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Ad hoc network protocol

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  • In the Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET), there are several ways of attacking network operation bypassing fault routing information between malicious and normal nodes. It will degrade efficiency of the network so we cannot archive the purposes of the designed MANET.

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  • Wireless networks - Lecture 45: Review of Lectures 26-44. The main topics covered in this chapter include: overview of IEEE 802.11; problems with DCF, virtual carrier sensing, RTC/CTS protocol; Ad-hoc networks; expected properties of Ad-hoc routing protocols; limitations of QoS in IEEE 802.11;...

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  • Wireless networks - Lecture 28: Mobile Ad-hoc network. The main topics covered in this chapter include: introduction to mobile Ad-hoc network; routing protocol; expected properties of Ad-hoc routing protocols; a taxonomy for routing protocols in Mobile ad; some common protocols (DSDV, AODV, DSR, ZRP, TORA);...

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  • The research object of the thesis focuses on the load balancing routing algorithms and QoT aware routing in MANET. The research scope of the thesis is the DSR and AODV routing protocols.

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  • It is expected that many networks will be providing services at a time in near future and those will also produce different interfering signals for the current Slotted ALOHA based systems. A random packet destruction Denial of Service (DoS) attacking signal can shut down the Slotted ALOHA based networks easily. Therefore, to keep up the services of Slotted ALOHA based systems by enhancing the secured operating regions in the presence of the interfering signals from other wireless systems and DoS attacking signals is an important issue and is investigated in this paper.

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  • It is well known that neighbor discovery is a critical component of proactive routing protocols in wireless ad hoc networks. However there is no formal study on the performance of proposed neighbor discovery mechanisms. This paper provides a detailed model of key performance metrics of neighbor discovery algorithms, such as node degree and the distribution of the distance to symmetric neighbors. The model accounts for the dynamics of neighbor discovery as well as node density, mobility, radio and interference.

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  • In this paper, a new strategy of cross layer algorithm is proposed based on the characteristics of reactive routing and multi-hop jumping. In addition, artificial bee colony algorithm is performed to calculate the contention window of the nodes along the routing path over MAC layer

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  • The paper presents the results of a detailed packet-level simulation comparing three multi-hop wireless ad hoc network routing protocols under the load of different probability distributions, that cover a range of design choices having different protocol viz. AODV,DSR and GRP.

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  • In this paper we deal with the problem of packet forwarding misbehavior and study the effect of different attacks on AODV (Ad-hoc On-demand Distance Vector) routing since it is a mostly accepted network routing protocol for Mobile Adhoc Network (MANET).

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  • Advanced Encryption Standard and message authentication code based message digest 6 (MAC-MD6) algorithms for secure transmission of data over the MANET with AODV routing protocol.This proposed model will provide better performance in terms of Throughput, packet delivery ratio (PDR) and minimizes routing overhead as well as effective bandwidth utilization.

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  • The proposed scheme was compared with the randomized approach. The different parameters such as number of address conflicts, average end to end delay, average throughput, control load are analyzed and a comparison is made between two protocols. Results from the simulation experiments show that ID based addressing scheme outperforms randomized approach in all the metrics evaluatednumber of address collisions, average throughput, average end to end delay and normalized routing load.

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  • In Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET) is a Self-configuring network of mobile routers (and associated hosts) connected by wireless links. This MANET forms a random topology and routers move randomly free. Topology changes rapidly and unpredictably .Nowadays we are using so many protocols for maximizing the network bandwidth but, we can not attain the best throughout using protocols in MANET.

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  • In this paper we propose an adaptive congestion control algorithm using cross layer design, which out-performs even during constrained situation. For analyzing the performance we have chosen four popular routing protocols such as AODV, DSR, DSDV and TORA. We also observe through simulation in NS2 that AODV out-performs other routing protocols in normal situation and DSR out-performs in constraint environment.

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  • The results show that OLSR has the best results in terms of delay; load whereas AODV has the best throughput. AODV and OLSR perform well with large network sizes and high mobility, whereas DSR protocol performs at an acceptable level with lower mobility and smaller network sizes.

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  • In this research, output has been calculated every time by making the same chance and then, obtained information was investigated statistically for suitable protocols. In total, AODV protocol was recognized that had higher scores than DSR and could be used as an optimum protocol in robotic industries, technically

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  • Energy Efficient Load Balanced (EFLBAODV) and compared it to the traditionally existing reactive routing protocol Ad Hoc on Demand Distance Vector (AODV) thus using the load balancing technique to improve the node to node communication in our network. Also our routing protocol will be energy efficient as it will minimize the communication time and overheads thus utilizing the energy resources. Some important metrics like route discovery time, route errors, MAC delay, network load, end-to-end delay and throughput have been taken to evaluate the overall improvement in the novel protocol.

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  • In this paper, we proposed a novel Efficient Geographic Multicast Protocol (EGMP). A network wide zone-based bidirectional tree is used to achieve efficient membership management and multicast delivery. In Efficient EGMP an efficient distributed algorithm is used, that support dynamic changes to the multicast group during tree building and allows overlapping join/leave operations.

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  • In the other hand, SIP protocol, which knows a huge booming in internet networks, requires centralized entities, like proxy server, registrar server and location service; consequently SIP is not adapted to Ad Hoc networks. We have presented in a new technique VNSIP (Virtual Network for Session Initiation Protocol) to fix the problem related to constraints of SIP deployment in MANET (Mobile Ad Hoc Networks). In this paper we use a new algorithm which we have called MCAC (MANET Call Admission Control) to improve VNSIP Performances.

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  • The main method for evaluating the performance of MANETs is simulation. In this paper performance of Ad-hoc On-demand Distance Vector (AODV) reactive routing protocol is studied by considering IEEE 802.11 and IEEE 802.15.4 standards. Metrics like average end-to-end delay, packet delivery ratio, total bytes received and throughput are considered for investigating simulation scenario by varying network size with 10 mps node mobility.

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  • In this paper, performance of Ad hoc on-Demand Distance Vector (AODV) Protocol and Dynamic Source Routing (DSR) protocol are evaluated in presence of wormhole attack and without wormhole attack with Constant Bit Rate (CBR) traffic under dissimilar scalable network mobility. Also we evaluate effect and compare it with standard protocol in term of Packet Delivery Ratio, throughput and End to End Delay via simulation, using Network Simulation2 (NS2) for our research.

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