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  • Consumer concerns on food safety and society awareness of chemical contaminants in the environment have increased in the past few years. As a consequence, more restrictions in the use of chemical products have been imposed at national and international levels. Pesticides are widely used for the control of weeds, diseases, and pests of cultivated plants all over the world, mainly since after Second World War, with the discovery of some organic compounds with good insecticide or herbicide activity. At present, around 2.

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  • The study was taken up with the main objective of identifying and analyzing the adoption of package of practices by the Chilli farmers as recommended by the scientists of ANGRAU. It was conducted in 2013 with a sample of Sixty (60) tenant farmers in the Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh. Cent per cent of the respondents fell in the category of fully adopted with respect to time of harvest. 86.67 per cent of the respondents fully adopted recommended doses of fertilizers; while the remaining 13.33 per cent fell in the category of partially adopted. 81.

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  • In agriculture, the use of pesticide has been the dominant form of pest management since the 1950s to kill pest organisms including insects, weeds, fungi and nematodes. In recent times, use of pesticides in rice and wheat cultivation has increased rapidly and this scenario contributes significantly towards adverse effects on human health, environment and on overall bio-diversity as these two crops are among the major food crops grown in India and study area.

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  • Advances in analytical chemistry methodology now allow us to detect the most minute trace amounts of pesticides. As this capacity grows, so does public concern about toxic contamination, resulting in stricter government regulations and a growing demand for even more sensitive, precise, and reliable analysis

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  • The determination of pesticides in food and environmental samples at low concentrations is always a challenge. Ideally, the analyte to be determined would be already in solution and at a concentration level high enough to be detected and quantified by the selected final determination technique (i.e., HPLC or GC). Unfortunately, the reality is far from this ideal situation.

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  • The neurotransmitter dopamine has been shown to inhibit fibrillation of a-synuclein by promoting the formation of nonamyloidogenic oligomers. Fibrillation ofa-synuclein is accelerated in the presence of pesticides and the neurotoxin 1-methyl-4-phenyl-1,2,3,6-tetrahydropyridine (MPTP).

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  • We have successfully studied the analytical method of polar pesticides like carbofuran, pirimicarb, thiodicarb, atrazine, simazine, carbaryl, diuron, isoprocarb in surface water and sediment by HPLC-UV. The method could be applied to HPLC- MS. The stable recoveries ranged from 79 – 110 % with surface water and sediment samples. Especially, a cleanup procedure combined QuEChERS method and solid phase extraction has been developed to analyse these compounds in sediment, a very complex matrix.

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  • The injudicious and indiscriminate application of pesticides to crops results in pesticide residues in food and food commodities with consequential hazards. The extent of hazard depends on the number of pesticide residues on crops and their toxicity. The main objective of this study was focused on determining the likely presence of pesticide residues in cereals and pulse samples in Sikrai Tehsil Dausa district, Rajasthan. The study was carried out for the year 2017 and 2018. 150 samples were taken from different farms and market analyzed using GC-MS/MS& LC-MS/MS.

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  • Fusarium species cause considerable crop losses worldwide and necessitate an expensive use of chemical pesticides. Resistant genes can be used to improve plant resistance through gene editing and gene silencing strategies. Currently, information on host defences against Fusarium species is limited. Through in-silico tools, identification of genes and understanding of disease resistance mechanism has become possible.

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  • This study pertained to the irrigated zone of Haryana state The study based on the data collected under the comprehensive scheme to study the cost of cultivation of wheat crop. Under this scheme from each of the 30 centers the data from ten farmers representing 5 size holdings that were upto 1 ha, 1 to 2 ha, 2 to 4 ha, 4 to 6 ha and above 6 ha were collected by the Agriculture Inspectors in different zones. Thus, in all data from sample size of three hundred farmers were collected. The inputs included in this study are seed, irrigation, fertilizer, insecticide, pesticide and herbicide.

