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Bio-diverse areas

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  • The marine biology investigation and research activities in our country since 1990 have made remarkable changes; especially there have been changes in thinking, scale, content, level, research, skills research, and international relations in research. We have proactively overcome the limitation of general, preliminary, and undirected investigation to shift to new thinking about research gradually.

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  • Therefore, it pointed out that improving the carbon content of forests cannot guarantee the preservation and promotion of plant biodiversity. Preserving plant diversity should therefore be a priority in forest resource management. With the results obtained, the article contributes to creating a robust scientific basis and helping managers plan and develop strategies for the conservation and development of forest capital in the study area.

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  • Pu Hoat Nature Reserve (NR) is the part of the Western Nghe An Biosphere Reserve (Nghe An province, central Vietnam), and identified as an important area for biodiversity conservation in the North Central Coastal Vietnam. This nature reserve hosts various ecosystems and landscapes with four main formations including closed forests, sparse forests, scrubs and grass vegetation. It is well known that butterflies with their high diversity and abundance are one of the most important players in many ecosystem processes.

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  • On the basis of the recent field surveys conducted during 2020–2021, the first list of insects was reported from the Truong Sa archipelago, Khanh Hoa province, Vietnam. This paper provides the first list of insects from this archipelago. It is one among our efforts to study biodiversity of terrestrial ecosystems in this area.

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  • The diversity and abundance of terrestrial taxa in the evergreen broadleaf forest distributed below the 200m above sea level was highest and some threatened species including Red-shanked Douc, Pygmy Slow Loris were also found here. Therefore, any development activities planned for this area should be carefully considered.

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  • Within the framework of the research program on species of the family Magnoliaceae Juss. containing essential oils in Vietnam, we have conducted a field survey using routine investigation method and assessed the biodiversity of some Magnoliaceae species in some areas of Son La province.

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  • Ecotourism is a form of tourism based on nature and indigenous culture that involves education and interpretation of the natural environment and improving the well-being of the local people. With the advantages of a large campus, spacious and modern facilities, especially an experimental forest with an area of over 130 hectares with high biodiversity value, Vietnam National University of Forestry is considered as a suitable place for environmental interpretation and ecotourism development.

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  • “Conservation genomics” encompasses the idea that genome-scale data will improve the capacity of resource managers to protect species. Although genetic approaches have long been used in conservation research, it has only recently become tractable to generate genome-wide data at a scale that is useful for conservation.

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  • Lagoons are valuable ecosystems providing various services, such as fishing, recreational activities, and land reclamation, as well as hosting high biodiversity. Although lagoons in Turkey cover a coastal area of more than 36,000 ha, few studies of them have been conducted. Therefore, two lagoons (Dalyan and Arapçiftliği) located on the coast of the Sea of Marmara in the Kocaçay Delta, which is under intense anthropogenic pressure, were investigated between November 2013 and March 2015 to examine the effects of environmental factors on taxonomic diversity.

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  • The heterotrophic dinoflagellate Noctiluca scintillans was a major component of plankton samples in the Sinop region, presenting its highest values in April 2005. Mesozooplankton abundance values showed significant differences (except 2007–2009 and 2008–2009) during the 5-year sampling period. Since the middle of 2006, an increase in abundance, biomass, and biodiversity of mesozooplankton has been detected. Many mesozooplanktonic species/groups showed seasonality in the study (especially Cladocera species). This seasonality was determined to be based on temperature changes.

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  • Freshwater ecosystems have a greater value for biodiversity per surface area than terrestrial and marine ecosystems. Streams and lakes are notably prone to biodiversity loss, being the greatest threats habitat destructions and nonnative species. The aim of the present study is to assess the fish composition of lotic and lentic water systems of an island ecosystem (Gökçeada Island, Turkey), which is poorly studied, and to highlight the entry routes and possible impacts of translocated fish species in an island ecosystem.

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  • The aim of this work was to study the vegetation structure of Wadi Turbah Zahran, Albaha area, Saudi Arabia and some biodiversity indices. Paleontological Statistics (PAST) Software Package was used for data analysis. A total of 266 species (201 genera, 71 families) were identified and most of the species were herbs (87%).

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  • Immediate objective: Identification of the seaweed species composition and its distribution characteristics; evaluation of economic potential seaweed species to establish and manage its exploitation and conservation areas in Phu Yen province.

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  • The paper reports that there are substantial differences between comprehensiveness between countries. The preferences of each company to what kind of data they reveal most are also distinctive. There are numbers of explanations to justify those differences, which include the cultural variety, and the legislation system in each nation. Above all, we find that companies who are better equipped with smart 4.

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  • Conserving the plant genetic resources through any means is of utmost importance to prevent the loss of plant biodiversity. Long-term storage using liquid nitrogen (LN) is usually adopted for developing long-term base collections of crops for use in the distant future. The fruit crops are commonly propagated through vegetative means and are majorly conserved as ex situ field gene banks, which require large areas and demand intensive field management.

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  • The Plants are reservoir of large numbers of microorganisms known as endophytes that resides inside the plants with inconspicuous symptoms. The association of grasses with microorganisms, including fungal endophytes, is abundant and is vital to maintain the grasses' ecological health and the species diversity. The Bamboo is an essential plant, intertwining with native people indicates the opportunity to find new strains of endophytic fungi and as potential sources of novel natural products.

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  • This study contributes to the diversity information of zooplankton and benthic macroinvertebrates, which can be used to position the sustainable management of natural resources and evaluate the natural feed sources for aquaculture in this estuarine area.

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  • In the present scenario, North Eastern States, sleeping giants are the store house of indigenous knowledge base which may be utilized for second green revolution towards sustainable development of the rural areas without hampering the ecological pursuits of the region. The enriched biodiversity and other indigenous knowledge base are still unexplored and not known to others. The horticulture enterprise is one of the important vocations of the north eastern hill region people and their management practices are ancient, indigenous and traditional in nature.

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  • The present study highlights the lichens, bryophytes species collected from the Lambasingi area. It is a small village in Chinthapally mandal, Vishakapatnam district, A.P., India. One hundred and twenty one species belonging to 16 genera 11 families were identified and presented. Most of them are foliose, crustose, leprose and bryophytes.

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  • The present study was conducted to assess the floristics, structure and diversity of dry tropical forests in buffer zone of Achanakmaar-Amarkantak Biosphere Reserve. The biosphere is well recognized for its species richness and biological diversity. However, the increasing anthropogenic activities are causing rapid degradation of native ecosystem, especially the buffer and transition zones are severely affected and becoming ecologically fragile by disappearance of many valuable species. A line transect survey was conducted for inventorying floristic composition.

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