitation of an organization’s telephone, dial, and private branch exchange (PBX) systems to penetrate internal network and computing resources. All the attacker has to do is find a user within the organization with an open connection through a modem unknown to the IT staff or a modem that has minimal or, at worst, no security services enabled.

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  • You are the system administrator at BlueMoon Computers. You establish the internal network of a new branch of the organization by configuring the computers using NetBIOS names. The organization is working on various projects. The team members involved in the projects complain that they face difficulty in accessing the files related to their projects because of different locations at which they are stored. Also, they do not get timely access to the files because of congestion on the server.

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