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Tín dụng ngân hàng là quan hệ tín dụng phát sinh giữa các ngân hàng, các tổ chức tín dụng với các đối tác kinh tế - tài chính của toàn xã hội, bao gồm doanh nghiệp, cá nhân, tổ chức xã hội, cơ quan nhà nước.Tổng hợp các tài liệu, giáo trình, bài giảng về Ngân hàng và Tín dụng dành cho các bạn tham khảo học tập và nghiên cứu các nghiệp vụ Ngân hàng như: Tín dụng, nhận tiền gởi, tiết kiếm, dịch vụ thẻ, kinh doanh ngoại hối, chuyển tiền, ủy thác, thu chi hộ tiền hàng,... Thư viện đề thi và ngân hàng câu hỏi kiểm tra chọn lọc giúp các bạn tham khảo để chuẩn bị tốt cho các kỳ thi và kiểm tra các môn học trong ngành Ngân hàng và Tín dụng.
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  • This paper examines factors affecting the adoption of cryptocurrency across 158 countries worldwide. To this end, we collected cryptocurrency adoption data from Chainalysis’s reports and macroeconomic data from the World Development Indicators platform.

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  • Ebook "The new financial order: Risk in the 21st century" proposes a radically new risk management infrastructure to help secure the wealth of nations: to preserve the billions of minor and not so minor economic gains that sustain people around the world. Most of these gains seldom make the news or even evoke much public discussion, but they can enrich hard-won economic security and without them any semblance of progress is lost.

    pdf385p  tuongnhuoclan 28-11-2023 2 2   Download

  • Ebook "The geography of finance: Corporate governance in the global marketplace" tackles crucial issues regarding the emerging global market for corporate governance. The authors describe and explain the transformation of European corporate governance in the light of the imperatives driving global financial markets, using an innovative analytical framework.

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  • Ebook "The Asian financial crisis: Crisis, reform and recovery" provides answers to all the above questions and more, and gives a comprehensive account of how the international economic order operates, examines its strengths and weaknesses, and what needs to be done to fix it.

    pdf409p  tuongnhuoclan 28-11-2023 1 1   Download

  • Ebook "Technology and finance: Challenges for financial markets, business strategies and policy makers" cover the following topics: the impact of technology on financial institutions - evolution or revolution; the relationship between technology and financial markets, including the impact of 'electronification' on financial markets and deposit insurance systems; the real and potential impact of technology on productivity growth, and possible implications for economic growth, monetary policy a...

    pdf397p  tuongnhuoclan 28-11-2023 2 2   Download

  • Ebook "New ways for managing global financial risks, the next generation" looks at the present state-of-the-art in global financial risk management, and then at the innovations and solutions that are being developed to solve the problems with current methodologies. The author presents a closely reasoned explanation of why the traditional quantitative methods are no longer adequate and argues the case for the hybrid instrument that will arise from the merging of the capital and insurance markets.

    pdf168p  tuongnhuoclan 28-11-2023 1 1   Download

  • Ebook "Money, financial instability and stabilization policy" provide an indication of the wide-ranging interests and of the truly international scope of Post Keynesian research. The first half of the volume is theoretical, while the second half includes papers that are either empirical or more focused on specific concerns.

    pdf279p  tuongnhuoclan 28-11-2023 2 2   Download

  • In ebook "Invested interests: Capital, culture, and the World Bank" Benjamin contends that the World Bank has, from its inception, trafficked in culture. From the political context in which the Bank was chartered to its evolution into an interventionist development agency with vast, unchecked powers, Benjamin explores the Bank’s central role in the global dissemination of Fordist-Keynesianism.

    pdf310p  tuongnhuoclan 28-11-2023 1 1   Download

  • Ebook "Internet banking and the law in Europe: Regulation, financial integration and electronic commerce" is a book about international financial integration and cross-border trade in financial services and how the Internet can facilitate consumers’ access to financial services and firms’ access to markets across national borders.

    pdf404p  tuongnhuoclan 28-11-2023 1 1   Download

  • Ebook "Inside a class action: The Holocaust and the Swiss banks" provides an insider's view of a major lawsuit from its inception to its conclusion and will appeal to anyone interested in human rights, reparations, and international law. Through detailed research, court transcripts, and interviews with politicians, attorneys, historians, and survivors, Jane Schapiro shows how egos, personalities, and values clashed in this complex and emotionally charged case.

    pdf305p  tuongnhuoclan 28-11-2023 1 1   Download


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