Alteration in endometrial

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  • During decidualization in endometrial stromal cells (ESCs), expressions of a number of genes and epigenetic modifications of histones are altered. However, there is little information about whether DNA methylation, which is another epigenetic mechanism, also changes during decidualization.

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  • Phosphatase and Tensin homolog (PTEN) is a tumor suppressor gene. Loss of its function is the most frequent genetic alteration in endometrioid endometrial cancers (70–80%) and high grade tumors (90%).

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  • Somatic amplifications of the LYL1 gene are relatively common occurrences in patients who develop uterine corpus endometrial carcinoma (UCEC) as opposed to other cancers. This study was undertaken to determine whether such genetic alterations affect survival outcomes of UCEC.

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  • Obesity is an important cause of multiple cancer types, amongst which endometrial cancer (EC). The relation between obesity and cancer is complicated and involves alterations in insulin metabolism, response to inflammation and alterations in estradiol metabolism.

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  • This study combines the discussions of the main impacts on the European food sector (food crises, technology progress, globalisation) with a forward looking exercise. As a result, key categories for future research in the European food sector are outlined, and potential research priorities are defined. The distrust of consumers towards policy makers and food industry in the wake of several severe food scandals obviously had a strong influence on scientists and experts linked to the present study.

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  • Of course, as is true for the sense of smell, a judge’s ability to taste substances in beer is useless unless that judge can accurately identify the substance and use appropriate vocabulary to communicate that information to a brewer. Meilgaard’s (1993) categorization system for beer flavors includes 6 general categories (fullness, mouthfeel, bitter, salt, sweet, and sour) consisting of 14 flavors that may be present in beer.

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  • A strategic plan is the formal written document which describes the strategy of the organization — including a description of the route you want to take from where you are now towards where you want to be in accordance with the approved strategy; including the organization’s vision, mission and values. The board’s governance responsibilities include approving strategy and the strategic plan.

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  • It is vital that sufficient information collection and analysis is undertaken prior to the conduct of a planning workshop. Information about existing problems comes from a variety of sources including interviews, surveys, reports and statistics. The likely relevance, feasibility and sustainability of an intervention are likely to be much greater if important stakeholders are consulted during situation analysis, and invited to participate in the planning workshop.

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  • This program focuses on farmlands located in Southern Thailand. ORRAF supports the initial budget to cover costs of clear felling, site preparation, seedlings, fertilizers, weeding and labour. The budget for the initial costs is 7300 baths per rai for a 7-year period, that is, until the farmer is allowed to conduct the first rubber tapping activities. Full payment of benefits is delivered to the small-scale farmer in seven instalments. The extension officers perform yearly auditing visits to the farmland sites in order to verify the proper use of funds.

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  • All of these methods of processing poultry manure will be discussed in greater detail later in this review. It is important to note that all of these systems have merit. A certain system may work for a particular operation but not for another operation because of certain circumstances, such as location, climate, size, land availability, crops, and markets. All of these factors greatly influence the way poultry manure is collected, handled and processed. Each system of collection, handling and processing has its own merits and uses.

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  • The governments of Finland and Korea both have demonstrated during past downturns that bold innovation policy initiatives can accelerate structural changes which face high obstacles in normal times (Box 1). Such initiatives require proper framework conditions and a coherent crisis strategy. Anti-crisis policy measures can provide built-in incentives to innovate Clearly, innovation will be one of the keys to emerging from the downturn and putting countries back on a path to sustainable – and smarter – growth.

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  • Our memory access mechanism provides hardware sup- port for unprivileged malicious software by allowing ac- cess to privileged memory regions. Malicious software triggers the attack by forcing a sequence of bytes on the data bus to enable the memory access circuits. This se- quence can be arbitrarily long to avoid false positives and the particular sequence must be agreed upon be- fore deployment.

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  • As cinema first evolved in the early 20th century, a particular style of shooting and editing geared towards making film narratives easier to understand developed. This became known as the continuity style and from the very outset, it proved popular with both filmmakers themselves and with audiences. The continuity style has since become the moving image’s most conventional and dominant mode of visual storytelling.

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  • The speci c robotic system considered is a vehicle whose kinematic model approximates the mobility of a car. The con guration of this robot is repre- sented by the position and orientation of its main body in the plane, and by the angle of the steering wheels. Two velocity inputs are available for motion control. This situation covers in a realistic way many of the existing robotic vehicles. Moreover, the car-like robot is the simplest nonholonomic vehicle that displays the general characteristics and the dicult maneuverability of higher- dimensional systems, e.g.

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  • Removing the constraint of acyclicity fromthe acyclic peer-to-peer architecture, we obtain the general peer-to-peer architecture. Like the acyclic peer-to-peer architecture, this architecture allows bidirectional communication between two servers, but the topology can form a general undirected graph, possibly having multiple paths between servers. An example is shown in Figure 7. The advantage of the general peer-to-peer architecture over the previous two architectures is that it requires less coordination and offers more flexi- bility in the configuration of connections among servers.

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  • In Kenya, small grant awardee Safe Womanhood Organization (SWH) held a large-scale pneumonia awareness event for Somali and Oromo refugees of Eastleigh residing in Nairobi. These refugees, who often do not speak English or Swahili — the languages of their host country — find it hard to decipher publicly-available information or to engage with neighboring communities. Thus, SWH designed an event to empower them to engage in intervention methods addressing the high rates of infant mortality within the population.

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  • Portal/Network tool (blogs, message boards, etc.) as a standard platform from which to share information and communicate. Additionally, an organization may have standard file naming conventions for their stored data on their internal share drives. Many of these tools and new technologies are used in today’s projects with team members and stakeholders often spread over wide geographic areas. Standardization provides a level of simplicity to an organization’s communication platforms and improves effectiveness and efficiency. For this project, ABC Corp.

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  • It is important to note that the represented labor force, at approximately 68% of total, is  the  largest  part  of  the  Port  Authority  employee  base.   The  Board  of  Commissioners  recognizes  it will  be  critical  to work  collaboratively with  both  represented  and  non‐ represented  employees  to  improve  efficiency  and productivity.

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  • We examine the effect of mandatory International Financial Reporting Standards (‘IFRS’) adoption on firms’ information environment. We find that after mandatory IFRS adoption consensus forecast errors decrease for firms that mandatorily adopt IFRS relative to forecast errors of other firms. We also find decreasing forecast errors for voluntary adopters, but this effect is smaller and not robust. Moreover, we show that the magnitude of the forecast errors decrease is associated with the firm-specific differences between local GAAP and IFRS.

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  • In January 2006, the avian flu virus spread west from Southeast Asia to Turkey, claiming the first human cases and deaths outside of Southeast Asia and China. In February 2006, the virus reached Africa and the Caspian Sea. Experts warn that no matter how prepared Canada is, we will not be spared from a pandemic, and that it could claim as many as 58,000 lives (See Fast Facts, Page 3). Once a pandemic virus emerges, it will be too late to begin planning. The virus is highly contagious and spreads quickly. There will be only...

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