American revolution

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  • Tham khảo sách 'the diplomatic correspondence of the american revolution, vol. ix', khoa học xã hội, lịch sử văn hoá phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • The Correspondence between the old Congress and the American Agents, Commissioners, and Ministers in foreign countries, was secret and confidential during the whole revolution. The letters, as they arrived, were read in Congress, and referred to the standing Committee of Foreign Affairs, accompanied with requisite instructions, when necessary, as to the nature and substance of the replies.

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  • The Scientific Revolution expanded knowledge of the universe and the human body. It also gave rise to an intellectual movement-the enlightenment. The topics discussed in this chapter are: The scientific revolution, the enlightenment, the impact of enlightenment, the american revolution.

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  • In 1824, a mysterious plague strikes England's fair shores, worse than the American Revolution and the War of 1812, simply put the dead walk! It becomes a race against time as Captains William Parry and John Franklin traverse London, evading brain-seeking unmentionables at every turn.

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  • American Revolution: Biographies presents biographies of sixty men and women who took part in, influenced, or were in some way affected by the American Revolution. Among the people profiled in each of the two volumes are American patriots and presidents; colonists who remained loyal to England; Native Americans, royalty, politicians, scoundrels, and military officers from foreign nations who helped or hindered the American fight for freedom; writers, poets, and publishers; and heroic colonial women who wrote, took up arms, acted as spies, or raised funds for American independence....

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  • Tham khảo sách 'american revolution biographies.volume 1: a–j', khoa học xã hội, lịch sử văn hoá phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • At the start of the Revolution, the Colonies were cut off from the source of their usual drug supply, England. A few drugs trickled through from the West Indies, but by 1776 there was an acute shortage. Lack of coordination and transportation resulted in a scarcity of drugs for the army hospitals even while druggists in other areas resorted to advertising in order to sell their stocks. Some relief came from British prize ships captured by the American navy and privateers, but the chaotic condition of drug supply was not eased until the alliance with France early in 1778....

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  • Difficulty of obtaining supplies.--Letter to Dr Franklin, (St Ildefonso, September 10th, 1781), requesting supplies of money to meet the bills drawn on him; new financial regulations of Mr Morris; they will probably spare him the necessity of making further demands.--Receives advances from M. Cabarrus.--Dr Franklin permits Mr Jay to draw on him.--The Court prepares to go to the Escurial.--Note from Mr Jay to the Count de Florida Blanca, informing him of his intention of returning to Madrid.--Reply of the Count de Florida Blanca to the preceding.

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  • Previous to your attention to what follows, it will be necessary for you to know that I have lived with Mr Deane since his first arrival at Paris; that I took that city in my way from London to Nantes, to find a passage to my native country, and with despatches, which Mr Arthur Lee intrusted to my care, for the honorable Congress. Having a relapse of a disorder, which prevented me from travelling, I stopped at Paris, and endeavored to find out, by means of Count d'Estaing and other persons of eminence, the sentiments of the French Court respecting our affairs; and the moment...

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  • This volume will enable readers to understand how the Revolutionary American society dedicated to the noble aspirations of the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights could have adopted one of themost widely deplored statutes in American history, the Sedition Act of 1798.

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  • The writer of this book has been interested for many years in the subject of the sufferings of the American prisoners of the Revolution. Finding the information she sought widely scattered, she has, for her own use, and for that of all students of the subject, gathered all the facts she could obtain within the covers of this volume. There is little that is original in the compilation. The reader will find that extensive use has been made of such narratives as that Captain Dring has left us.

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  • When the county of Sunbury was established in 1765, there was no English settlement north of St. Ann’s and the river was but sparsely settled from that place to the sea. Nevertheless the immense forest wealth of the St. John was gradually becoming known and appreciated. The French ship of war “Avenant,” as long ago as the year 1700, after discharging her cargo of supplies for Villebon’s garrison and goods for the French traders, took on board some very fine masts for the French navy that had been cut upon the River St. John. Afterwards, when the control of...

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  • THE following sheets contain a journal of principal events of the French Revolution. The best authorities have been resorted to, and the facts are related without any comment. The reader will find a faithful outline of an interesting and momentous period of history, and will see how naturally each error produced its corresponding misfortune. Various causes contributed to effect a revolution in the minds of Frenchmen, and led the way to a revolution in the state.

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  • Written from widely different perspectives, these essays characterize the Great Revolution as the dawn of the modern age, the grand narrative of modernity. The scope of issues under scrutiny is extremely broad, ranging from the analyses of the hotly debated class character of 1789 and the problem of the nation state to the "Cult of the Supreme Being," the emancipation of the Jews, and the cultural heritage of the Revolution. Written from widely different perspectives, these essays characterize the Great Revolution as the dawn of the modern age, the grand narrative of modernity. The scope of...

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  • This tale of love and valor is woven around an episode of international history, the fifth siege of Quebec by the Continental troops, under General Richard Montgomery, during the war of the American Revolution. No event chronicled in the annals of the Republic or of the Dominion surpasses it in romantic interest and picturesqueness of detail; and for daring, courage and endurance of hardship, few adventures equal that midwinter attack on what was then an impregnable stronghold.

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  • Baseball evolved from a number of different ball-and-stick games (paddle ball, trap ball, one-old-cat, rounders, and town ball) originating in England. As early as the American Revolution, it was noted that troops played “base ball” in their free time. In 1845 Alexander Cartwright formalized the New York Knickerbockers’ version of the game: a diamond shaped infield, with bases ninety feet apart, three strikes-you’re-out, batter out on a caught ball, three outs per inning,...

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  • Rather than celebrating warfare, 50 Battles That Changed the World looks at the clashes the author believes have had the most profound impact on world history. Listed in order of their relevance to the modern world, they range from the ancient past to the present day and span the globe many times over. This book is not so much about military strategy as the implications of the battles that were vital in shaping civilization as we know it. Some of the battles in this book are familiar to us all-Bunker Hill, which prevented the American Revolution from being stillborn, and...

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  • Nearly one million weekly listeners trust NPR's Brooke Gladstone to guide them through the distortions and complexities of the modern media. This brilliant radio personality now bursts onto the page as an illustrated character in vivid comics drawn by acclaimed artist Josh Neufeld. The cartoon of Brooke conducts the reader through two millennia of history-from the newspapers in Caesar's Rome to the penny press of the American Revolution and the manipulations of contemporary journalism.

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  • Already big in Asia and Europe, retort flexible packaging is poised to penetrate deep into lucrative North American markets still dominated by metal cans and glass bottles. by Andrew Mykytiuk, Editor-in-Chief Strength of the pouch has always been an issue. Most people associate metal cans with strength and can’t believe plastic can be as strong as steel—even people in the packaging industry. “I had one client take a #10 pouch and It tastes better throw it across the factory floor to see if Food packaged in a conventional can the seal would hold,” says Hoss.

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  • I started exploring telecommunications’ frontiers at the tender age of nine, way back in 1964. That was the year I visited the New York World’s Fair and found myself, quite unexpectedly, drafted into a corporate public relations demonstration. Back then, nearly all U.S. telecommunications—hardware, software and service—was concentrated in the hands of a giant monopoly—the American Telephone and Telegraph Co. AT&T’s showplace at the fair was the Bell System Pavilion. (Fig. Intro.-1).

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