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Building outdoor enclosures

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  • Enterprise network architectures are in a constant state of flux, and due to a lack of resources and knowledgeable security expertise, some businesses are unable to maintain ongoing security best practices that include proactive security planning and ongoing optimization. Because today's security threats are so stealthy, it is often difficult to impossible to perform root cause analysis to determine how a breach or potential breach event occurred.

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  • Note that we have made an effort to discover public sources that may document or otherwise describe the new technologies in Windows Vista. In some cases, however, we may have overlooked these sources or new sources may have been published since this paper was written. It is not our intent to mislead the reader or to provide incomplete information. Symantec evaluated the security of the network stack...

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  • Over the last couple of years, manufacturers have produced some incredibly sophisticated wireless networking equipment. Consumers’ ongoing demand for low-cost, high-speed, easy-to-use networking gear has forced hardware manufacturers to continually refine their designs. Engineers have produced tiny devices that use very little power to perform amazing feats of ingenuity, producing them on such a large scale that the cost is staggeringly low.

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  • The Outdoor Fiber Distribution Terminal 24 (OFDT-24) is designed to terminate, splice and interconnect fiber optic cables in an outdoor environment. This terminal may be adapted to Fiberto- The-Premise (FTTP) Multiple Dwelling Unit (MDU) applications and is particularly suited for garden style MDU buildings. The enclosure is mounted to the exterior surface of a dwelling and connects the distribution cable and drops routed to individual living units. The cables meet at a central connector field that includes termination for the distribution cable and parking for the drop cables.

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  • ADC's Building Entrance Terminals provide high-density primary protection at commercial demarcations and are fully compliant to UL® and Telcordia specifications. These units are available for both indoor and outdoor applications.

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