Aluminum foils

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  • Already big in Asia and Europe, retort flexible packaging is poised to penetrate deep into lucrative North American markets still dominated by metal cans and glass bottles. by Andrew Mykytiuk, Editor-in-Chief Strength of the pouch has always been an issue. Most people associate metal cans with strength and can’t believe plastic can be as strong as steel—even people in the packaging industry. “I had one client take a #10 pouch and It tastes better throw it across the factory floor to see if Food packaged in a conventional can the seal would hold,” says Hoss.

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  • Science is a way of making and using observations. The ap- plications of science have played a central role in the ad- vancement of civilization.The Latin origin of the word science (scire) can be translated as “to know.” While some people might think of scientific conclusions as unchanging facts, our understanding is never complete. As the understanding of nature grows, old ideas that no longer seem to fit our obser- vations are discarded. The so-called facts of science are often temporary while the methods of science (observation and analysis) are permanent....

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  • Electrochemical double-layer capacitors store electrical energy at the phase boundary between an electronic conductor (electrode) and a liquid ionic conductor (electrolyte solution). In contrast to that, electrostatic space charge layers at dielectric oxide films, formed anodically on etched aluminum or tantalum foils of conventional electrolytic capacitors, should not be confused with the electrochemical double layer.

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