Birds of prey

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  • This Eyewitness ® Book has been conceived by Dorling Kindersley Limited and Editions Gallimard © 1997 Dorling Kindersley Limited This edition © 2000 Dorling Kindersley Limited First American edition, 1997 Published in the United States by Dorling Kindersley Publishing, Inc. 375 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014 10 9 All rights reserved under International and Pan-American Copyright Conventions.

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  • Appropriate water management control the level of thought, especially water birds on the marsh and inland lakes, to be effective in reducing stranding damage (Eddy Underhill 1974). Thus, accessible marsh habitat is very important. reproduction of these species. Maintain, protect and restore the integrity and connectivity of the Lake Huron basin (Including St.Marys River) wetlands will ensure that important spawning, nursery and feeding habitat available for esocids, centrarchids, percids, ictalurids, and a variety of prey fish....

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  • The animal on the cover of Learning the Unix Operating System is a horned owl. The horned owl is the most powerful of North American owls, measuring from 18 to 25 inches long. This nocturnal bird of prey feeds exclusively on animals—primarily rabbits, rodents, and birds, including other owls. It locates these animals by sound rather than sight, since its night vision is little better than ours. To aid its hunting, an owl has very soft feathers that muffle the sound of its motion, making it virtually silent in flight.

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  • Plants are preyed on by insects and fungi; and they are subject to various kinds of disease that, for the most part, are not yet understood. They are often injured also by mice and rabbits (p. 144), by moles, dogs, cats, and chickens; and fruit is eaten by birds. Moles may be troublesome on sandy land; they heave the ground by their burrowing and may often be killed by stamping when the burrow is being raised; there are mole traps that are more or less successful. Dogs and cats work injury mostly by walking across newly made gardens or...

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  • The Weidmoos was originally an extensive raised bog. For many decades, peat was extracted here on an industrial level.When the last peat was cut in 2000, Nature started to dominate the area once more.What came to be created was a mosaic of ponds, reeds and willow bushes, providing many rare species of bird with an ideal habitat. The Weidmoos gradually became a bird habitat of European significance. Over 150 species of bird have been identified so far, of which some are endangered on a European level.

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  • The Weidmoos is a bird habitat of European significance. The diverse mosaic of water bodies, muddy areas and reeds provides many species of bird with ideal conditions for breeding and resting. Comparable habitats have all but disappeared in our densely populated and heavily utilised landscape. Over 150 species of bird have so far been confirmed, some of which are endangered on a European level. One of the latter group is the White-spotted Bluethroat, which can frequently be found at the Weidmoos.

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