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  • Negation is present in all human languages and it is used to reverse the polarity of part of statements that are otherwise affirmative by default. A negated statement often carries positive implicit meaning, but to pinpoint the positive part from the negative part is rather difficult. This paper aims at thoroughly representing the semantics of negation by revealing implicit positive meaning. The proposed representation relies on focus of negation detection. For this, new annotation over PropBank and a learning algorithm are proposed. ...

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  • This paper presents an unsupervised method for deriving inference axioms by composing semantic relations. The method is independent of any particular relation inventory. It relies on describing semantic relations using primitives and manipulating these primitives according to an algebra. The method was tested using a set of eight semantic relations yielding 78 inference axioms which were evaluated over PropBank.

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  • This paper proposes a knowledge representation model and a logic proving setting with axioms on demand successfully used for recognizing textual entailments. It also details a lexical inference system which boosts the performance of the deep semantic oriented approach on the RTE data. The linear combination of two slightly different logical systems with the third lexical inference system achieves 73.75% accuracy on the RTE 2006 data.

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  • This paper describes a novel framework for interactive question-answering (Q/A) based on predictive questioning. Generated off-line from topic representations of complex scenarios, predictive questions represent requests for information that capture the most salient (and diverse) aspects of a topic. We present experimental results from large user studies (featuring a fully-implemented interactive Q/A system named F ERRET) that demonstrates that surprising performance is achieved by integrating predictive questions into the context of a Q/A dialogue. ...

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  • Parsing is a computationally intensive task due to the combinatorial explosion seen in chart parsing algorithms that explore possible parse trees. In this paper, we propose a method to limit the combinatorial explosion by restricting the CYK chart parsing algorithm based on the output of a chunk parser. When tested on the three parsers presented in (Collins, 1999), we observed an approximate three–fold speedup with only an average decrease of 0.17% in both precision and recall.

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