Atmospheric pressure

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  • A cold atmospheric pressure gliding arc plasma jet has been developed and applied to disinfection. The size of the plasma output is about 6 mm in diameter and 10 mm in length. Ar gas at a flow rate of 10 slm and 25 W plasma power are used. Plasma discharge is produced between the divergent electrodes and the jet appears as an effluence of the gas flow. When a pseudomonas culture is placed at 8 mm below the torch for 1minute, where the gas is at room temperature, the bacteria within a 16 mm diameter circle are almost completely killed.

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  • Tuyển tập báo cáo các nghiên cứu khoa học quốc tế ngành hóa học dành cho các bạn yêu hóa học tham khảo đề tài: Growth of carbon nanowalls at atmospheric pressure for one-step gas sensor fabrication

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  • The surface morphology and structural characteristics of synthesized ZnO nanostructured materials revealed a highly crystalline structure with an average diameter of about 30 nm and length of several micrometers. The mechanism of co-deposition of ZnO nanowires and nanotetrapods during vapor transport at atmospheric pressure was proposed.

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  • Helicopter aerodynamics is the branch of physics dealing with the forces and pressures exerted by air in motion. The atmosphere, the mass of air, which completely envelops the earth, is composed of varying and nonvarying constituents. The nonvarying constituents include oxygen (21%) and nitrogen (78%). The varying constituents include CO2, argon, hydrogen, helium, neon, krypton, and water vapor, which will vary from negligible amounts to approximately 4% by volume (100% relative humidity). Air is a fluid and is affected by changes in temperature, pressure, and humidity....

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  • More and more evidence of global climate warming, sea level rise, droughts, floods and climate extremes are recorded. In Vietnam, the manifestation of climate change (CC) is often considered as changing the level and trend of variation of main climatic elements and sea level. However, Vietnam climate influenced by the characteristics of atmospheric circulation in the Earth climate system.

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  • Ion hóa bằng phun điện ESI (Electrospray Ionization) LC-MS • Tách bằng LC Xác định bằng MS • Khó khăn: loại ảnh hưởng của dung môi và các thành phần trong pha động; không có thư viện phổ • Để ghép nối giữa LC và MS: • giao diện ion hoá hoá học ở áp suất thường (atmospheric pressure chemical ionisation)

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  • Diesel engines, also known as CI engines, possess a wide field of applications as energy converters because of their higher efficiency. However, diesel engines are a major source of NOX and particulate matter (PM) emissions. Because of its importance, five chapters in this book have been devoted to the formulation and control of these pollutants. The world is currently experiencing an oil crisis. Gaseous fuels like natural gas, pure hydrogen gas, biomass-based and coke-based syngas can be considered as alternative fuels for diesel engines.

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  • Larry Bachus and Angel Custodio met each other in the early 1990s in Puerto Rico. Larry was working on a pump and seal conversion in a pharmaceutical chemical plant and Angel was installing a computerized preventive maintenance system in the same plant. They had passed each other in the administrative offices at the plant and one day the maintenance engineer introduced them and suggested they work together. They became fast friends and have worked together on numerous projects over the years since, including this book....

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  • stress [stres] (n): sự căng thẳng; tâm trạng căng thẳng - The stresses of morden life: những sự căng thẳng của cuộc sống hiện đại stressful ['stresfl](a): gây ra căng thẳng 2. pressure ['pre∫ə(r)](n): sức ép, áp suất, áp lực - atmospheric pressure: áp suất khí quyển - under the pressure of public opinion (dưới sức ép của dư luận quần chúng)

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  • Alubaidy et al. Nanoscale Research Letters 2011, 6:375 NANO EXPRESS Open Access Synthesis of magnetic nanofibers using femtosecond laser material processing in air Mohammed-Amin Alubaidy1, Krishnan Venkatakrishnan1* and Bo Tan2 Abstract In this study, we report formation of weblike fibrous nanostructure and nanoparticles of magnetic neodymiumiron-boron (NdFeB) via femtosecond laser radiation at MHz pulse repetition frequency in air at atmospheric pressure.

