Advantages and limitations

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  • This paper introduces about AWJ system as well as about AWJ process parameters. Also, advantages and limitations of this type of machining are given.

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  • Genetic factors and environmental factors - lifestyle, personal and family medical history - need to be considered for a complete picture of risk assessment. This is because each of these types of risk factors has advantages and limitations in informing risk. For example, family medical history can capture general risk information for genetic factors inherited from one’s parents, but can be incomplete, unknown, or recalled inaccurately. Indeed, family medical history can often be one-dimensional and is affected by family size.

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  • The advantages and limitations of conventional structural MRI for the diagnosis and monitoring of MS are discussed by Andreadou (Chapter 15). There is often a disparity between the level of structural abnormality seen on MRI and level of cognitive difficulties expressed by the patient with MS. Clinical interview and neuropsychological assessment are vitally impairment, not only from an initial diagnostic perspective but also in terms of longer term planning and care.

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  • Different methods of soil organic carbon (SOC) determination namely Walkley and Black (WB), Modified WB, Photometric, gravimetric and dry combustion methods were compared. Each method has its own advantages and limitations. Percentage of carbon recovered ranged from 51.03 to 110.13 and the calculated correction factor (CF) varied from 0.90 to 1.95. Highly significant correlation (r) was obtained among all the SOC methods. The highest and lowest coefficient of determination (R2 ) was found in Heanes photometric (0.91) and gravimetric methods (0.75), respectively.

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  • 2016 marked the 50th anniversary of the discovery of Hatch-Slack pathway, more popularly known as the C4 photosynthetic pathway in sugarcane leaves. Since then, there had been a significant development in understanding the C4 syndrome and its evolutionary background. C4 photosynthesis produces almost a quarter of the world’s entire primary productivity, despite having merely a few plant lineages to compete with. This clearly depicts the extraordinary capacity of the system to effectively trap carbon and converting it into plant biomass.

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  • The contents of this chapter include all of the following: multiple encryption & DES, why not double-DES? triple-DES with two-keys, modes of operation, electronic codebook book (ECB), advantages and limitations of ECB, cipher block chaining (CBC).

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  • The goals of this chapter are: To examine the structure of specific media industries including broadcast, print, out-of-home and cinema and the role of each media channel in the IMC program; to consider the advantages and limitations of each media channel; to explain how audiences are measured and how rates are determined;...

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  • Written by an expert with over 20 years of experience in the field, this timely volume provides - in a single source - all aspects of humidity measurement and instrumentation, including rudiments and theory, common applications, advantages and limitations of frequently used sensors and techniques, and guidelines for installation, maintenance, and calibration.

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  • To study the non-credit services development on two aspects of scale and quality for identification of both advantages and limitations to the development of commercial bank's non-credit services in Vietnam. On that basis, the thesis proposes solutions for commercial bank's non-credit services development in Vietnam.

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  • After determining the measurement needs of your test system, you can begin architecting your hardware framework. Many test engineers jump straight into matching their measurement needs to instruments available on the market. A better approach is to first pinpoint a suitable test platform that can serve as the core or nucleus of your test system. You can choose from many platforms, most of which are based on one of the four most commonly used instrument backplanes/buses –PXI, GPIB, USB, and LAN.

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  • This chapter begins with a general discussion of the traditional IRA, what it is, when to use it, and advantages and disadvantages. A longer section on tax implications follows discussing contributions, investments, loans, distribution and rollover rules, and employer sponsored IRAs. After a brief section on learning more, the chapter closes with a short question and answer section which covers a few related topics.

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  • This chapter provides an overview of the Roth IRA. Following the same format as the previous chapter, it first discusses what is the Roth IRA, when is it indicated, and advantages and disadvantages. Tax implications are covered, including contribution rules, distribution rules, and rollovers. Following a brief section on where to find out more, the chapter concludes with a question and answer section.

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  • At the end of this lesson, you will able to: understand the advantages and limitations of Microsoft Word; and understand the function of Rich Text Format.

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  • his paper focuses on the feasibility, advantages and disadvantages of making use of contemporary WAN optimization technologies to overcome the challenges of degrading the performance of TCP in Ad-Hoc Networks. Moreover, the paper will also highlight the significance of the use of Ad-hoc networks by end users in accessing various cloud based services.

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  • Inducing calcium carbonate precipitation is another important function of urease in nature. The process takes advantage of the supply of carbonate ions derived from urea hydrolysis and of an increase in pH generated by the reaction, effects that in the presence of Ca2+ ions lead to the precipitation of CaCO3.

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  • It’s a prime concern for service provider to improve quality of their services on continuous basis to achieve sustainable competitive advantage, higher market share and profitability. Service quality can be measured through how well services meet up customers' expectations. The purpose of this paper is to review the literature and pin point different approaches available such as SERVQUAL, Kano model and Quality function deployment model.

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  • Welcome to JavaScript: A Beginner’s Guide! You’re obviously interested in learning JavaScript, but perhaps you’re not sure what you need to know to use it. This module answers some basic questions about what JavaScript is, discusses its advantages and limitations, explains how you can use it to create more dynamic and inviting Web pages, and provides a brief history of the language.

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  • CELLULAR MOBILE COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS: FROM 1G TO 4G The basic principles of cellular communications were explained in the introductory chapter, and terms such as cluster size and reuse efficiency introduced. In the following, some more considerations on the advantages and limitations of the cellular concept will be made before reviewing first generation (1G) and second generation (2G) cellular communication systems.

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  • This eBook describes the SWOT analysis, a technique that you can perform for producs, services, and markets when deciding on the best strategy for achieving future growth.

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  • In the past years, research in the field of responsive business environments has had many successes. The most significant of these has been the development of powerful new tools and methodologies that advance the subject of Business Intelligence (BI). This book provides the BI practitioner and researcher with a comprehensive view of the current art and the possibilities of the subject.

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