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  • Vegetables and fruits are vital constituents of human diet, as it provides necessary minerals and nutrients to human body to carry out biological reactions and provide protection against various diseases and injuries. Solanum lycopersicum (tomato) is consider as cash crop in Asian countries and are fine source of vitamin C, potassium, folate, vitamin K, and other bioactive compounds including, phenolics, flavonoids, carotenoids, and alkaloids. Similar to other crops, tomato quality and yield is also affected by pests. Globally, approximately 37.8% of tomato yield is spoiled due to pests.

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  • Since the middle of last century, the use of organic synthetic pesticides became a widespread practice, in order to better prevent, control and destroy pests. Despite their usefulness in the increment of food production, the extensive use of pesticides during production, processing, storage, transport or marketing of agricultural commodities can led to environmental contamination and to the presence of residues in food.

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  • Introduction: Since 1965, when the paraquat herbicide had started to be sold, its poisoning cases increased year by year. However, in 1986, mixture products of paraquat plus diquat with lower toxicity appeared; just after this year, the numer of cases of poisoning by paraquat (plus diquat) decreased suddenly, followed by the gradual decrease until now, but the paraquat (plus diquat) poisoning cases still count as much as about 40 % of the total number of pesticide poisoning [1].

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  • Most people are aware of and concerned with the health effects of pesticide residues in the water they drink and the food they eat, but many are surprised to learn that pesticides are commonly found in air and rain. Scientific studies of pesticides in various atmospheric matrices (air, rain, snow, aerosols, and fog) have been ongoing for 40 years. When taken together, these studies, many of which are small and focused, provide a significant contribution to answering the questions when, where, how, and why pesticides are in the atmosphere.

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  • This meant that the plants were doing little in the beginning to clean the inflow. In the beginning it was not known if the plants would survive such a harsh environment. But after five months the plants have proven that they are a plant well designed for this environment. Some benefits about these plants are that they produce no seed, have no rhizomes, and can only reproduce by physically moving a piece of the plant. At five months, the plants are three feet in height and the root systems are now reaching the bottom of...

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  • The maintenance and operation of public swimming pools falls under the primary authority of the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, Environmental Health Division, formerly Public Health Department. Yet, Michigan Department of Agriculture regulates the use of pesticides, which includes some chemicals used in swimming pool maintenance. Therefore, public pool operations require that the owner and operator comply with both departments’ rules governing the safe and lawful operation of swimming pools.

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  • Nitrogen percentage of the products were varied from 4.0% to 6.3%. Sorbents with predicted capacity of 4.5%, 5.0%, 6.3%, and 6.5% were synthesized. The results showed that the actual capacities of the products were close to the predictions, especially for those in the experimental domain, indicating a good model that can be used to prepare sorbents of any desired capacity.

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  • Ecdysteroids are hormones with an important role in the molting, reproduction and immunological defense of arthropods. Ecdysone Receptor (EcR) is a protein that belongs to the superfamily of nuclear receptors, widely studied for pesticide discovery. Currently, several non-steroidal molecules, belonging to the chemical group of diacilhydrazines (DAH), are commercially available for pest control. Such molecules are specific for lepidopteran or coleopteran pests. Hemipterans are important pests in most crops and many cases of pesticide resistance are reported.

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  • Repeated exposure to agro-chemical pesticides may increases the pesticide accumulation in food chain and adversely affect on human and environment. Hence, part of farming community shifting from chemical inputs to bio-inputs. In this regard, this study was conducted to know the extent of awareness, usage pattern, product differentiation, factors affecting and purchase pattern of bio-pesticides in Chitradurga and Davanagere districts in Karnataka state. The data pertaining to this study was collected with the help of pre-tested questionnaire during the agricultural year 2018.

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  • Cotton the “white gold” is premier industrial crop of major cotton growing countries like China, India, United States of America, Pakistan, Brazil, Uzbekistan, Egypt, Argentina, Australia and Turkey which accounts for nearly 85 per cent of the total global production. Apart from the increasing production of synthetic fibre, cotton has maintained its reputation as “king of the fibre crops”. It is world’s most important textile fibre and oil seed crop. The present study was conducted in Sirsa and Fatehabad district of Haryana state, purposively in the year 2015-16. Two blocks viz.

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