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  • Professional programmers develop a knack of unerringly zeroing in on the root cause of a bug. They can do that because they’ve written a lot of buggy code and then gained experience fixing it. This book captures all this experience—use it, and you’ll find you write fewer bugs, and the ones you do write will become easier to hunt down.

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  • Some DoS attacks can be avoided by applying vendor patches to affected software. For example, many vendors have patched their IP implementations to prevent intruders from taking advantage of the IP reassembly bugs. A few DoS attacks cannot be stopped, but their scope of affected areas can be constrained.

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  • Document external code dependencies and include these in the packaging if possible. Correct behaviour of software usually depends on the build environment and a large number of external components. Wherever possible the development and packaging should actively prevent an insecure deployment by dependency management. However, it should be noted that overly strict and detailed dependency specification may lead to restrictions in upgradeability.

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  • Chapter 8 Statements switch (i) { case 0: CaseZero(); goto case 1; case 1: CaseZeroOrOne(); goto default; default: CaseAny(); break; } Multiple labels are permitted in a switch-section. The example switch (i) { case 0: CaseZero(); break; case 1: CaseOne(); break; case 2: default: CaseTwo(); break; } is legal. The example does not violate the "no fall through" rule because the labels case 2: and default: are part of the same switch-section. The “no fall through” rule prevents a common class of bugs that occur in C and C++ when break statements are accidentally omitted.

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