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  • Continued part 1, part 2 of ebook "Analog and digital circuits for electronic control system applications: Using the TI MSP430 microcontroller" presents the following content: examples of assembly-language programming; data communications; system power and control; a microcontroller application;...

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  • Massive multiple-input multiple-output (m-MIMO) is used to improve the robustness of data transmission and high sum spectral efficiency in 5G systems. For 5G New Radio (NR) systems need to be designed to reduce cost and complexity, most notably hybrid analog-digital beamforming with large-scale antenna array which has become a major research target.

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  • Wireless networks - Lecture 2: Introduction to Wireless communication. The main topics covered in this chapter include: wireless transmission; digital data analog signals; noises; atmospheric noise like thunderstorms; attenuation and other impairments;...

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  • Lecture Analog communication techniques. After completing this section, you will understand knowledge about: signals and spectra, random variables and processes, amplitude modulation systems, angle modulation, pulse modulation and digital transmission of analog signal, mathematical representation of noise, linear filtering of noise,...

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  • Lecture ELEC3540 analog and digital communications: Chapter 2 - Analog baseband transmission. After completing this section, you will understand the knowledge about analog baseband, discrete baseband and performance and reception.

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  • Research works have proposed 1-bit ADC as a good candidate for LS-MIMO systems in order to save both transmission power and circuit energy dissipation. However, we observed that previously reported P-LDPC codes might not have good performance for LS-MIMO systems with 1-bit ADC. Hence, we perform a re-design of the P-LDPC codes for the above systems in this paper. The new codes demonstrate a good coding gain from 0.3 dB at rate 1/2 to 0.5 dB at rate 2/3 in different LS-MIMO configurations with 1-bit ADC.

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  • A computer network is designed to send information from one point to another. This information needs to be converted to either a digital signal or an analog signal for transmission. In this chapter, we discuss the first choice, conversion to digital signals.

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  • Converting digital data to a bandpass analog traditionally called digitalto-analog conversion. Converting a low-pass analog signal to a bandpass analog signal is traditionally called analog-to-analog conversion. In this chapter, we discuss these two types of conversions.

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  • Chapter 3: Wireless and mobile computing transmission fundamentals. The following will be discussed in this chapter: Signals for conveying information, analog and digital data transmission, channel capacity.

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  • The following will be discussed in this chapter: Electric and magnetic field coupling; EM radiations; period, frequency, and wavelength; phase lag and phase lead; antennas why??? antenna analogy; why separate TX and RX antennas transmission are required; transmission line as an antenna; working of an antenna; far and near fields; antennas characteristics.

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  • The following will be discussed in this chapter: Signals for conveying information, time domain concepts, frequency domain concepts, relationship between data rate and bandwidth, analog and digital data transmission, analog and digital data, analog and digital signaling, analog and digital transmission, channel capacity, transmission media.

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  • This paper considers a mmWave system where the base station employs a hybrid analog-digital beamforming based on a subarray architecture. Based on a realistic circuit power consumption model that takes into account different signal processing steps at the transmitter, we analyze the energy efficiency (EE) of the system, which is defined as the ratio of the sum achievable rate over the total power consumption.

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  • Hybrid analog and digital beamforming (HBF) has recently emerged as an attractive technique for millimeter-wave (mmWave) communication systems. It well balances the deman d for sufficient beamforming gains to overcome the propagatio n loss and the desire to reduce the hardware cost and power consumption. In this paper, the mean square error (MSE) is chosen as the performance metric to characterize the transmission reliability. Using the minimum sum-MSE criterion, we investigate the HBF design for broadband mmWave transmissions.

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  • Multi-cell wireless systems usually suffer both intracell and inter-cell interference, which can be mitigated via coordinated multipoint (CoMP) techniques. Previous works on multi-cell analysis for the microwave band generally consider fully digital beamforming that requires a complete radio-frequency chain behind each antenna, which is less practical for millimeterwave (mmWave) systems where large amounts of antennas are necessary to provide sufficient beamforming gain and to enable transmission and reception of multiple data streams per user.

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  • Coldwater disease (CWD) is a bacterial disease that affects a broad host-species range of fishes that inhabit cold, fresh waters. This disease occurs predominately at water temperatures of 16 C and below, and is most prevalent and severe at 10 C and below. Coldwater disease occurs in cultured and free-ranging populations, with hatchery-reared young trout and salmon species especially vulnerable to infections. Flavobacterium psychrophilum is the etiological agent of CWD.

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  • Chapter 3 - Physical layer. In this chapter, the following content will be discussed: Circuits, digital transmission of digital data, analog transmission of digital data, digital transmission of analog data, analog/digital modems, multiplexing.

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  • Chapter 6 - Physical layer. In this chapter, we study the duties of the physical layer, first as a converter that converts data to signals, then as a manager that controls the medium. After reading this chapter, the reader should be able to: Distinguish between analog and digital data, distinguish between analog and digital signals, understand the concept of bandwidth and the relationship between bandwidth and data transmission speed,...

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  • The second edition of this accessible book provides readers with an introductory treatment of communication theory as applied to the transmission of information-bearing signals. While it covers analog communications, the emphasis is placed on digital technology. It begins by presenting the functional blocks that constitute the transmitter and receiver of a communication system. Readers will next learn about electrical noise and then progress to multiplexing and multiple access techniques.

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  • An electronic record is any information that is recorded in machine readable form.3 Electronic records include numeric, graphic, audio, video, and textual information which is recorded or transmitted in analog or digital form such as electronic spreadsheets, word processing files, databases, electronic mail, instant messages, scanned images, digital photographs, and multimedia files. An electronic recordkeeping system is an automated information system for the organized collection, processing, transmission, and dissemination of information in accordance with defined procedures....

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  • Transmission Basics In data networking, transmit means to issue signals to the network medium Transmission refers to either the process of transmitting or the progress of signals after they have been transmitted

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