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  • This paper applies machine learning techniques to acquiring aspects of the meaning of discourse markers. Three subtasks of acquiring the meaning of a discourse marker are considered: learning its polarity, veridicality, and type (i.e. causal, temporal or additive). Accuracy of over 90% is achieved for all three tasks, well above the baselines.

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  • This paper describes an operational system which can acquire the core meanings of words without any prior knowledge of either the category or meaning of any words it encounters. The system is given as input, a description of sequences of scenes along with sentences which describe the [EVENTS] taking place as those scenes unfold, and produces as output, a lexicon consisting of the category and meaning of each word in the input, that allows the sentences to describe the [EVENTS]. It is argued, that each of the three main components of the system, the parser, the linker and the...

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  • The filter compensates influences of the network to acquire accurate estimate of the system state and consequently ensures the convergence of the control laws. The optimality of the filter in term of minimizing the mean square error is theoretically proven. Many simulations and experiments have been conducted. The result confirmed the validity of the proposed approach.

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  • Consumers have only partial knowledge before making a purchase decision, but can choose to acquire more-detailed information. A …rm can make it easier or harder for these consumers to obtain such information. We explore consumers’information gathering and the …rm’s inte- grated strategy for marketing, pricing, and investment in ensuring quality. In particular, we highlight that when consumers are ex-ante heterogeneous, the …rm might choose an intermedi- ate marketing strategy for two quite di¤erent reasons.

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  • We present work-in-progress on the machine acquisition of a lexicon from sentences that are each an unsegmented phone sequence paired with a primitive representation of meaning. A simple exploratory algorithm is described, along with the direction of current work and a discussion of the relevance of the problem for child language acquisition and computer speech recognition.

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  • Here we address the problem of mapping phrase meanings into their conceptual representations. Figurative phrases are pervasive in human communication, yet they are difficult to explain theoretically. In fact, the ability to handle idiosyncratic behavior of phrases should be a criterion for any theory of lexical representation. Due to the huge number of such phrases in the English language, phrase representation must be amenable to parsing, generation, and also to learning.

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  • These SAR achievements with virus diseases in tobacco, papaya, chilli, potato and cucumber mean that promising results can be expected if SAR method is applied to RGSD and RRSD in rice. If successful, we can introduce this method to help farmers limit damage when they cannot avoid BPH at the beginning of crop. To reach this aim, the study was conducted in the net-house to find the best effective chemicals in SAR to RGSD if the rice plants were infected early, at 7 days after sowing.

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  • If natural language had been designed by a logician, idioms would not exist. They are a feature of discourse that frustrates any simple logical account of how the meanings of utterances depend on the meanings of their parts and on the syntactic relation among those parts. Idioms are transparent to native speakers, but a course of perplexity to those who are acquiring a second language. If someone tells me that Mrs. Thatcher has become the Queen of Scotland, I am likely to say: "That's a tall story.

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  • Feng Shui means the Wind and Water. When wind and water combines, they form energy which the Chinese refers to as "Qi". Every living things on the planet Earth is affected by it. For example, 70% of our body is water. Imagine, if the water you drink does not have good "Qi", you will get ill easily. Our body also needs air, the oxygen. If you don't breathe for 10 minutes, you will die. Therefore the study of Feng Shui is the study of how the "Qi" affects us.

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  • In this paradoxical universe the pursuit to discover its mysteries is limitless. The more we know, the more humble we become in the face of what we don’t and cannot know. There are innumerable ways and means for investigating and acquiring knowledge. Amongst these, there are disciplines of objective, experimentally verifiable sciences about which man naturally wants to know more and more. Why? How? Where? When? of everything -he keeps on wondering and inquiring about.

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  • What are human languages, such that they can be acquired and used as they are? This class surveys some of the most important and recent approaches to this question, breaking the problem up along traditional lines. In spoken languages, what are the basic speech sounds? How are these sounds articulated and combined? What are the basic units of meaning? How are the basic units of meaning combined into complex phrases? How are these complexes interpreted? These questions are surprisingly hard! This introductory survey can only briefly touch on each one....

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  • Transfer Pricing and Valuation in Corporate Taxation analyzes the disparities between both federal statutes and regulations, and reg- ulations and administrative practice, in a highly controversial area of corporate tax policy: intra-company transfer pricing for tax pur- poses. It addresses issues that often mean millions of dollars to indi- vidual corporations, and a significant fraction of the federal govern- ment’s revenue base.

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  • Benefiting from global economic integration is not easy. It means more than trading or even getting FDI. It means creating conditions so that local knowledge is attractive to higher value added activities that draw in high quality capital, technology and management. This inflow sparks further activity, faster growth, and acts as an inducement for young people to acquire ever-greater skills. How does one get started on this virtuous circle?

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  • Too often, our failure to succeed as crafts professionals lies not in the absence of talent or skills, but in resistance to acquiring a knowledge of sound business practices—especially those related to law and contracts. Like it or not, artists and artisans are as involved as other professionals in business and business law. Because art is at best a precarious means of life support, we require familiarity with applicable law in order to proceed easily and confidently in business transactions.

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  • This richly illustrated publication about scientific visual literacy critically examines the images and icons of evolution as they appear in scientific and in popular contexts. It seeks to help teachers to understand the complexities of evolution through visual means and, in the process, to acquire the skills needed to read the visuals with accuracy and depth of interpretation.

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  • This means that even people who do not consciously invoke God as a justification for war may be acting as if they were. Carl Jung stated, ‘anything we have heard or experienced can become subliminal, that is to say, can pass into the unconsciousness. And even what we retain in our conscious mind and can reproduce at will has acquired an unconscious undertone that will colour the idea each time it is recalled’. 10 Again and again, in churches, temples, mosques, meetinghouses, synagogues and...

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  • I’ll wager that no one reading this essay knows (or perhaps wants to know) the author of the ridiculous sentence in its title. Since the publication of Roland Barthes’s “Death of the Author” 40 years ago, many readers have acquired a seasoned skepticism about the authority and dependability of the authorial voice.1 Although Barthes suggests that the emergence of the reader comes at the expense of the author, authors (and artists) did not die.

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  • An open-domain spoken dialog system has to deal with the challenge of lacking lexical as well as conceptual knowledge. As the real world is constantly changing, it is not possible to store all necessary knowledge beforehand. Therefore, this knowledge has to be acquired during the run time of the system, with the help of the out-of-vocabulary information of a speech recognizer. As every word can have various meanings depending on the context in which it is uttered, additional context information is taken into account, when searching for the meaning of such a word.

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  • If your score is lower than you would like it to be, you may want to devote a little more than twenty minutes to practice each day in order to acquire some necessary research skills. Either way, the amount of time you devote to this book and these lessons will be time well spent. You will learn valuable techniques to help you write a good research paper on any topic.

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  • 2’,3’-Dideoxynucleosides (ddNs) are the most important class of compounds active against HIV/AIDS. They act as DNA chain terminators and competitive inhibitors of viral reverse transcriptase (RT). Currently, stavudine (d4T, Zerit) is one six drugs belonging to the ddNs family that are approved by the FDA. This article describes the synthesis of generic stavudine drug from thymidine in three steps. By mean of this synthesis, stavudine was obtained in a good yield. The structure of product and intermediate were established by NMR spectroscopies.

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