Agro-forestry techniques

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  • The University of Queensland, together with its Vietnamese partner institutions, propose a CARD project to enhance the teaching and research capacity of staff in the three institutions. This will be achieved through a project targeting agroforestry systems for livestock feeding in the northern provinces of Vietnam. The project will focus on the use of adapted multipurpose trees in small holder farming and livestock feeding systems.

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  • The study applied the soil, land and topographic data for analyzing the potentiality of land for trees /crops suitability in the Gumla district of Jharkhand, India. The remote sensing, GIS and GIS modeling techniques were used to achieve the goal. The soil fertility, soil wetness, and slope map are scientifically produced and integrated to find out the landscape suitable categories for prioritization of trees/crops scaling in the agroforestry domain. Additionally, we have examined the drift of loss of soil wetness using satellite data from monsoon to postmonsoon period up to the village level.

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  • In the area of agriculture we have eight chapters with different concerns such as conceptual problems related with risk analysis, the interaction between agriculture and the environment, water resources planning, agroforestry sys- tems management, simulation of effects on agriculture of changes in the common agriculture policy, and so on. OR/MS techniques used are basically the following: linear programming, multi-objective fractional programming, goal programming, multi-attribute utility theory and control dynamic optimi- zation. ...

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  • The web in recent years has experienced an explosion in the number of devices users employ to access services. A single user may access a certain service using multiple devices. Most services allow clients to access the service through a broker. The client is then forced to interact with the service via this broker throughout the duration that it is using the service. If the broker fails, the client is denied servicing till such time that the failed broker recovers.

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  • In 2010, an estimated 16 million operative procedures were performed in the United States.1 A recent prevalence study found that SSIs were the most common healthcare-associated infection, accounting for 31% of all HAIs among hospitalized patients.2 NHSN data for 2006-2008 (16,147 SSIs following 849,659 operative procedures) showed an overall SSI rate of 1.9%.

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  • Dacryodes edulis, with its potential dietary and medicinal uses, is an aging member of the agroforestry system and is classified among the priority species for domestication in Central Africa. Reliable techniques for producing quality planting materials other than seeds are urgently needed.

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