Antennas for automobiles

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  • An automobile was seen as a simple accessory of luxury in the early years of the past century. Therefore, it was an expensive asset which none of the common citizen could afford. It was necessary to pass a long period and waiting for Henry Ford to establish the first plants with the series fabrication. This new industrial paradigm makes easy to the common American to acquire an automobile, either for running away or for working purposes.

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  • MOBILE AND TRANSPORTABLE PHONES To be able to place and receive telephone calls for various wireless applications — a telephone for the construction site, or on a boat, for example — you may want to consider a transportable phone. Vehicleinstalled phones used to be the primary type of cellular phone, and are still important for many users. CAR CELLULAR TELEPHONE COMPONENTS A typical cellular phone installation for an automobile consists of four basic components: the power source, the control head, the transceiver/logic unit, and the antenna (see Figure 8.1).

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