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  • Differential Diagnosis CENTRAL CYANOSIS (Table 35-1) Decreased SaO2 results from a marked reduction in the Pa O2. This reduction may be brought about by a decline in the FIO2 without sufficient compensatory alveolar hyperventilation to maintain alveolar PO2. Cyanosis usually becomes manifest in an ascent to an altitude of 4000 m (13,000 ft).

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  • The report describes the environmental status of the water bodies in 2004 as well as the trend in environmental quality over the period 1989–2004 in relation to changes in the pressures. In addition it de- scribes the monitoring of terrestrial natural habitats and species, in- cluding the first results of this monitoring, which was initiated in 2004.

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  • TOMMY Benton, on his first visit to Earth, found the long-anticipated wonders of twenty-first-century New York thrilling the first week, boring and unhappy the second week, and at the end of the third he was definitely ready to go home. The never-ending racket of traffic was torture to his abnormally acute ears. Increased atmospheric pressure did funny things to his chest and stomach. And quick and sure-footed on Mars, he struggled constantly against the heavy gravity that made all his movements clumsy and uncoordinated.

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  • Control of ectoparasites on poultry creates additional exposure risks. High pressures sprays or dipping are often used in large commercial operations to treat birds for obligate ectoparasites such as the northern fowl mite. Aerosol and splash represent exposure risks for the applicator in both situations. Routes of entry may be oral, dermal or inhalation. Dipping represents the most significant risk to personnel since each bird must be handled to effectively treat the outbreak. A significant amount of splash occurs as birds are immersed and withdrawn from the dipping vat.

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  • I am going to tell you, my dear child, something of the life and nature of men and animals, believing the information may be of use to you in after-life, besides being an amusement to you now. Of course, I shall have to explain to you a great many particulars which are generally considered very difficult to understand, and which are not always taught even to grown-up people. But if we work together, and between us succeed in getting them clearly into your head, it will be a great triumph to me, and you will find out that the science of learned men is more...

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  • ZnS microstructures were prepared by thermal evaporating ZnS powder in Ar gas ambient at atmospheric pressure. The influent of temperature at the possitions puted the silica substrates on morphology, phase and photoluminescence of ZnS was investigated.

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  • In this work, we report on the controlled synthesis of ZnS microstructures with high purity on Au-coated silicon substrates by thermal evaporation of ZnS powder in Ar gas ambient at atmospheric pressure. The growth mechanism is confirmed as a typical vapor–liquid–solid (VLS) process. The prepared ZnS microstructures have wurtzite (hexagonal) structures. The catalytically grown ZnS microstructures, including microwires and microbelts, are tens of micrometers in length.

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  • In this paper, we report the ammonia (NH3) sensing behavior of rGO based sensors functionalized with nano-structured metal: silver (Ag) or platinum (Pt) or gold (Au) in air at room temperature and atmospheric pressure. The gas response is detected by the monitoring changes in electrical resistance of the rGO/metal hybrids due to NH3 gas adsorption. Compared to bare rGO, significantly improved NH3 sensitivity is observed with the addition of nanostructured metals.

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  • Low-dimensional nano structures ZnO are potential material for optoelectronicand gassensing applications. The syntheses of a large quantity of ZnO nanostructures play an important role for practical applications for future. In the paper, we propose hydrothermal reduction method to synthesize large quantities ZnO nanorods under atmospheric pressure and without using any catalysts. As-prepared ZnO nanorods exhibited a hexagonal wurtzite crystal structure.

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  • A finite-volume code is developed to compute the turbulent airflow over small-scale complex terrain. A pressure-correction algorithm is ·used to solve the threedimensional non-hydrostatic flow equations. The turbulent transport is simulated by the k- E: model using some modifications suitable for atmospheric boundary-layer application.

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