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Approach to endometriosis

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  • Part 1 of ebook "Minimally invasive gynecology: An evidence based approach" provide readers with content about: anatomy and surgical routes; endometriosis; general gynecologic procedures; anatomical landmarks in deep endometriosis surgery; patient language in endometriosis surgery; surgical treatment of deep endometriosis;... Please refer to the part 1 of ebook for details!

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  • The evolution of India’s automotive industry is identified to have occurred in four phases. In the first (1947-1965) and second phase (1966-1979), the important policies identified were related to protection, indigenisation and regulation of the industry. On the one hand, these policies helped India to build an indigenous automotive industry, while on the other it led to unsatisfactory industry performance. In the third phase (1980-1990), the single most important policy identified was the one with regard to relaxation in the means of technology acquisition.

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  • Multi-Nozzle Quiet Combustors (MNQC) and single nozzle diffusion combustors provide the capability to some gas turbines to burn liquid fuels and gases with high CO2, CO or H2 content. In the case of these systems, water and steam are often injected into the combustor as a means of reducing/controlling emissions levels. However, it should also be noted that water or steam injection can also be used as a means of gas turbine power augmentation.

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  • The definition of research priorities for the European food sector will necessarily focus on the single stages of the food chain, from raw material production through post harvesting, processing, post-processing, and distribution to the end consumer. Therefore it’s essential to have at the beginning an idea of the current state of the art of the sector and the main developments along the food chain at the moment. During the next 10 years, the European food sector will continue its since long ongoing structural transition.

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  • the end consumer as the most important element in the food chain, and to re- construct the single elements of the food production and distribution process from the consumers perspective – in other words to start a reversed food chain thinking. This approach makes it possible to come to a kind of hierarchical analysis of the research issues in three main categories1 : Consumer Science Consumer confidence in food safety has recently dropped to very low levels, as illustrated e.g.

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  • Feeds can contain both high and low water percentages. Examples of feeds with high water contents are young grass (± 15% DM) and cabbage (

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  • As Thomas writes, media education in India is still in an experimental stage with very little feedback. Besides the concepts of media education are rather geared to the Western hemisphere and India being a developing country has very different concerns about development. These kinds of changes in the Asian context demand an alternative definition and approach to media education to the one outlined by Masterman (1985).

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  • There are only a couple of educational institutions including universities that look into media education, and offer projects and conferences. According to Kumar, media education should lead to democratic communication. He defines media education as a teaching method that uses formal, non-formal, and informal approaches to impart a critical understanding of various media in order to lead to greater responsibility, greater participation in the production of media as well as to a greater interest in the sales and reception of media.

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  • The size of the board is a big factor in its effectiveness. As the number of directors increases over about 10, it becomes harder to involve everyone in debates that lead to sound decisions. It is usually best to keep the board at a manageable size. Building an effective board starts with a review of the composition of the board and the needs of the organization for specific skills, knowledge and experience. From this the organization can develop profiles of the positions it needs and begin recruiting to fill them.

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  • Surveys can help you gather performance information from a variety of sources. Typically, survey questions are geared to the categories established by in the executive job description, though they could also be tied to goals specified in an annual plan. Such areas might include finance, fundraising, community relations, human resources, program performance, planning, and governance.

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  • For clarity, we’ve separated these into three approaches. In reality, organizations often combine these options. In some cases, they will cast a very broad net, (sometimes called a “360-degree assessment”). They may review only the organization and interpret the results as a reflection of the director, or they may use the combined approach to review the executive director. At the conclusion of this booklet, we’ll describe how one organization actually reviews its director—not as a model for you to follow, but as an illustration of what works in one organization....

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  • KDHS shows an improvement on the percentage of babies’ breastfed within one hour of birth from 52.3% (2003) to 58.1% (2008/09). However, this indicator has stagnated between 52% and 58% since 1993 with 2003 registering the lowest prevalence. The Kenya Service Provider Assessment (2010) reports that in all observed live newborns, mothers of 76% of newborns were assisted to initiate breastfeeding. These are deliveries conducted in the health facilities. However, only 43% of births are delivered in health facilities while 56% of births take place at home.

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  • Hooded seals are considerably less abundant than harp seals. The 1990 hooded seal population was estimated between 400,000 and 450,000. The TAC for hooded seals (10,000 seals) is considerably below the replacement yield, which is estimated to be between 24,000 and 34,000 animals, depending on the age composition of the hunt. Genetic work aimed at separating the distinct populations of hooded seals in the Canadian Atlantic region is underway, and satellite tagging of these animals has been undertaken.

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  • The risk of arterial disease and microvascular complications in people with diabetes are known to be related to the extent of hyperglycaemia with time. While the lifestyle, oral agent, and injectable therapies discussed in this guideline can improve blood glucose control, their efficacy is limited, as the underlying pathogenesis of diabetes worsens with time. As symptoms are not a reliable guide to blood glucose control in people on therapy, it is important to have an accurate means of measuring blood glucose control over time, to enable decision-making.

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  • Volunteers Provide Substantial Benefits to Charities and Congregations. In 2003, approximately 63.8 million Americans volunteered in or through an organization, while thousands of charities and congregational social service programs engaged and managed these volunteers. Charities and congregations report that these volunteers are important to their operations, and that volunteers do a good job in providing services.

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  • Charities and Congregations Are Ready and Willing. We asked respondents how many additional volunteers their organization could absorb and utilize effectively, given their present capacity to manage or work with volunteers and given unlimited availability of volunteers. Fully 91 percent of charities and 96 percent of congregational social service outreach programs said they could currently take on at least some additional volunteers at present capacity. Demand for Volunteers among Charities Is High.

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  • The adoption of software-defined test systems is the most significant trend among these industry- leading test engineering teams. Engineers are using software-defined test systems to achieve new levels of measurement performance and lower test costs. The quick return on investment from these benefits is contributing significantly to the mainstream adoption of the software-defined test system approach. Thousands of companies are building software-defined test systems based on NI software tools and the open, multivendor PXI hardware standard.

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  • Since 2007 (with our Christmas special, Shrek the Halls), the Company has also produced half- hour television specials based on its films Shrek, Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar and Monsters vs. Aliens. In connection with these specials, the Company has, from time to time, directly entered into various network television distribution agreements and in 2011 entered into a long-term distribution agreement with Netflix covering various of these specials (as well as the Company’s feature film releases beginning in 2013).

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  • Also, a written agreement must be signed by both parties saying that it is a work made for hire. If the project doesn’t meet all of these criteria, work- for-hire does not apply. Copyright will belong to you unless you assign it to your client. (More information about copyright is available in the AIGA publication “Guide to Copyright” and directly from the U.S. Copyright Offi ce at

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  • The pricing system used in this occasion describes how much money a smallholder earns from selling the trees from one rai. In case of a high latex- yielding clone the farmer can sell the wood for average price of BHT 50 000 from one rai. If the smallholder has been harvesting a clone combining high latex yield and high wood yield, he can get as much as BHT 70 000 per rai. The yield per hectare is in average 138,9 m3 , but due to inaccessibility of plantation areas only 75 % of available logs will reach the sawmills in...

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