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  • The reader is provided with information on how to choose between the techniques and how to design a system that takes advantage of the best features of each of them. Imminently practical in approach, the book covers sampled data systems, choosing A-to-D and D-to-A converters for DSP applications, fast Fourier transforms, digital filters, selecting DSP hardware, interfacing to DSP chips, and hardware design techniques. It contains a number of application designs with thorough explanations.

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  • Today’s control system designers face an ever-increasing “need for speed” and accuracy in their system measurements and computations. New design approaches using microcontrollers and DSP are emerging, and designers must understand these new approaches, the tools available, and how best to apply them. This practical text covers the latest techniques in microcontroller-based control system design, making use of the popular MSP430 microcontroller from Texas Instruments.

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  • Digital signal processing (DSP) covers a wide range of applications in which the implementation of high-performance systems to meet stringent requirements and performance constraints is receiving increasing attention both in the industrial and academic contexts. Conceived to be available to a wide audience, the aim of this book is to provide students, researchers, engineers and the industrial community with a guide to the latest advances in emerging issues in the design and implementation of DSP systems for application-specific circuits and programmable devices....

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  • Existing AM and FM broadcasting have remained relatively unchanged since the 1960s when FM stereo transmission was introduced. Meanwhile, audio recording techniques have undergone tremendous change from traditional analog to high quality digital recording with the introduction of compact disc, and most recently MP3 compressed audio recording to permit music be transmitted via the Internet. Traditional analog broadcasts were originally designed for stationary receivers and suffer from degradation of the received signal when used in a mobile environment with weak signal strength and multipath...

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  • Clear and concise explanations of practical DSP techniques. Written for scientists and engineers needing the power of DSP, but not the abstract theory and detailed mathematics.Clear and concise explanations of practical DSP techniques. Written for scientists and engineers needing the power of DSP, but not the abstract theory and detailed mathematics.

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  • Infinite Impulse Response Filters • • • • • Infinite impulse response filter structures: direct form I, direct form II, cascade, and parallel Bilinear transformation for filter design Sinusoidal waveform generation using difference equation Filter design and utility packages Programming examples using TMS320C6x and C code The finite impulse response (FIR) filter discussed in Chapter 4 has no analog counterpart. In this chapter we discuss the infinite impulse response (IIR) filter that makes use of the vast knowledge already acquired with analog filters.

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  • Systolic architectures are designed by using linear mapping techniques on regular dependence graphs (DG). Systolic architectures have a space-time representation where each node is mapped to a certain processing element (PE) and is scheduled at a particular time instance. Chapter 7 will discuss the systolic architecture design, inviting you refer.

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